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Show me a force which binds today's humanity together with half the power it possessed in those centuries...And don't try to browbeat me with your prosperity, your riches, the rarity of famine and the speed of communications! The riches are greater but the force is less; there is no more a binding principle; everything has grown soft, everything and everyone grown flabby!

Fyodor Dostoevsky / <cite>The Idiot (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

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edisonik: Humanity has almost Godlike Potential

Humanity has almost Godlike potential and that is why the Darkside wants to make you believe that you are worthless and that you are a mistake and an abomination. The Darkside is doing everything within it's power to contain you , through fear and uncertainty they achieve this control upon the Earth but they will fail miserably , humanity is not a mistake it is Divine and one day this species will travel the Stars for it has been forseen the future looks very bright for the Greatest Creation currently designed and that is Humanity of Planet Earth ( Eredu ).

Never take your lives for granted , appreciate every day you set foot on this planet and always help one another any way you can make the Creator proud!, always keep your mental thoughts positive for it will bring good fortune for you.

Your Journey will be one of incredible awe and majestic wonder , never give up on hope or on yourselves , you deserve better then that, enjoy the ride for this was created for you, all the obstacles , the challenges and the Glory, all for you!.

edisonik: The Illuminati has you fixed into only this Reality

Genio when Atlantis fell all sacred knowledge fell with it, Humanity lost most of it's Spirituality and Incarnational Knowledge. This is only One lifetime and since Humanity is a Multidimensional Being they cannot really die becuase they have two Bodies Genio. When you loose a tooth are you still there?, Yes, when you loose a limb are you still there?, Yes, when you loose your Body are you still there?, Yes. You see you are a Light Being despite what you have done in life your Immortality is given freely it is not earned that is the Illusion Genio.
Never feel guilty aboutanything you have done in this lifetime just learn from it.

In Reality all you really need in your lives is Love and that is the lesson that has been stepped on for Centuries, many are embracing fear and it is because humanity has lost it's heart and moved into it's Primal Levels and it is because of the Aliens themselves the Lizards.

Genio if I told you that your Human form will not be the Only form you will take in your next lifetimes wlll you believe me?, probably not untill that day comes when you leave your current body and step into your next Avatar Body which will be much bigger and stronger.

Many Humans will Evolve in this lifetime and the Materialistic and Ignorant will have to return and relearn their Spiritual Lessons, You have asked your Questions with sincerity and Concern Genio, I have already seen your future , you will live in Peace and after you get older with Great Wisdom you will become a Falcon Being of light, you will be able to fly with Divine Wings, a Being with wings. Do not worry yourself with these folks who pursue selfish gain and hurt or take humanity for granted truly I say unto you that they are empty inside and know nothing of the Divine Heart , they may appear ahead and in control and a Success but they are failures because they have done nothing to protect those who are suffering in poverty and misery, you see Genio God suffers when the poor and neglected suffer we are all One.

The Reptiles will pay a heavy price for this because they too are severly flawed.
Peace Warrior learn to Meditate Race is not an issue but a blessing in the Art of Diversity Immortal.

ANUBIS: Many of the different Races are not from Earth

Atlantis was Pleadian and Annunakian , Lemuria was Reptilian Colony. Both Civilizations were destroyed through an ancient War between the Species.
Many thousands of years ago.
You come from different slave planets, Saturn , Jupiter, Mars & Venus brought here as slave labour.
There are different types of Ancient Annunaki, some look like humans and others look like me like Anubis, like a wolfman from the Dog Star Sirius which is 8.6 Light years away from Earth.

Humans come from different Slave Planets , they were brought here but were engineered by Enki none the less Genio. You have now been given divine knowledge and everything else they told you can be thrown out the window, even your Genome is very different from Race to Race, this is a delicate Issue.
We are Interstellar Nations jammed into one planet. The Controllers do not want this information out, this is why all of you look at the Stars, you have family up there truly you do.
This Information has been denied to you the Lords of Darkness want you to remain here and to Worship them and not in remembering your divine past, your true home among the Stars.

Annunaki77: Yes many times older than a Human

Humans have been stunted in their Life Cycles so that they cannot compete with the Annunaki.
This was not done by Lord Enki, but by Brother Enlil to better Control and Oppress them.
You see this is why I do not accept Religions , these Doctrines as well as Language has been devised to keep Humans Divided.
United the Human Race is Awsome and cannot be manipulated to War each other.
But Divided they become Polarized and War with each other, in the end they can be easily managed and treated like cattle.

So I say unto you do not War with each other because Humanity is unique and you are all family, yes you are all different Culturally and Racially, but in the end you are all One.
Do not fight each other anymore.

Your Bloodline is from Heaven and not of Earth, this is why you are different of all other Animals.
You Creator lives in you.

Give Love a Chance.

Crackdown: === PROMISED VIDEO ===

Human Resistance - Depth Information from Underground
It took 2 months for creator to make, 3 weeks for me to translate! Hope you like it

Crackdown: UPDATE

"7 Keys of Rainbow" purification system - PART 1 translated

Marion Akkerman: Reply to Bluesbaby

"Without them, humans would be just like the other humans/humanoids that exist in our galaxy, and in other galaxies." Okay, so you're talking about Terrans (us, earthlings) but the subject is who created the Lyrans/Vegans. I'm not arguing with you that we have abilities the other humans don't. Thank you for adding that.

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