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Zendor: Sharing perspective... and some musical soundscapes

I often wondered at how light and sound affect consciousness in such amazing ways, eyes open and especially with eyes closed. I was real fortunate to meet up with some guys that had exquisite articulations inside the musical conversations. We dove into where we had no idea where we were going and with a little help from familiar places and aforementioned spaces, we created some pretty cool soundscapes. One of the CDs proved particularly helpful in allowing others to venture in and take some pretty wild rides. I think it would be appreciated here and I'll share the link in a moment.

We've used it for group meditations, with as many as two dozen lying in a circle holding hands with feet toward the center, surrounded by the music with eyes closed and just listening. Try it out if you'd like, by yourself or with others if you dare. :) It's a .zip file... It'll absolutely drive you wild, but it's not a killer.

Or you can enjoy a taste here...

See if you can figure out where Zendor the Barbarian originated. I thought it would make a cool book title, too. Enjoy the journey! This one's on me.

UN.i1-PHI: Meditation unleashes molecular changes in the body

Meditation unleashes molecular changes in the body

There is increasing evidence that meditation also has a beneficial effect on the body and physical health. Scientists investigate how that effect with meditation can be achieved. A study by researchers from the American state of Wisconsin, Spain and France reported the first evidence of specific molecular changes in the body, after a period of mindfulness meditation.

We investigated the physical effects were noticeable after a day of intensive mindfulness by a group of experienced meditators and a group of untrained people. After eight hours of mindfulness meditators showed a variety of genetic and molecular differences, including altered levels of gene regulatory systems and inflammatory genes. These differences are linked to a faster physical recovery after a stressful situation.

Previous studies have documented the beneficial effects of mindfulness on inflammatory diseases already shown. Training based on mindfulness meditation are endorsed by the American Heart Association as a preventive treatment.

Meditation found to relate to genes that are responsible for inflammation. Have a regulating effect This effect was also associated with less stress and have trouble speaking in public or in front of an audience or a camera.

At the beginning of the study, there was no difference between the investigated genes from the two groups of participants. The effects were observed only at the meditators. According to researchers calmness of mind has a beneficial effect on the body.

Scientists have laid the foundation for future studies on the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases with meditation. The study is published in the journal Psychoneuroendocrinology .

[ UW-Madison ]
© Copyright (c)

Kah-Len: The Proof of God is the Proof of Vibration and Frequency!

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The Father is pure consciousness which permeated all things created. That pure consciousness is made up of the unseen things of 1) Vibration and 2) Frequency. All things including you and I are nothing but vibration and frequency. In the beginning was the Word (Vibration) and the word "Was God" not "Is" God. Then his intention came about to create light... (Frequency "intent, intention, intensity etc...") which raised the vibration high enough it began to create photons. Through his intention of creating light, light was formed simply by raising his own frequency! Raising it higher yet, it began creating electrons, neutrons, protons etc.. and matter was created. Then raising it even higher, the stars were created and man which is Hu = vibration of light and Man = Mind. (Light being with consciousness) This is the real man which dies once. Not the physical body as you think!

As Jhe'shua had explained to me about his creation that he is the first and only begotten son of God, the first Adam which is why he is called the Son of Man.
The first Eve who's name was Lilith had been created from his genetics taken from his rib. She was his perfect genetic match. Unfortunately though she became corrupted and now through to this day she rules over the 2nd dimension of hell and this is where "evil" got its name.
Mary Magdalene was then created but that was not her name then.

The real HuMans were created in Sirius where he was created.
The story of Adam and Eve as you know it is false.

Time is just frequency and timelines or eons is the bandwidth.
The Holy Spirit is the one ho controls all timelines and is the one responsible for all persons, places, things etc.. that happen good or bad. The holy spirit guides all things as its completely preordained and that nothing happens by chance, fluke, luck etc...

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