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Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer

Harold Wallace Rosenthal / <cite>quoted by Michael Tsarion</cite>

Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer

Harold Wallace Rosenthal / <cite>interviewed 1976 (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light, and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual, or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!

Albert Pike / <cite>Morals and Dogmas (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

That which we say to the crowd is ‘we worship God’…The religion should be, by all us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Lucifer doctrine…Yes! Lucifer is God

Albert Pike / <cite>From a Letter to the Palladian Councils, July 14 1889 (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

The true sun kings of old, the "Christs," were given solar symbolism due to the fact that they were brought into life and celebrated during the rise of the star Sirius, an event that occurred during the summer month of July, or during the signs of Leo and Virgo. Virgo was the Virgin who, astrologically speaking, gave birth to the sun-child. This sun-child was known as Lucifer, the son of the morning or dawning, the bright young star (youngster). Later these dates, together with the symbolism, were inverted and the sun-child was said to have been born in the middle of winter. The role of John was downplayed and the role of Christ made more conspicuous. Secret societies, like the Knights Templar and their appropriately named associates the Knights of St. John, continued to honor the truth. They continued to venerate the severed and bearded head - the head of John the Baptist. The "Christs," or sun kings are, to this day, associated with the sun and the lion due to ancient astrological reckoning. The "Lion of Judah" was the term used by the leaders of the sun churches and is still used as an epithet. The opening of the Egyptian new year corresponded with the rise of the sacred star Sirius and with the rising of the waters of the Nile. This rising was most auspicious and it occurred during the week of July 25, in the sign of Leo. The river's waters brought life to the parched land. The crops and vines began to grow and thrive throughout the sign of Virgo. So it was said that the sun of god, the light of the world (Lucifer), was born of a Virgin.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

The term or title Lucifer originally referred to the solar Christ who was, from an Egyptian perspective, born when the sun entered into the sign of Virgo. This action began the Egyptian New Year. The Egyptian New Year opened in the summer not winter.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

Lucifer is, however, not the same thing as Satan. The word Satan simply meant "one who tempts" and it merely referred to any contradicting, skeptical, or accusatory agent and their argument. Within holy orders, like the Essenes and Gnostics, a "Satan" was any detractor or opposition party. There was nothing supernatural about a Satan. There is little doubt that the term and concept has its origins in the Egyptian god Set, the opposer of Horus his twin. To oppose any hegemony is, therefore, to be "Satanic." So we see that there is a big difference between Satan and Lucifer. Lucifer was originally based upon the pagan god Mars and, eventually, Satan also became identified with the red fiery planet and its astrological energy. In the bible we have Jesus turning to Peter saying "get thee behind me Satan." If we accept Jesus to be the sun then we can take this statement to be of Astro-Theological significance. Mars occasionally rises heliacally, that is, with or even before the sun. The priests of the sun would exclaim from their temples "get thee down" or "get thee below" or "get thee behind Satan," in order not to have their deity be ousted, rivaled, and outshone.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

If one were to say Aton was Lucifer, they would be quite right. If one were to say that Jehovah was Lucifer, they would also be correct.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

A good student is given a "degree" today, when he is ready to serve the Masonic god - Aton/Jehovah/Lucifer.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

The world's Luciferian enclaves, the meritocratic masonic secret societies, also make frequent use of the symbol of the sun and the metaphor of light as knowledge. They honor and observe the days of ritual importance on the solar calendar, hold secret meetings on specific dates, and pass on their arcane teachings in private convocations. Illustrious masonic initiates refer to themselves as "Princes of the Light." Both they and their lodges are, in our estimation, corrupt replications of the sun temples of the ancient world. Their choice of symbolism (both Druidic and Egyptian) leaves us with no doubt of this. As a result of their peculiar theological disposition masons generally allow all the world religions to play a part within their lodges. The three main religions are revered and regarded as equals. We say, naturally this is the case. It occurs because these masonic insiders know what laymen are not supposed to know, namely that religion is a solar theology and that the Sun Cult's chief hierophant and tutelary icon was not Moses, David, or Solomon, but Akhenaton - the Aton worshipping Pharaoh of Light (or "Lucifer").

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

The chiefs of the world's most powerful Solar Cults use the title "Lucifer." This is because, esoterically speaking, they are sons of the morning or dawning. They are "Sons of the Sun" - the Princes of Light. (The very term Freemason means "Brother of the Sun.")

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

Lucifer is represented by the number 741.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>The Secret Teachings of all Ages</cite>

Lucifer, on the other hand, is the spirit of excess, the flaming son of rashness and the ruler of sense-gratification, over which he wields dominion with a scepter of serpents. [...]Lucifer is the light-bringer; he is transmuted by man into the fiery demon of war and hate. His power is used by man as the inspiration of lust and passion [...] He always is opposed to Satan, seeking to snatch the soul of man from the cold embrace of Saturn. He is the heat the incubates the soul, but man uses him as a flame to burn up reason.

