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Comments (2)

wmarkley: NOT going to happen, Gun

NOT going to happen, Gun sales are through the roof, we are more armed than ever now, semi automatic weapons are a household name now, add the fact that the sheeple ARE waking up, the sleeping giant is getting ready to take out the trash, and the cabal knows it. now THEY know FEAR!

wmarkley: Yes BB, they are going to try

Yes BB, they are going to try to take our guns, but they will not succeed, it would be a suicide mission to try and grab the guns, we are guaranteed our second amendment by the constitution, plus each state has its own constitution, i checked my states constitution, and in section 1 it states, the right to gun ownership. plus all men between the ages of 17 to 50 are to be available for the militia to defend the land in times of crisis. Everyone needs to check their states constitution. We as a people have the right to defend ourselves from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

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