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Lucifer is, however, not the same thing as Satan. The word Satan simply meant "one who tempts" and it merely referred to any contradicting, skeptical, or accusatory agent and their argument. Within holy orders, like the Essenes and Gnostics, a "Satan" was any detractor or opposition party. There was nothing supernatural about a Satan. There is little doubt that the term and concept has its origins in the Egyptian god Set, the opposer of Horus his twin. To oppose any hegemony is, therefore, to be "Satanic." So we see that there is a big difference between Satan and Lucifer. Lucifer was originally based upon the pagan god Mars and, eventually, Satan also became identified with the red fiery planet and its astrological energy. In the bible we have Jesus turning to Peter saying "get thee behind me Satan." If we accept Jesus to be the sun then we can take this statement to be of Astro-Theological significance. Mars occasionally rises heliacally, that is, with or even before the sun. The priests of the sun would exclaim from their temples "get thee down" or "get thee below" or "get thee behind Satan," in order not to have their deity be ousted, rivaled, and outshone.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

It is very plainly put in arcane literature that Jehovah was originally a Lord of Mars. He is also the god of battles…Mars and its lord are somehow deeply associated with strife and violence, affecting and afflicting that type of humanity inhabiting the Earth

Brinsley Le Poer Trench / <cite>Sky People (quoted Michael Tsarion)</cite>

The iron of Mars yielded red blood and provided the conditions that would make egotism possible - and not only in the sense of a healthy drive to survive. As the earth continued to harden and become denser and drier, it shrank further, with the result that one being could only prosper at another's expense. It became part of the human condition that I can hardly move without harming, even killing, another living creature. Because of Mars there is also a cruel part of human nature that rejoices in this, exults in forcing a fellow human being to submit, and experiences euphoria when it is dominant over others, when it is able to exercise willpower without restraint.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

According to the ancient wisdom it was the arrival of Mars that led to the evolution of warm-blooded animals. Mars arrived at the time of the transition from the lizard-like amphibians of the Age of Capricorn to the land animals of the Age of four-footed Sagittarius.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

Desborough says that the Earth’s closer proximity to the Sun demanded that the first Earth humans were the black races with the pigmentation to cope with the much fiercer rays of the Sun. Ancient skeletons found near Stonehenge in England and along the west coast of France display the nasal and spinal characteristics of many female Africans. Desborough says that Mars, then with a climate very much like ours, had a white race before the Venus cataclysm. His research has convinced him that the white Martians built the pyramids which have been recorded on Mars and they went to war with an advanced black race to conquer the Earth. These wars, he says, are the wars of the ‘gods’ described in endless ancient texts, not least the Hindu Vedas. Desborough adds that after the cataclysm, the white Martians who had settled on Earth were stranded here without their technology and with their home planet devastated. These white Martians, he says, became the white peoples of the Earth. Fascinatingly, some scientists claim that when white people are immersed in sensory deprivation tanks for long periods, their circadian rhythm has a frequency of 24 hours 40 minutes, which corresponds not to the rotational period of the Earth, but of Mars! This is not the case with non-white races who are in tune with the Earth’s rotation. Desborough believes that these white Martians were the highly advanced race of the ancient world known as the Phoenicians or Aryans and they began the long process of returning to their former technological power after the upheavals which destroyed the surface of their own planet and devastated this one. My own research supports this basic theme, although, like everyone seeking the truth of what happened, I have many questions. A white race, known as the Phoenicians and other names, was certainly the ‘brains’ behind the Egyptian civilization, at least from the period around 3,000 BC, and the Giza Plateau, where the Great Pyramid was built, was formerly known as El-Kahira, a name which derived from the Arabic noun, El-Kahir, their name for... Mars.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

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edisonik: Genio

It doesn't matter the Race of Human you are, you are a Terran, Genio let this sink in slowly and I hope I don't shock you, but your Genetic Line comes from Ancient Royalty, Humanity did not Evolve here on Earth , for many Decades Humanity has been looking for Exraterrestrial life when Humanity is infact not a Native to Earth but a Native to other Star Systems, Earth was a place to live becaue Mars and Maldek was destroyed by a previous Disaster so the Alien Beings which were our Ancestors came to Earth to live because it offered a better and more promising future, the Pyramids were created with Martian Rock and other Material not from Earth via Space Crafts as well as the Pyramids in South America, Atlantis Also was created by our Ancient Ancestors , there was a previous Pole Shift disaster that destroyed this Republic, all Records of Atlantis were destroyed but there are Ancient Books the Vatican has regarding Atlantis from the Alexandrian Library and other Ancient Documents.

Genio if you want to contact Et's go out at night and when you see the Stars in a clear night say this " I am a Human Becoming!, Help me become! ", say this many times with sincerity every clear night then go home , listen to peaceful music. You will know you made contact when the lights from the street outside goes off and or on.
They tend to get your attention by moving things around you home, if your not prepared don't do this prayer otherwise you will freak out because funny things tend to happen around you.

