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freedmftr88: There's crazy FBI / CIA connections to The Beatles

I must be onto something. However I think there's more people who know about this stuff then I do but it's news to me. Not only is there conspiracy theories of John Lennon's death where Mark David Chapman couldn't have just shot John in the back 5 times , there was a second gunman involved which is most likely Government related also Mark David Chapman was a member of the CIA . Also tying into Yoko Ono possibly involved as well. I probably already mentioned this but there's a documentary called The Real Yoko Ono and over videos that hint that she was a sociopath who wanted to cash in on John Lennon's success and to this day his legacy.
And it doesn't stop there. There's the Paul McCartney is dead story on how he was murdered or car crash which mutilated his body and his head off his shoulders " September 11 " 1966. ( 35 years later would be THE September 11th ) , and there was a Fake Paul this whole time and The Beatles were taught to say silent about Paul's death so there's TONS of hidden messages in their albums from 1966 - 1969.
There's another one where the British government planned the British Invasion which started to Hippie / anti-war movement but I don't believe this last one.
There's also a bunch of John Lennon hauntings and channeling telepathy videos and stuff ( * I managed to get the telepathy experiment myself ;) )

WOW , I didn't think there was so many conspiracy theories regarding The Beatles alone but I must have been guided to this somehow.

But totally linked to what I was saying. Artists and idealists can be influential which is something Government and some Businesses just does not want.

You compare to this stuff today , it seems all media corporate controlled. Just look at Miley Cyrus coming and going but still somewhat vauge within her socialism compared to say John Lennon who worked independently with his own mind. Then again there's the whole Yoko controlling John theories.

WOW , just WOW . And it wasn't like I was searching for Beatles conspiracy theories, it just all came to me at once this week. lol

As I mentioned before , there's these postcards and it just makes me question the Government more and more and more.

I'm just linking these just for discussion purposes of course. :) To make my point about all of this.

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