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Timeline of the Rothschild Family

The Rothschild Bloodline

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The first international banking empire…was created by the Knights Templar, with their exploits during the Crusades. Martin Luther’s sixteenth-century Protestant Reformation was largely funded by the emerging merchant and banking classes of Germany who sought to wrest financial control from the Papacy. Jews moved into banking in medieval times because the Christians, due to a Biblical ban on usury, could not loan money at interest. This led to a so-called worldwide cabal of Jewish usurers, eventually culminating in the Rothschild dynasty.

Devon Jackson / <cite>Conspiranoia (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

The headquarters of the Illuminati moved to Switzerland during the First World War and to New York after the Second World War (the Harold Pratt Building). The Rockefellers instead of the Rothschilds now funded the Illuminati

Juri Lina / <cite>Architects of Deception (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

Now, you hear of the Rothschilds in the world of finance. They are not the originators of the control over finance and the practices therein. But they have been given a franchise to control the money aspect of the people of the world. In return for their exercising this control and keeping their mouth shut they are given handsome privileges of money manipulation and of course increase their money wealth by leaps and bounds

Norman Dodd / <cite>Research Director of the1950s Reese Commission investing tax exempt companies and foundations. (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

This family [House of Rothschild] began their rise to prominence in the eighteenth century, in Frankfurt-on-Main. Their family's insignia - an eagle with arrows - appears on the American one dollar bill. The symbol can be traced back to the so-called Tribe of Manasseh or, more correctly, to the Atonist Solar Cults of Egypt. A great deal of modern history can be understood when we realize that powerful noble families such as Rothschild, Sassoon, Bauer, Oppenheimer, Warburg, Mocatta, Lazard, Montagu, Goldman Sachs, and Schiff, etc, with seats in the House of Lords, with daughters and sons married into royalty, and with the lion's share of worldly wealth, are merely lieutenants for imperialists who prefer to remain in the shadows of history. The ancient Caesars of Rome were never seen in public. The modern Caesars, who truly control the world, also avoid the limelight. Their ship of state is steered by lesser hands. Even their officially endorsed biographies (such as that by Fredrick Norton) speak of their scandalous antics and business machinations.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

It must not be forgotten for an instant when we consider the House of Rothschild, and their kind, that their financial power came to them from the European Atonist royalty they served. Although it is often overlooked, it is of great importance to remember that Mayer Amschel Rothschild was an agent of the descendants of ancient bloodlines. He worked for, and was promoted to his station, by Wilhelm IX Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel (originally Kurhessen), of the House of Orange. This dynasty has produced kings of Sweden and Finland.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

Rothschilds... are the guardians of the papal treasure.

Encyclopedia Judaica / <cite>1901–1906, Vol. 2, p.497</cite>

The Unification of Italy in 1861, with the ensuing decline of the Italian aristocracy who had been the Rothschild's primary clients, eventually brought about the closure of their Naples bank, due to declining forecasts for long-term business sustainability. However, in the early 19th century, the Rothschild family of Naples built up close relations with the Vatican Bank, and the association between the family and the Vatican continued into the 20th century. In 1832, when Pope Gregory XVI was seen meeting Carl von Rothschild, observers were shocked that Rothschild was not required to kiss the Pope's feet, as was then required for all other visitors to the Pope, including monarchs.

Wikipedia / <cite></cite>

Today the Rothschild’s control a far-flung financial empire, which includes majority stakes in most world central banks. The Edmond de Rothschild clan owns the Banque Privee SA in Lugano, Switzerland and the Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich. The family of Jacob Lord Rothschild owns the powerful Rothschild Italia in Milan. They are founding members of the exclusive $10 trillion Club of the Isles – which controls corporate giants Royal Dutch Shell, Imperial Chemical Industries, Lloyds of London, Unilever, Barclays, Lonrho, Rio Tinto Zinc, BHP Billiton and Anglo American DeBeers. It dominates the world supply of petroleum, gold, diamonds, and many other vital raw materials.

