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Real or Fake - John Titor Makes Great Points

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GarRub: Our Future

Losing my human identity is alot to lose and just him saying something like that means I will have to fight harder so that it will not happen.
I believe in my country not in the people that abuse it for selve gain.
I do see a civil war coming because people will finally wake up, I just hope it will not be too late.

Quinton: I hope so too, thanks for

I hope so too, thanks for joining TruthControl :).

Genio: Quinton

Wouldnt it be crazy if what he said is true but he changed a few things by coming back to this time and exposing it. Because the future is never certain and is constatly changing right ? how do we know that others haven't come from the future to try to shape it in their image . Either way, the stuff here makes a lot of sense and if the future he claims is true ends up happening, i cant wait, it sounds great. I really hope things end up like that, it wont be easy but im sure if we come together, anything is possible.

lotsoskept: John Titor story

I have read about John Titor on lots of different websites and can't find one besides this one that says he came here to fix the Y2k issue. He was here visiting his family! He was locating the old computer as a direct mission directive for his superiors to fix something on his timeline. He always maintained he would be able to return to his exact time and worldline. He was brave trying to forewarn us and I hope that whatever the future holds mankind sees the error of its ways. What he said didn't come true because of the differential of world lines but I think he was real and honest about his life and the world in his time and line.

Annunaki77: Humankind is Imprisoned, we the Immortals will make them Free!

Humanity is a Resource that is being managed by Imperialist ET's from Orion and Alpha Draconis, the Alien Greys, the Dragons from Alpha Draconis and the Serpent Queens of Orion are involved, King Anu must Serve the Orion Queens otherwise Sirius Star System can face a War which King Anu cannot afford to bring on to his Dog Nations.

The Andromedans, the Pleadians, and other Benevolant Star Nations are helping Humanity, even some Benevolant Draco who understand the cause and sympathise with Humanity.
The Benevolant Draco are a few because when they are found they are forced to fight in the PIT OF DEATH for sympathizing with the humans against other Beasts and Rebel Dogs of War and other ET Warriors and Rebels..

Good vs Evil, Freedom vs Tyranny

Get more involved Humans.

Tarheel: Titor story

Was what he "predicted" based on our universe or his?
Was our UNIVERSE, his or vice versa?
There are too many possibilities in a "superverse" scenario, so he could never be wrong, or he would only be right ONCE, and wrong all the rest of the time(in the other universe).

Tarheel: Your post re: Humankind is imprisoned..

Could you state your source for your take on humanity and it's enemies?

quiact: John Titor

I've been reading about this man recently, and I believe he is for real.

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