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Quotes (2)

In AD 3574 we will enter the age called Philadelphia in Revelation. If the great evolutionary impulses of previous eras have come from India, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Norther Europe, the next impulse will come from Eastern Europe and Russia. Freemasonic-influenced governments in America and Britain have been keen to involve themselves in this area of the world for this reason. Already it is possible to see extremes emanating from this area, both extremes of spirituality and extremes of evil, such as the Russian 'mafia'.

In future personalities we remember from history, the great personalities who helped lead humanity out of the spirit worlds, will be reborn in order to lead us back into the spirit worlds. There will be a new Shakespeare, a new Moses, a new Zarathustra, a new Hercules. Towards the end of the Philadelphian era, Jesus Pandira, the Teacher of the Essense, will incarnate again as 'the Fifth Rider who rides a horse called Faithful and True', referred to in Revelation. In oriental tradition this figure is called the Maitreya Buddha. [...]

As good and evil spirits make themselves felt, as everyone communicates more freely with the spirit worlds, organized religion will no longer be needed. [...]

We will regain some of the ability to control animals and plants by the power of our thoughts that Adam enjoyed. We will begin to remember past lives and to foresee the future. [...]

At the end of the Philadelphian era, there will be a catastrophic world war at the end of which the surface of earth will become a spiritual wasteland, except for America, where the flame of spirituality will be kept alive. This will be the mirror image of the period of the first Zarathustra.

The period AD 5734-7894 is called Laodicea in Revelation. [...] The goodnes in good people will shine out of them, while the faces and bodies of evil people will be moulded by the animal passions that dominate them. [...] Eventually no one will be happy until everyone is happy. [...]

In time we will no longer die but sleep very deeply, and then less and less deeply. Death, as St Paul says, will be swallowed up.

Mark Booth / <cite>The Secret History of the World</cite>

When Robert Monroe was taken to a period in his travels to the Earth in the future, around 3,000 CE, he was surprised to learn that the deep gray and brown bands/rings were no longer around the planet. Instead, there was a single flat ring, which radiated light of its own accord. The ring was full of communication, but no discordant noise. There were no cities or evidence of any mechanized civilization on the surface of the planet. The air was clean, clear and the ecological balance of the planet was restored. He questioned the entity accompanying him about the environment, and it was said that the ecological balance was restored by design, not by virtue of a disaster followed by random rebound back to health. There were no people at all living en masse on the planet, and this was also by design. In fact, the whole planet was at a different frequency level. The presence of the bands was connected with the simultaneous incarnation process, which ended.

Monroe eventually came across entities on the planet, but they were non-physical and used non-verbal communication. They told him that they did “use” physical bodies on occasion, and that they kept the bodies, which they referred to as “containers”, manifested from thought patterns using any mass at hand, in “energy cocoons” to keep them preserved, ready for use and in good condition. These entities, even while occupying a body, could transmute matter. One of them materialized a piece of fruit, and gave it to Monroe, who consumed it with relish. They told Monroe he could experience “compressed learning modes”, which they defined as being able to experience “earth consciousness” from the viewpoint of every species – they could, in essence, integrate their consciousness at will with any life form, experience that life form, and disengage their consciousness from it. There had obviously been a heavy withdrawal from survival imprints and the “body consciousness” of the civilization of the “old Earth”. They could even have the experience of being “eaten alive” (the genetic memory of horror for humans in a body for millions of years) – and pop out again with ease. There was no need for “sleep”, and they could draw energy from ambient space, whether they used a body or not.

Now, this is the interesting part. They told Monroe that entities newly arriving on Earth at that time period first had to experience one human life cycle in a period of time before the changes were made, and then they were allowed to spend time there. Monroe was told that these one-time experiences were going on in the 20th century for some of those destined to return to occupy the dimensional area around Earth in 3000 CE+. Those who graduated from the Earth environment in 3,000 CE did not return to Earth. They no longer needed to experience Earth and could take on physical forms in lessening degrees of density and radiation patterns until they no longer felt the need to do so ... on their journey to the infinite growth patterns of consciousness that are available for all to experience, eventually.

Val Valerian / <cite>MATRIX V: Quest of the Spirit - The Ultimate Frontier</cite>

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