Dean Henderson / <cite></cite>

[...] the most powerful men in the United States were themselves answerable to another power, a foreign power, and a power which had been steadfastly seeking to extend its control over the young republic of the United States since its very inception. This power was the financial power of England, centered in the London Branch of the House of Rothschild. The fact was that in 1910, the United States was for all practical purposes being ruled from England, and so it is today. The ten largest bank holding companies in the United States are firmly in the hands of certain banking houses, all of which have branches in London. They are J.P. Morgan Company, Brown Brothers Harriman, Warburg, Kuhn Loeb and J. Henry Schroder. All of them maintain close relationships with the House of Rothschild, principally through the Rothschild control of international money markets through its manipulation of the price of gold. Each day, the world price of gold is set in the London office of N.M. Rothschild and Company.

Eustace Mullins / <cite>Secrets of the Federal Reserve</cite>

The Vatican...has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France and America, with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States, it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Banker's Trust Company, and others. The Vatican...has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel,General Electric, International Business Machines, TWA, etc. At a conservative estimate, these amount to more than 500 million dollars in the U.S. alone

Avro Manhattan / <cite>Vatican Billions, 1983 (quoted by Michael Tsarion)</cite>

Many Catholics are not aware of the close ties between the Vatican and the Jewish money power of the world. The Vatican has, for instance, had the closest business connections with the Rothschild dynasty, as well as with other Jewish families and financial institutions. Relations with the Rothschilds can be traced back to the 1800s.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

Tutankhamen's title was "The Living Face of the Sun." He was an Atonist pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty. Lord Carnarvon, in charge of his tomb's excavation, was funded by the Rothschild dynasty to which he was personally related.

Michael Tsarion / <cite>The Irish Origins of Civilization, Volume 2</cite>

When Alphonse Rothschild died in Paris in 1905, it was revealed that his estate contained $60 million [~$1.4 billion adjusted for inflation] in American securities.

G. Edward Griffin / <cite>The Creature From Jekyll Island</cite>

John Moody answers: "The Rothschilds were content to remain a close ally of Morgan rather than a competitor as far as the American field was concerned."

Gabriel Kolko says: "Morgan's activities in 1895-1896 in selling U.S. gold bonds in Europe were based on his alliance with the House of Rothschild."

Sereno Pratt says: "These houses may, like J.P. Morgan & Company ... represent here the great firms and institutions of Europe, just as August Belmont & Company have long represented the Rothschilds."

And George Wheeler writes: "Part of the reality of the day was an ugly resurgence of anti-Semitism.... Someone was needed as a cover. Who better than J. Pierpont Morgan, a solid, Protestant exemplar of capitalism able to trace his family back to pre-Revolutionary times."

G. Edward Griffin / <cite>The Creature From Jekyll Island</cite>

A strong anti-Semitic and anti-Rothschild sentiment had grown up in Europe and the United States, and the family often found it to its advantage to work through agents rather than to deal directly.

G. Edward Griffin / <cite>The Creature From Jekyll Island</cite>

They were not necessarily evil in a moral sense. What preoccupied their minds were not questions of right or wrong but of profit and loss. This analytical indifference to human suffering was aptly described by one Rothschild when he said: "When the streets of Paris are running with blood, I buy." They may have held citizenship in the country of their residence, but patriotism was beyond their comprehension. They were also very bright, if not cunning, and these combined traits made them the role model of the cool pragmatists who dominate the political and financial world of today.

G. Edward Griffin / <cite>The Creature From Jekyll Island</cite>

It was well known that the Rothschilds had developed a private courier service that was used, not only to transport gold and other tangible cargo, but to rapidly move information that could be useful in making investment decisions.

G. Edward Griffin / <cite>The Creature From Jekyll Island</cite>

[...] the mere sight of the red shield on a leather pouch, a carriage, or a ship's flag was sufficient to insure that the messenger or his cargo could pass through check points in either direction. [...] This government protection was one of those indirect benefits that generated commercial profits far in excess of the interest received on the underlying government loans. [...] for more than two centuries, the House of Rothschild profited handsomely from wars and economic collapses, the very occasions on which others sustained the greatest losses.

G. Edward Griffin / <cite>The Creature From Jekyll Island</cite>

Clandestinity was and remained a feature of Rothschild political activity. Seldom were they to be seen engaging in open public debate on important issues. Never did they seek government office. Even when, in later years, some of them entered parliament, they did not feature prominently in the assembly chambers of London, Paris or Berlin. Yet all the while they were helping to shape the major events of the day: by granting or withholding funds; by providing statesmen with an official diplomatic service; by influencing appointments to high office; and by an almost daily intercourse with the great decision makers.

