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ANUBIS: Many of the different Races are not from Earth

Atlantis was Pleadian and Annunakian , Lemuria was Reptilian Colony. Both Civilizations were destroyed through an ancient War between the Species.
Many thousands of years ago.
You come from different slave planets, Saturn , Jupiter, Mars & Venus brought here as slave labour.
There are different types of Ancient Annunaki, some look like humans and others look like me like Anubis, like a wolfman from the Dog Star Sirius which is 8.6 Light years away from Earth.


Humans come from different Slave Planets , they were brought here but were engineered by Enki none the less Genio. You have now been given divine knowledge and everything else they told you can be thrown out the window, even your Genome is very different from Race to Race, this is a delicate Issue.
We are Interstellar Nations jammed into one planet. The Controllers do not want this information out, this is why all of you look at the Stars, you have family up there truly you do.
This Information has been denied to you the Lords of Darkness want you to remain here and to Worship them and not in remembering your divine past, your true home among the Stars.

Bellerophon: I don't think so.

The destruction of Atlantis is said to have come by the actions of the Greeks. But the Greeks at that time were nothing more than simple tribes, and Atlantis is said to have been the most advanced civilization in the world.

There is an error in the translation of texts when modern historic figures took note of the oral stories of Atlantis and the story entertained in it. Its not "the Greeks", but the "Greek Gods", which would be the mythological pantheon of figures they adopted, which would be the only other technologically advanced civilization up on the far North (at the time), place we know as Hyperborea.

So the Hyperborean civilization destroyed Atlantis. And Atlantis was probably situated a lot more southern than you are suggesting :D. Well, south in today's point of view of the world. Back then it was 'east and 'west' :).

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