Manly P Hall / <cite>Magic: A Treatise on Esoteric Ethics</cite>

Mayan astronomer-priests pinpointed the incarnation of Lucifer to 13 August 3114 BC, tying in closely with Hindu traditions of the dawn of the Dark Age. These same priests predicted a similar turning point in history, the closing of one great cycle and the start of another, on 22 December AD 2012.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

But from birth Lucifer was raised entirely within the confines of a Mystery school. A circle of magi worked intensively on his education, allowing him to take part in the most secret ceremonies, moulding his soul, until at the age of forty he finally had a revelation. He became the first person ever to be able to think about life on earth in an entirely rational way.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

Just as thousands of years later another exalted heavenly being would descend to earth in order to incarnate as Jesus Christ, so now [the Age of Taurus, beginning early in the third millennium BC] Lucifer incarnated too.

The birth of Lucifer was the beginning of wisdom.

[...]The secret history proposes that this form of wisdom became possible as a result of the incarnation and ministry of Lucifer.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

While the result of the influence of Satan is that life is often hard to bear, it is as a result of the influence of Venus that life is often hard to understand. The influence of Venus brought a paradoxical, tricky quality to the heart of the universe.

In other words, delusion entered the world. Lucifer endowed matter with a glamour that would dazzle humankind, and blind people to higher truths.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

Tradition tells us that as Lucifer fell a great emerald dropped from his forehead. This signals that humanity would increasingly suffer a loss of vision in the Third Eye, the brow chakra.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

The Morning Star is, of course, Venus. The Bible, therefore, identifies Lucifer with the planet Venus.

It might seem counter-intuitive to equate the goddess of Venus in Greece and Rome - Aphrodite to the Greeks - with Lucifer in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Venus/Aphrodite is female and seems more life-enhancing. But in reality there are key points of similarity.

Both Lucifer and Venus/Aphrodite are bound up with animal desire and sexuality.

The apple is the fruit associated with both. Lucifer tempts Eve with an apple and Paris hands Venus an apple in a gesture that precipitates the abduction of Helen and the Great War of the ancient world. The apple is universally the fruit of Venus because if you slice an apple in two, the path that Venus traces in the sky over the forty-year period is a five-pointed star, pinpointed by the position of the pips.

Lucifer and Venus are also ambiguous figures. Lucifer is evil, but he is a necessary evil. Without Lucifer's intervention, proto-humanity would not have evolved beyond a vegetative form of life. As a result of Lucifer's intervention in history we are animated, both in the sense that we can move about the surface of the planet and also in the sense that we are moved by desire. An animal has a conscious awareness of itself as a distinct entity that is denied to plants. To say that Adam and Eve 'knew they were naked' is to say that they became aware that they had bodies.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

Comments (8)

Terran resistance: my thoughts

it is not Satan who is the angel of death in Freemasonry it is the Virgin Mary while Joseph of Arimathea AKA Satan is life. Jesus is not depicted they are the daughters of Satan.

This is why in the film spectre James Bond they have a festival to the Virgin Mary because they are a catholic nation and they are all dressed up as skeletons and one of the villians has a tattoo of the Virgin Mary with a naked skull for a head because she is Death. This is what the secrets society called Skull And Bones is about. Its Orion worship.

John 14:6
"I am the way and the truth and the >>>life<<<. No one comes to the >>>Father<<< except through me.

John 8:44
You belong to your >>>father<<<, the >>>devil<<<, and you want to carry out your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Joseph of Arimathea is Satan and father of Jesus

Dakini: LOL

Did anyone bother to tell poor confused Terran there that LOL means laugh outloud or laugh online?

And Lucifer is the Lightbearer because he "descends into the Darkness in order to redeem it" as explained in Tarot

Dakini: Moloch Baal & hilel ben shahar

Saying that Moloch and Baal aren't really evil is kind of like saying that child sacrifice, baby killing and baby raping, torturing people until they have split personalities, etc, are not really such bad things. In the twisted minds of the Dracos and beings who make sacrifices to Baal & Moloch (so that they get more power by being possessed by these Archonic demons who no longer have bodies of their own because they offended God so much) - they "alleviate suffering" by (appearing to) erase consciousness of it. The ego - resistance - Satan - is a fragmented personality in complete and permanent rebellion against Source/God/Truth - its mindset is from where "the ends justify the means" comes from. It's the same thing as the mainstream media (truly controlled by the AntiChrist) that just silences those who don't believe it - and if still 14% of people believe it they just empower/amplify/display those 14% and want to kill the other 86% and pretend they dont exist - which their immense material power on Earth allows them to do - this is all the principle of Ego Rebelling Against God - it focuses on display and apparent results - the "Ends" and it pretends that hidden things it does not like do not exist. It has grown and grown and dug in roots everywhere and it is so heinous, so immune to empathy for the suffering of others, that it believes when it kills its victims - and feeds off their energy - that it has erased the suffering - that is what Baal and Moloch and Satan stand for and they are very real, very evil, and very much the Antichrist.

