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UN.i1-PHI: & maybe not and ur right and theyre all up into the higher D's

it doesnt seem so impossible for them 'negative/malevolant beings' being in the higher dimentions aswell/already, wouldnt be surprised if theyre in all dimentions, the main saying for that is that they cant be in the higher vibes because they are not of/for 'love&light' and because of their negativity and promotion of fear but i think they could be there as well and this whole universe is based on polarity not just a few dimentions in particular and that this universe we're living is actually an artificial holographic matrix meaning that its simulated in ways wich would make it more than logical for all kind of beings being able to penetrate trough all kind of dimentions if they manage to and not that its just impossible ect, i read that their goal is to infiltrate the higher dimentions and take control over them trough their artificial humanoid/reptilian hybrids, but what if that happened all long ago in certain ways and that theres much more involved on that simple reasoning, perhaps its an front/propagenda for their real agendas wich would be more complex than just that theyre trying to infiltrate them and take over, and that theyre stuck in the lower for their negative behaviour, i think they've found theyr way out/trough it all along if not since the very beginning/creation of a holographic universe/matrix for their purpouses....if ya get what i mean

so i guess im siding on this one with what eevie said in another thread;

..."This whole hierarchical system goes all the way to the highest dimension"...
eevie: artificial beings

and that would explain alot and give new insight/consideration to the tought that they are already in the 5th dimention and higher!

speaking bout 'the matrix' i see its on tv now;p
"you are the ONE NEO" (play on words;p?)
follow the white rabbit! lol
tumbling down the rabbit hole
taking the red pill; show how us deep the rabbit hole goes!!!
p.s. please upload those pics man!

UN.i1-PHI: oops wrong link - James Foley's Secret life with the CIA / USAID

*the correct link according to that title i provided
( James Foley - His Secret Life and the CIA )

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