Derek Wilson / <cite>as quoted by G. Edward Griffin in The Creature From Jekyll Island</cite>

By remaining behind the scenes, they were able to avoid the brunt of public anger which was directed, instead, at the political figures which they largely controlled.

G. Edward Griffin / <cite>The Creature From Jekyll Island</cite>

Those who lampooned or vilified the Rothschilds for their "sinister" influence had a considerable amount of justification for their anger and anxiety. The banking community had always constituted a "fifth estate" whose members were able, by their control of royal purse strings, to affect important events. But the house of Rothschild was immensely more powerful than any financial empire that had ever preceded it. It commanded vast wealth. It was international. It was independent. Royal governments were nervous of it because they could not control it. Popular movements hated it because it was not answerable to the people. Constitutionalists resented it because its influence was exercised behind the scenes-secretly.

Frederic Morton / <cite>as quoted by G. Edward Griffin in The Creature From Jekyll Island</cite>

They [the Rothschilds] were the personal bankers of many of the crowned heads of Europe. They made large investments, through agents, in markets as distant as the United States, India, Cuba, and Australia.

G. Edward Griffin / <cite>The Creature From Jekyll Island</cite>

The German words for red shield are roth schild, so he [Mayer Amschel Bauer] changed his name from Bauer to Rothschild and added five gold arrows held in the talons of the eagle to represent his five sons.

G. Edward Griffin / <cite>The Creature From Jekyll Island</cite>

The Rothschilds held the bonds for most of the Civil War debt, and they resolved to keep the American people in perpetual servitude.

Dr. John Coleman / <cite>What You Should Know About the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights</cite>

The following year [1823], the Rothschilds took over all of the financial operations of the worldwide Catholic Church.

Eustace Mullins / <cite>The Curse of Canaan</cite>

Of the twelve wealthiest families there in 1715, the Speyers were the richest, having a fortune of 604,000 florins; then came the Goldschmidts, the Wertheimers, the Haas family, etc. No. 11 on the list were the Rothschilds, with 109,375 florins. Exactly one hundred years later, the Rothschilds were the masters of Europe, dictating the terms at the Congress of Vienna.

Eustace Mullins / <cite>The Curse of Canaan</cite>

On later examining the actual results of the Congress of Vienna, he [Lord Castlereagh] belatedly realized that he had delivered the entire continent of Europe into the hands of the Rothschilds.

Eustace Mullins / <cite>The Curse of Canaan</cite>

The Rothschilds had used the European network of the Illuminati as their transmission belt for their rapid takeover of the continent's financial structure...the Rothschilds correspondence was always written in Hebrew; it was never signed, so that any signature purporting to be from one of the five brothers would be seen to be a forgery.

Eustace Mullins / <cite>The Curse of Canaan</cite>

The Rothschilds, when they backed the formation of the Illuminati, changed their name from Bauer to Roth (red) schild (shield).

Eustace Mullins / <cite>The Curse of Canaan</cite>
  • it was the Rothschilds who funded the early ‘Jewish’ settlers in Palestine
  • it was the Rothschilds who helped to create and fund Hitler and the Nazis in the Second World War which included the sickening treatment of Jews, gypsies, communists, and others
  • it was the Rothschilds who used the understandable post-war sympathy for the ‘Jews’ they had mercilessly exploited to press through their demands for a take-over of Arab Palestine
  • it was the Rothschilds who funded the ‘Jewish’ terrorist groups in Palestine which bombed, murdered, and terrorized Israel into existence
  • it was the Rothschilds who funded and manipulated these terrorists into the key positions in Israel, among them the Prime Ministers, Ben-Gurion, Shamir, Begin, and Rabin. These men would spend the rest of their lives condemning the terrorism of others with an hypocrisy which beggars belief
  • it was Lord Victor Rothschild, the controller of British Intelligence, who provided the know-how for Israel’s nuclear weapons
  • it was the Rothschilds who owned and controlled Israel from the start and have continued ever since to dictate its policy
  • it was the Rothschilds and the rest of the Brotherhood network which has hidden and suppressed the fact, confirmed by Jewish historians, that the overwhelming majority of ‘Jewish’ people in Israel originate genetically from the Caucasus Mountains, not from the lands they now occupy

The Jewish people have been sacrificed on the Rothschild altar of greed and lust for power, but even the Rothschilds take their orders from a higher authority which, I believe, is probably based in Asia, and the Far East dictates to the operational headquarters in London.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

...the Rothschilds had bought the German news agency, Wolff, to control the flow of information to the German people and what the rest of the world would hear from inside Germany. One of the leading executives of Wolff was... Max Warburg. The Rothschilds would later buy an interest in the Havas news agency in France and Reuters in London. (News agencies supply ‘news’ to all media organisations.)