Believe in yourself always because you are very special never let anyone fill your heart with Negative comments or energies because we live among Lizards so our Planet does have Negative frequences, when Atlantis was around there was no Negative frequency net around the Earth, we must break this net with Global Meditation on a Mass scale with Positive thoughts, your Heart is the key , not your Wallet, feel your heart , feel your Godhood Ancient Genio, your Much Older then you know for you ask Sacred Questions.
Live forever Genio, Incarnate again to Infinity, Immortal.

Bellerophon: I have to make some comments here

Mars is not red. The color was deliberately enhanced to present a very alien-like world, compared to Earth, and deepen the sense of inhabitable environment that is actively promoted by the established science circles.

In fact, Mars is very much like Earth, only the ground is a bit more yellow-orangish, like some deserts here on Earth. Even the atmosphere and the color of the sky remind of Earth (you can see the sun on a baby blue colored sky). The rocks on the other hand, have green and cyan-like colorings on them, which may be a chemical reaction of some sort, or it could some form of non-Earth moss forms of life. There are indications that there is vegetation on Mars too, but its scarce. And if it does exist, and most of the life present there has been transferred here, then they are the ones producing oxygen (the atmosphere needs to be replenished somehow, doesn't it? the plants would suck the carbon dioxide and release oxygen).

This notion is supported further by testimony by whistleblowers who allegedly have been on missions involving even being on the planet itself. Many of them didn't had problems breathing underground, but breathing on the surface was with difficulty, but it was possible. This means that there is little oxygen (caused by small amounts of vegetation), and the majority of the vegetation is probably raised underground (and not by us, that's for sure, as from what I remember, the people involved the covert operations have said even the first missions in the late 60s, the people were able to breathe on arrival, so the underground installations were functional, and not built by humans).

Alex Collier may be right about many things, but at the same time, many things are put to question. Like his claims that Mars is of the size of Earth, not as small as it is claimed to be. The problem with this is we can accurately measure objects in space for their size, and even amateur astronomers can do this, with the proper equipment. Perhaps he made a mistake by using the term "size", instead of "mass", which would make more sense to me. An object can be smaller in size and radius from another object, but have the same mass, only more densely packed. The same rule applies to objects in space, especially planets. This is proved further since the movement of the rover on Mars seemed as if it moved on Earth, and the people involved in Mars covert missions, didn't experience any significant differences in gravity. Otherwise they would have to train a lot there to maintain Earth-based physiology, mass, and muscle-size ratio.

Scientists say Mars is small, but with weak gravity too (allegedly because of its size), and this is what brought it to loose its atmosphere over time. But looking at it from a geological AND astronomical point of view, the little that I know is, that Mars as a planet should have packed a lot more power to maintain an atmosphere and electro-magnetic field considering its size (because we have smaller worlds than Mars, who are moons of the gas giants, who are as old as Mars, and who still have an electro-magnetic field and a very, very thin atmosphere. So established science is a bit contradictory on this question.

On the other hand, we have claims such as wars, physical pole-shifts, change of orbital path (3 times), which had caused the loss of atmosphere, the destruction of the environment, and the eventual fate we see today of Mars. In fact, all of the suggested things could have happened at once, as part of a series of conflicts. What I haven't heard so far from insiders/whistleblowers/other contactees - is what caused the magnetic field to weaken to such an extent that gravity is the only thing holding on to the majority of the atmosphere there?

I was told it was because like Earth, Mars is also an artificially constructed planet, but by less advanced civilizations, and that there was a mechanism in place that keeps the core of the planet spinning, and producing the electro-magnetic field. A mechanism that has been turned off at present, and neither the humans nor the present-day extraterrestrial beings there know how to activate the system again, and that in fact this is why they are mainly sending missions there now, so they can figure out how to activate the mechanism again (I'm just not sure how they will explain that on Earth, or they would start to actually "terraform" Mars so the effects of restoration of the atmosphere and life there would be actually attributed to us and our "terraformation" skills).

bluesbaby5050: AL AL IS BURIED ON MARS............

The King AL AL was buried on Mars after he had a fight ,and bit off the privates of the King Anu of Niberu. This was when AL AL had to go into Exile as a punishment for Biting off the privates of the King Anu,and Anu sent him there. AL AL had died on Mars soon after he arrived there, long before the Prince EN-KI was murdered on Mars, as EN-KI had a stop over, before going on to the planet Earth. This was customary for them to do so then. Zeus was later Punished by the Orion Queens, and Imprisoned in Orion for 2000 years as his punishment of his part in the war, and he was later re-leased after his term was finished in Orion. Annunaki77 had said this in one of his past lessons.

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