Lee Harvey Oswald

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The connections become more strange. [David] Ferrie was a hypnotist, who allegedly used his skills in his quest for homosexual conquests. One of Ferrie's fellow travelers. Jack Martin, reportedly said that Ferrie had hypnotically programmed Oswald to kill Kennedy.

Ferrie is also alleged to have been into "black magic" and was the high priest of the Apostolic Old Catholic Church of North America, members of which were investigated by Garrison for involvement in the Kennedy hit. The Apostolic Church may have been—this is entirely speculative—a chapter of the Ordo Templi Orientis-connected Gnostic Catholic Church. Certainly it was not what would be described as your average Catholic parish. According to researcher Loren Coleman, "The church conducted services involving animal sacrifice and blood guzzling. During Lee Harvey Oswald's last weeks in New Orleans, he attended many ritualistic parties in private homes and apartments with David Ferrie." This is a curious conjunction that is seen again and again in the research: black magic, military intelligence, and mind control.

Ferrie was found dead in his apartment on February 22, 1967 while in the midst of testifying about the Kennedy assassination. There were two apparent suicide notes, but the New Orleans coroner stated that the cause of death was natural, a cerebral hemorrhage.

Jim Keith / <cite>Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness</cite>

Others in the know have suggested that Lee Harvey Oswald may have been mind controlled. Army and CIA counter intelligence agent Herman Kimsey came forward in 1975 to tell what he knew about Oswald. According to Kimsey, in an interview with journalist Hugh MacDonald, "Oswald was programmed to kill, like a medium at a seance. Then the mechanism went on the blink and Oswald became a dangerous toy without direction." Surely it was a coincidence that Kimsey died of heart failure three weeks after the interview."

Jim Keith / <cite>Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness</cite>

In tried and trusted intelligence technique, an attractive and intelligent woman crossed Oswald's path, quite by happenstance, of course. Only it was not happenstance. The attractive woman was KGB operative Marina Nikolaevna Prusakova whose front was working as a pharmacist at the factory where Oswald was employed. In true romantic style Oswald fell in love with Marina and the two got married.

Dr. John Coleman / <cite>The Committee of 300</cite>

Oswald had somewhere along the line been recruited by the CIA. [...] There can be no question that since June 1962 the "monumentally stupid" Oswald was in the employ of both the FBI and the CIA.

Dr. John Coleman / <cite>The Committee of 300</cite>

[...] Oswald, far from being an unstable person, was a highly intelligent individual who worked in the Office of Naval Intelligence.

Dr. John Coleman / <cite>The Committee of 300</cite>

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