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freedmftr88: Heaven on Earth : Ending all problems into 5D Earth Utopia ! :D

Thank you. Yeah it's a rough draft and it does need to be organized more , I just wanted to get the general idea out there . Most intuitives in the MBTI online community do feel that it's a sensor ran world and would think the authoritative STJ types would be the leaders of the Law & Order everything. But then I read and was inspired by Quinton's article here . And that got me wondering just why are intuitives on top ? I could see NFs being more of the social justice warriors and NPs on the Anarchist side of things. But then again I'm an INFP so I only know for sure on the NF side of the street. But like I mentioned it's not to say that ALL types would join the NWO , but the interesting thing is if an opportunity were to come up would an NT / NTJ type take it say if they weren't aware of the NWO ? It depends on how healthy the type is I think.

One of the things I'm starting to realize currently relating to the "Secret Door" is if we all take a look at the big picture , it's in the matter of questioning why certain things exist on Earth at all ? I'm into New Thought / New Age Spirituality so I wonder with 5D energy / ( * Living in ONLY positive emotions * ) if we all believed the spiritual power of good unseen forces perhaps we wouldn't need all the 3D vibrational ( aka logical realistic ) things we have today. Almost like creating a Heaven on Earth sort of speak. Greg from mentioned this as well as a lightworker video I seen once. So spiritual power is possible . However the biggest question is for Law of Attraction is it just the one person can only create their own lives only and influence is the only thing they can do and with the power of free will people have the freedom of what they can choose. Or perhaps it's not our duty to do anything but to have a happy life. Then again what about lightworkers. This has been something that me and Quinton were chatting about a bit on Slayerment. On one hand there's something that The Secret and Abraham Hicks say which is the top New Thought teachers and then New Thought is indeed a part of New Age which gets into lightworkers , star seeds , Twin Flames , and even NWO.

Since Earth life is the only life that we are most familiar with ( unless of course one has gone through a spiritual awakening talking with guides and is a lightworker ) , and according to some types some are more grounded to Earth than others sort of speak.

But perhaps that's why we are all on Earth not only to enjoy but our souls to learn. I read before that most if not all people are reincarnated ( if they recognize it ) because there's probably something they didn't learn in their past lives. And with personality science , showing that there's an easily countable amount of personality types , it sort of dispels the myth that there's no way to track down the human populations personality as if there's billions instead of 16 or under.

But according to my current research , if happiness ( the high vibrations ) all it takes to live a happy life , all it takes to get Law of Attraction working for us in our live , then there's the 5D Earth ! Therefore people would less and less have no more negative emotions and no more need for something like the NWO to be co-dependent on.

Is something like Libertarian Socialist Anarchism a possibility , I don't know. Perhaps a free society without any rules what so ever.

The point is people set societal rules and anything as a protection of the bad things in life but if a Heaven on Earth is indeed spiritually possible , it'll all be Utopia.

The only difference between Heaven on Earth vs where someone goes when they die , I see afterlife now more abstract because the only limitations left is Earth limitations like the scientific law of gravity and animal instincts .

freedmftr88: Is the meaning of life angels sent from

One thing I keep hearing is even though we have free will it's like a lightworker mission to help the collective sort of speak. It's almost like if spirits are made of pure light and high vibrational energy then why can't they just say in a Heaven and instead sent to Earth to reinvent the wheel , like personal growth and spiritual growth , perhaps it's soul growth and that tyes into the reincarnations.

Also the definition of angels and Heaven is rewritten in the religious books in a way for the mainstream to fully get it , but from what I've heard angels are basically non-incarnated human souls and they are made of light. That's also what determines a healthy person from an unhealthy person and why happy feels so good because souls are made of that light. And perhaps souls if unintentionally influence or intentionally influence , we are all here for a reason which relates to the meaning of life and why we are all here. :) And why evil in the world exists is souls who got tangled up by dark low vibrational energy.
In something like The Bible , it's like dumb down and probably re-edited by people of dark energy which is why spirituality is better than religion because it's going by the original source. It's all the same thing at the very end. God , Universe , etc. For example the subject of Hell , I don't believe in it the way they promote it on EWTN for example lol , however I do think there is the low vibrational energy which tyes in with the dark forces of black magick and the underworld. I actually meet someone in my neighborhood who gave me a necklace and a dark spirit try to choke me with it and the necklace shattered in my hands and these dark entities won't leave me and my twin flame connection alone which was causing major problems of running / separation so my spiritual guides helped me by focusing on love ... so relating to all of this , perhaps that's the answer. The more and more people are in that high vibration , the more it'll effect the world and it's been documented something about in 1993 a large group just meditated and crime rate dropped a little bit. As New Thought / New Age spirituality says "Everything is energy" and the more people realize that love is good and love isn't meant to hurt , then unconditional love could work. It may not be logical or practical but is anything that goes beyond the five senses ? I think there's more to life then what we know and of course truthcontrol is proof of that. :)

