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freedmftr88: Hierarchy and it's side effects on MBTI types

A pattern I often see again and again is just how Anarchists are somewhat saying the same thing as those who are aware of the NWO , which is simply that hierarchy causes problems.


The Anarchist FAQ points out that when you have hierarchy , you either have submissive or authoritarian attitudes towards authority.

People who know of New Age / New Thought spirituality have a general idea which are blockages of body , mind and soul which we picked up through our life on earth which Karma effects our Ego and self esteem.

It pretty much gives out the same idea.

As I probably pointed out when I made the infographic draft / general idea infographic basically , it's not saying that there's such a thing as an evil personality , far from it , I think it was generally pointing out a similar idea of MBTI personality type and it's relation to hierarchy . Or at least from my thought when I made it.

However of course not all types are like that , and it really depends on the individual's experience in life as well as how aware they are or ignorant of what's really going on . The more challenging an individual's life is and the more they are in the victimized state which binds the body , mind and soul , the logical manifestation would be EGO due to fear energy.

When it comes to the duality of Good vs Evil , in my opinion " Love vs Fear " is probably better words that describe the idea much more clearer and therefore " Soul vs Ego " .

If people were free ( body , mind and soul ) then people won't need to be in conflict because they'd be too busy enjoying their own lives to even bother. I think that's the thing about politics. Some ruler / master / leader can tie the shoelaces underneath the table while they sneak off to do something diabolical and know one will ever know because the conflict is the distraction.

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