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The Pleiadians impregnated Mary so He’s [Christ] a combination of, you know, a Pleiadian and that, and His message was to do exactly what He did. I mean, He was a right winger at that time, right? I mean, He was drawing the banks out and everything else trying to wake people up - so - His messages have been so distorted though - but His job was, again, that there was no sequence of time, was to try to bring back the spiritual teachings of man.

George Green / <cite>Project Camelot Interview</cite>

Well, I know, except for - we were in contact with the guy called Immanuel at that time, directly. He said, “I never joined the Essenes, I went to see what they were like, but I wasn't a member of their group. I was investigating.” So I reported that back to Delores again, I says, “We can’t publish that because it doesn’t have the truth in it.” Now, we’re directly with, this is out of, out of whack if you want to look at it. We’re in directly in contact with the Christ being, if you call him Jesus or Immanuel, explaining to us what had happened at that time, he says hey, I was just like you guys running over to the Mormons to check out what’s going on. I didn’t join them....

George Green / <cite>Project Camelot Interview</cite>

Why didn’t they put the Book of Enoch in the Bible? I mean, Enoch was a real character, wasn’t he? You know, he was from Ethiopia, he was black, all of his leaders, I mean, all of his followers saw him walk out into a field and taken aboard a spacecraft. Never came back. That’s in his book, you don’t want to print that!

George Green / <cite>Project Camelot Interview</cite> of my friends, Dr. Walter Moyer, was one of the team, the doctors that dug up the Dead Sea Scrolls. And he came back and he gave me a lot of the information. He said, they’ll never let it out to the churches. There’s no such person as Jesus that was... no evidence that anybody ever lived like that.

George Green / <cite>Project Camelot Interview</cite>

Even Hitler had a... you know, he had his stand-in. In fact, his stand-in was the one that they found in the ground over in Germany. I mean Hitler and Eva and the dog, and 14 other people got aboard a plane and flew down to Barcelona, Spain. You were aware of that. And then ended up in Antarctica, or in Schwabenland, and then died a few years ago in Brazil.

George Green / <cite>Project Camelot Interview</cite>

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