freedmftr88: Very interesting subject

It's definitely two different splits. Though separating Satan vs Lucifer I never thought of it that way and a very good observation. Though I have seen a similar split separation on the topic. Anton Lavey and Satanism for example is not Devil Worship but a philosophy of individualism , ego? and defiantly without a doubt the worship of human nature . Kind of like half parody religion such as The Church of the SubGenius and The Flying Spaghetti Monster but at the same time a philosophy taken seriously , and I think they did take it seriously as a religion. What do I mean ? Well as a parody religion they satirize fundamentalism and the "Normal" sensor ( in MBTI terms ) society and belief systems but in Satanism's case it's a direct reverse of Fundamentalist Christianity. Even rock musicians questioned this . It's kind of like from their prospective responding to religion like " Your villain is a rebel who wants to be free , and your calling nonconformist free people sinners and are going to Hell ? Well Hell must be a nice place then. I want in !" And then there was the 1980s Satanic scare. This is where I would say there is a difference between " DEVIL WORSHIP " and Satanism. And no matter how many times Satanists including Anton's daughter was interviewed at the time , they were ignored and booed. And of course who's going to take Bob Larson seriously , a guy who turned his religion into a money making scam and having actors playing sinners in his badly acted exorcisms ( which are hilarious and how can anyone take his staged garbage seriously ? Nonsense ! )
Anyway... There's history of Anton's daughter quitting Satanism and later became a Buddhist and got into more light spirituality and things were getting ugly between her , the Lavey's and The Church of Satan. Rumors said that Anton was being attacked by dark entities and crying out to God which were his final words.

Which brings me to the very point. Do I believe that there is a Hell ? I do not believe in the biblical versions of Heaven and Hell because I believe those can be achieved on Earth right now , and perhaps we have both now. However perceptive you want to look at it. If it is what it is or if it's a spiritual fight of good over evil and that's why we are here... Everyone has an opinion on that.
But I do believe where there is spirit guides , universe , angel numbers .... there's dark entities. I EXPERIENCED THIS PERSONALLY when me and my Twin Flame started having problems ! I got wrong advice from false Twin Flame guru scam artists online for one. Then I read the books "Dark Side of Cupid" and "Alien Love Bite" and all of this energy was hurting my Twin Flame. Also I had a neighbor who I think was practicing Black Magick and had a dark spirit try to choke me with a necklace that shattered in my hands... It was scary ! But my spirit guides helped me around Christmas eve a few years ago.
Perhaps as a lightworker / Twin Flame it's common.

In conclusion the original Holy books need to be translated for modern times as literature , philosophy , history and perhaps whatever could be found like spirituality. But of course there was bad people that hacked into the book. I believe that Jesus Christ was a spiritual teacher , philosopher but not this magical humanoid that church talks about. lol It's almost like that a Monty Python and The Life of Brain situation , tell people philosophy at that time and they would think your God or related to God. But maybe as a lightworker ... but the so called founders of religion ( which didn't come until after his murder on the cross right ? Christianity ? ) That's the thing . However there are cult leaders who want world domination , perhaps they feel that evil is the easy way. Perhaps these kind of psychopaths / sociopaths are the very leaders of the secret societies related to The New World Order. That I would call a human version of Satan / Lucifer.
Though that's the two human versions of that.
I say it's low energy and high energy of love is stronger than hate and fear. :)

freedmftr88: Satan / Lucifer theory

Similar to a comment I've made awhile back

Satan / Lucifer ( Probably one in the same or not ) has two theories from what I've observed .
There's the intuitive rebel which I've mentioned , likewise relating to the origins of Anton LaVey and his take on Satanism which is more of an anti-religion and almost to the point of anarchism like on the lines of just " Be human " . More philosophical than political .This idea itself is interesting. I'm not a Satanist myself but I always find something interesting about an intuitive based idea that thinks outside the box which that's pretty much what The Church of Satan represents . There is Devil Worshiping and the whole Satanic scare in the 1980s but I would say that is more on the lines of Black Magick / Dark side of the occult. They have called themselves Satanists but The Church of Satan begs to differ.

