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melvinabercrombie: Did Jesus Christ Teach Re-Incarnation?

Is Grandma Up In Heaven Right Now or Is She still In the Ground waiting on this Future Rapture to Come? Millions and Billions of Christians were taught This,Who is Right? Who Is Wrong? Who Gets to Decide? Jesus asked His Disciples "Who Do People say I am?" To Me That would Mean He Understood Simple Re-Incarnation or is it Resurrection? The Disciples Obviously Understood because their Reply was "Some say You are Elijah." How Can Jesus be Elijah when He Has Been Dead for a while. What about The Guy who was Born Blind? "Who Sinned?"

melvinabercrombie: Response

Its Great That you Have arrived at that Conclusion. What about the Million and Billion of other Christian Who Are still Seeking a Saviour to Help Them thru Their Everyday Struggles? At least Learn the Truth about this guy They Call Jesus. Everything You Know Is What You Were Taught. They Can Only Teach You What they Were Taught. I am Glad you were Taught to Take full Responsibility.Do You Only Get One Chance in this Game Called Life? Have You Lived Before? Thanks

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