freedmftr88: Theory : Inner Wholeness = External Global Freedom = 5D Earth

Consciousness and perspectives is indeed key to duality.
One’s perspective of good vs evil is truly that individual’s personal taste.
Relating to consciousness truly depends on their state of mind which will determine their actions.
If they are whole within , they won’t feel like the need to fight off the world outside of themselves.
But if they are not whole within , they are going to fight outside of themselves which causes unfortunate results and consequences instead of solving problems. If everyone was whole within then there would finally be peace in the world. Which I think is considered to be a 5D Earth Free Society .
Libertarian Socialist Anarchism according to my research definitely has it’s moralities with a humanitarian mindset and the goal in hoping such an experiment will benefit humanity and Earth life as a whole. While it may be beneficial to a lot of people according to their personality types , it might not for others which is the problem. Freedom in general Is definitely key because it results to universalism ( if that’s the right word ) , my definition is “ if what is universally accepted in terms of duality . What feels good to most / all human beings - living creatures and what doesn’t feel good to most human beings - living creatures = duality on a political agreement according to a universal prospective.
But on a spiritual level which is considered to be of a higher vibrational energy , it’s truly key when it comes to self mastery first and foremost.
Whole within and Freedom ( respect for one another )

What are your thoughts regarding self-determination theory ? I learned abut that from one of Cameron’s Libertarian Socialist Rants videos which he challenges what is usually believed to be “ Human Nature “ .

How about the David Hawkins theory of The Scale of Consciousness ?

Relating , as an empath of all sorts myself one of the things I’m learning is how a true light workers’ mission is to live life happy by becoming the master of one self and to heal the world by letting the human world know that’s the way to be. Likewise to learn about what’s truly going on in the world in terms of hierarchy.

I would consider “ Hierarchy “ to be the one word that describes “ Evil “ best. But again , is the energy low due to the unconsciousness that that it does have the power over it’s self ? Or is it just this dark triad control freak just because ?

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned in life is that people fear what they don’t understand.
For me , I’ve always questioned “Why” if something feels unjust. Say someone got hurt by a bully.
It’s really the fault of both parties. The victim has low self esteem and feel like they are not the master of their own self and life and the bully probably has low self esteem because they feel that fighting off the world outside of themselves means they never need to face their own ego shadows and unconsciousness from within.
Therefore both lose because like energy attracted like energy ( aka Law of Attraction ) . Losing in the matter of both are not achieving what they DO actually want out of life.

I think the biggest question to bare in mind regarding the state of the world is on the lines of “ What is “ vs “ What could be “.

If changing the world which everyone on the outside is happy can never be done , then Heaven is truly within and not without.

However , if everyone knew that then hierarchy would disappear = 5D Earth .

Likewise “ like attracts like “ . If someone is engaging in a friendly matter to another , that’s going to bring about good vibes.

So with everyone feeling good from within , that would create the Energetic collective . And therefore such a good vibrational energy which in New Thought / New Age Spirituality terms such spirit guides would become stronger as so will the planet which would result maybe , just maybe “ All laws of time / space / and Earth based energy “ to disappear .

If all energy effects each other , then that would truly result to what would be considered “ Good or Evil “.

And since unconditional love , freedom , self mastery , spiritual peace /enlightenment is the highest vibration , that can only mean Evil ( aka unconscious energy fighting off the external world ) would disappear .

Equaling to such a Heaven utopia !

In conclusion , perhaps it’s not the idea of a 100% happy world is impossible but how it’s approached.

Kind of reminds me of the story in You2 by Price Pritchett about the two flies. Both flies want to escape to freedom. One keeps fighting against it’s external reality by banging itself against the closed window until it wares itself to death while the other fly takes time to think and realizing thinking outside the box is key. In result , the fly discovers a brand new exit which is the opened front door.
Sure the example isn’t related to spirituality but the “ Think Different “ is they key element which I’m highlighting here.

Anyway I think that's what truly is behind duality which is Ego vs Soul ( unconcious vs concious ) basically .

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