Judas Iscariot

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The scorpion is the symbol of both wisdom and self-destruction. It was called by the Egyptians the creature accursed; the time of year when the sun entered the sign of Scorpio marked the beginning of the rulership of Typhon. When the twelve signs of the zodiac were used to represent the twelve Apostles (although the reverse is true), the scorpion was assigned to Judas Iscariot--the betrayer.

Manly P. Hall / <cite>The Secret Teachings of all Ages</cite>

Judas Iscariot is the negative Scorpio, unredeemed; St. Paul is the virtuous Scorpio, the enlightener, and of all the twelve the most likely to have been an initiate of pagan Mysteries.

Manly P Hall / <cite>How to Understand Your Bible</cite>

To these somewhat contradictory remarks we learn that the gospel writers were not very sure what did happen to Judas. It appears that Judas is the Egyptian Typhon, Job's Satan, and Scandinavia's Loki. He is the personification of the adversary. He is introduced into the drama as a symbol of the intrinsic imperfection of all living things. In the zodiac, he is Scorpio by some calculations; and by others Capricorn. He is the backbiter, the destroyer. He is still preserved in the church as the "devil's advocate."

Manly P Hall / <cite>How to Understand Your Bible</cite>

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