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The Hindu faith and the information for its sacred books, the Vedas, were taken to the Indian subcontinent by the Aryans from the Caucasus Mountains, one of the centers for extraterrestrials/inner terrestrials and their offspring.

David Icke / <cite>The Biggest Secret</cite>

Brotherhood influence in India was embodied in 1500BC when the faction known as the Aryans (who supported alien aims) invaded the area. The Aryans were a non-semitic white-skinned race that established a system of religious-feudal religion that became known as Hinduism. During this time the aliens traveled openly in ships with humans, engaged in warfare with other alien factions (which involved the use of nuclear and beam weaponry). It was described at the time that some of the aliens had blue skin. The aliens then imposed the caste systems, further confusing and dividing the humans in the area. The Hindu religion introduced the concept of “reincarnation” and the principle of “obedience bringing advancement”.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX II</cite>

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