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The Jesuits were organized by religious zealot Ignatius Loyola. They have been identified as the controllers behind the the US Government. They are themselves merely lieutenants of the Cult of Aton. The imagery of their emblem leaves us in no doubt as to their occult history and agenda.

Michael Tsarion / <cite></cite>

The power of the General [Black Pope] shall be so unlimited that should he deem it necessary for the honor of God, he shall even be able to send back, or in other directions, those who have come direct from Popes

Ignatius Loyola / <cite>quoted by Michael Tsarion</cite>

...most of the bodies...such as the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, the Rite of Avignon, the Order of the Temple...are nearly all the offspring of the sons of Ignatius Loyola

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky / <cite>Isis Unveiled (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

I am mere dung, I must ask our Lord that when I am dead my body be thrown on the dung heap to be devoured by the birds and dogs

Ignatius of Loyola / <cite>quoted by Michael Tsarion</cite>

However, in Loyola's exercises there is a subtle but important difference. While the Rosicrucian techniques were designed to help achieve a free-willed, free-thinking exchange with beings from higher hierarchies, the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola are intended to still the will and induce a state of unquestioning obedience like a soldier's. 'Take, Lord, and receive all my memory, my understanding and my whole will, everything I have.'

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

In the Society of Jesus, he [Ignatius Loyola] set up six degrees for advancement, which are the same as in Freemasonry; its doctrines are similar to those of the Jewish Mishnah.

Eustace Mullins / <cite>The Curse of Canaan</cite>

...from 1520 on he was a member of an Illuminati sect in Salamanca called Alombrados; in 1527 he was tried be an ecclesiastical commission because of his membership in this sect; he was acquitted.

Eustace Mullins / <cite>The Curse of Canaan</cite>

It is possible that in a Jerusalem-bound ship named Negrona, Commander Diego Maned turned over the litanies, lists, secret codes, formulae, cabalah, and other portable assets comprising the Knights Templar resources to Inigo. If this indeed happened, the Western world's secret infrastructure was now Loyola's to populate and manipulate in the cause of learning against learning. That is my hypothesis. What is not hypothesis is that as soon as the pilgrim returned from Jerusalem he began vesting himself with Medici learning.

Tupper Saussy / <cite>Rulers of Evil</cite>

Stripped of everything but sackcloth, a gourd for drinking and a pilgrim's staff, he adopted the lifestyle of the early Knights Templar, begging food and alms. He was initiated into the Illuminati, the "Enlightened Ones," a secret society of gnostic fundamentalists who preached that all matter is absolutely and eternally evil.

Tupper Saussy / <cite>Rulers of Evil</cite>

He was born in 1491 to a rich family, youngest of eight boys, one of thirteen children. His older brother had sailed to the New World with Christopher Columbus.

Tupper Saussy / <cite>Rulers of Evil</cite>

...the chief aim of all our efforts ought to be to procure the confidence and favour of princes and men in places of distinction, to the end that no one might dare to offer opposition to us, but, on the contrary, that all should be subject to us.

Ignatius Loyola / <cite>Secret Instructions of the Jesuits</cite>

Where the Crusades had failed, Loyola would succeed. His Order would: revive the suppressed Knights Templars as “Freemasons;” use Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt to ultimately destroy the Mamelukes; reorder the Pope’s defeated Knights of Malta; destroy the Ottoman Empire; take the Temple Mount from Jordan; internationalize the Holy City and place a Pope of his making in a new Hebrew Temple as the Universal Monarch of the World to be Satan’s “wild beast.”

Rene Fulop-Miller / <cite>The Power and Secret of the Jesuits</cite>

I have done much good to the Church of Rome — I have seen many provinces of our men, many colleges, houses, residences, and wealth belonging to our Society; but all these things desert me now, and I know not whither to turn!

Ignatius Loyola / <cite>his dying words</cite>

The nobility and populace must, by all methods, be persuaded into a belief that the Society was instituted by the particular direction of divine providence, according to the prophecies of the abbot Jachim, that by this means the church, though depressed by the attempts of heretics, may be raised again to its primitive luster.

Ignatius Loyola / <cite>Secret Instructions of the Jesuits</cite>

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