I'm not sure if the idea of Satan / Lucifer was an invention of hierarchical authority which might as well have been not only the authors of the bible but also the murderers of Jesus Christ which gives them freedom to discredit him and use him as a tool for the majority to obey. Today we have proof easily about pretty much anything , more so thanks to the internet. But back then , authority would try to destroy as much evidence against them as possible. But of course there's leaks.

But I definitely think there is a dark universe as well as a universe of light . It's interesting how someone can connect to spirit guides the same exact way with human friendly demons but of course demons are double crossers .

How is there one big evil God aka Satan / Lucifer ? Same goes with a one entity of good " God , Allah , whatever ". Though what I do know being an empath of all sorts relating to New Age / New Thought Spirituality , perhaps both energies are abstract and fluid like a collective of past souls. Good souls are angels and they are a mix of ex-humans or non-earth born souls. Perhaps the same could be said about the firely underword .

I personally don't think there's a specific utopia / dystopia of Heaven & Hell afterlife but perhaps several abstract aspects that are pretty much the same thing including life on Earth which is both that Ying and Yang perhaps battling each other as well as afterlife.

Perhaps with the goal of the crash of the Illuminati and The New World Order which will develop into a 5D Earth which is like a free society but pure unconditional love.

freedmftr88: Is Energy an Entity ? Or Magnetic Atoms through thoughts ?

I think what is questionable regarding the forces of good vs evil is , is it a human invention based upon what is provided consciously or unconsciously what is wanted vs what is not wanted or does ENERGY take on a life of it's own . New Thought basically states that energy is created by human thoughts and feelings. So if the dawn of time of Earth was symbolized as this big blank energy sphere and everything and life itself with the mix of positive energy and negative energy , would life itself ( aka why life is the way it is ) basically be the collective of all thoughts and feelings ? And when it comes to the individuals , whatever is on their individual mind , they are going to attract. So is energy just that ? Magnet atoms of energy controlled by humans ( and perhaps animals too in their limited capacity , of survival needs , fight vs flight ) ? OR is there indeed ex-human spirits which are angels in which they bring forth empath spirits such as old souls , starseeds , indigo / cyrstal , twin flames , lightworkers , heyoka : sacred clowns , rainbow children , etc to Earth to help with the ascension transition to 5D Earth just by transmitting unconditional love energy to the world. Obviously like energy will influence because if someone is in a depressed state then no one wants to be around that other person , but if someone is smiling and in a good moon , people would immediately feel drawn to their positive energy. ( Unless it's a fake smile and their Aura is telling a completely different story ) . It's all intuition. Clearing Chokras and healing wounded karma brings forth a clearer connection , especially if it's telepathy to spirit guides.

I think a big question to ask is , is there a leading big entity that represents conscious positive high vibrational energy as well as one entity that represents dark energy , low vibrational Ego , etc ?
Or is it a collective of energy and ex-souls mixed in ? Or perhaps both . Kind of like the symbolism of a While and a big conforming school of fish feeding off it ?

Kah-Len: Enki and Enlil are Lucifer's 2 sons!

Enlil and Enke are the ones who created the Giza Intelligence to create religion and misinformation of division to control man through their hearts and minds. Jhe'shua (Yeshua) Aka: Jesus was the first Adam and his wife Lilith was the first Eve. She became corrupted and became "Evil" and a new wife was created for him. He is the "son of man" and he is the Alpha and the Omega. The human soul or "light being" is the HuMan part of us and is NOT our physical (Homo-sapiens) body! Hu = vibration of light and Man = Mind... the word HuMan means light being with consciousness!

Words unspoken are thoughts without movement.
Thoughts without movement are vibrations without frequency.
Movement is the intensity, intentions, intent etc… elevated or lowered within the heart center or “soul”.

The words that are unspoken are from the mind and the intention of those words come from the heart.

In the beginning was the word, the word was “with God” and the word “Was God”.

The intention of God’s thoughts brought all things into existence through his mind and heart.

All things are created from vibration and frequency.

When vibration and frequency are raised high enough photons are created (The illusion of light which came first). Higher frequencies create Quarks, Neutrons, electrons, protons etc… which is matter.

The highest known frequency in the universe is a star!
The vibrational tone of a star is called “Hu” and the vibration of the mind is called “Man”.
Human is a light being with consciousness. You are a real “star”!

This light being lives once throughout many bodies called reincarnation.
The soul always chooses its genetics and although every lifetime you take on many personalities and experiences, the “soul” purpose is to bring you to that place of ascension through the heart, mind and physical body you are in now! Eternal

life with your physical body and soul is true ascension.

I am the Apostle Philip who has descended to be with you here now in order to teach you all to ascend!

Soon we will be returning to Jerusalem with our fleets to break your shackles and remove your wardens.

Soon the Cabal will be no more!

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