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

...the Rothschilds have been behind most of them - including the Nazis.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

Karl Marx, the Brotherhood frontman for the creation of Communism, was a student of a Bruno Bauer at Berlin University and this Bauer was the only Bible scholar on record who openly wrote that the New Testament was a synthesis of ideas between Seneca and Josephus (Piso). He said that Jesus was the creation of the writer of Mark’s Gospel.11 Yet more evidence that the bloodlines of the Brotherhood have known the truth all along.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

The Rothschild leaders are not Jewish, they are reptilians who have sent countless Jews to their deaths to further their sickening ambitions. They have been close associates of the House of Windsor and they controlled people like Edward VII, the Grand Master of English Freemasonry.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

The Rothschild’s became one of the pivotal families in the Brotherhood’s financial and political Agenda and they went on to direct events throughout Europe before expanding into the Americas, South Africa and eventually the world. They had the crown heads of Europe in debt to them and this included the Black Nobility reptilian dynasty, the Habsburgs, who ruled the Holy Roman Empire for 600 years. The Rothschilds also took control of the Bank of England. If there was a war, the Rothschilds were behind the scenes, creating the conflict and funding both sides.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

Every working day, the world price of gold is still set at the London offices of N.M. Rothschild and the stock-markets across the world are controlled by the Babylonian Brotherhood through banking and financial families like the Rothschilds.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

So the very name Rothschild comes from an ancient esoteric symbol connected to Egypt as Moloch (Nimrod) the ‘god’ of sacrifice. The hexagram only became used by the Jewish hierarchy as their symbol with the emergence of the Rothschilds and it has absolutely nothing to do with ‘King David’ as the Jewish leaders well know. It is on the flag of Israel because Israel is not the land of the Jews, it is the land of the Rothschilds and those who dictate to them from even higher up the Brotherhood pyramid. They created Israel and they control it. The red shield used as the emblem of the Salvation Army was inspired by the Rothschilds, by the way.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

They changed their name from Bauer to Rothschild and, from their base in 18th century Frankfurt, they have been at the heart of the manipulation of the world to this day.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

One bloodline which came from the reptile-Aryans within the Khazar empire in the Caucasus Mountains are the Rothschilds. Their leading members are reptile full bloods, reptilians knowingly occupying a human physical form. Insiders say that the Rothschilds secretly claim that their bloodline goes back to Nimrod in Babylon.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

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ANUBIS: The Pharoahs are the Rockerfellers, Children of RA Rothchilds

The United States is just another Empire, it used to be a Republic untill the Pharoahs infilrated and took over through the Federal Reserve since 1913. You have been their slaves ever since, this is why your freedoms are being taken away through the Art of Terror.
Through fear and the Art of Fear they will take away your Liberties , for False Security.
This is why you have Obelisks in the USA.

Many of you are Gods but you must open your Chakras, you must empty yourself of Earthly Materialism and all that is pompus and materialistic ways.
Instead of looking outer start looking inner , into your very Soul. Discover who you really are from the inside, this is not the only life you had or will have, I should know trust me on this.
The Spirit will unlock what you are and who you are. ( 1 of 5 ) ( 2 of 5 ) ( 3 of 5 ) ( 4 of 5 ) ( 5 of 5 )

Do you want freedom , you must fight for it, choose your destiny.

Annunaki77: Originally they were formed by Marduke Son of Enki

Marduke/RA saw that the Rebel Serpent Queen of Orion was going to steal his Empire so he gave his Power and Governance to his Children the Rothschilds Clan ( Mardukes Children) and the Rockefellers ( The Pharoahs, RA's trusted Priests ).
So Originally they were Good but through time they were Infiltrated by the Serpent Queens Minions and they became Sick and Corrupt.
They Serve themselves and the Reptilian Lords of Darkness.

They no longer serve correctly

So Light has come to destroy Darkness once again.

The Good will Defeat Evil.

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