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11Orion11: get sunshine without sunscreen poison danger!

so they can sell millions of "sunscreen s" call it protecting, while these substances are not good for your skin and can cause skin cancer do to bad chemicals and even heavy metal chemicals such as mercury wich reacts crazy on ur skin under sunlight and it causes molecules to become disfunctional and they attach to the molecules with strong connections and disforms the molecule and making it toxic by the way
so it also causes neuron degeneration !!
it is important to avoid toxic heavy metals it also disforms enzymes(like vitamins) to become disfunctional, it has strong connection so it takes lot of energy to get loose from it and even then it would attach and disrupt something else, this also happens with pesticides containing heavy metals wich can react with all sorts of things and can also get stuck and stacked into thin hard tissue of fruit / vegetables
there should be some/more molecules to absorb heavy metals out of the system in a way it produces a non-toxic waste.. this could be in some fruits and berries or other plants, something to detoxify it
they want you to bath in poison instead of bath in the healing sunshine

Kah-Len: Lies...

One who tells lies deserves to be set straight. Look at all those who work for a living! A LIVING!
Understand that having a cost to live is the greatest lie of all! Money created a debt system and took away all freedom. We are coming to remove this barbaric practice and will soon break the shackles of control and the Cabal will be no more. The Beast (Banks) will be gone and the world will know we have come!

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