Zombie theme'd park...


It sounds pretty funny..you go in and pay them for a real action zombie experience. The actors playing the zombies (fake or actual "zombie" like persons) will chase you through abandoned rural areas for the experience.

I've never been in Detroit but I've heard all around that isn't a place to play those kind of games. The kind hearted up front gesture to save the town and create tons of jobs..but I don't think it should be taken that far...just despite the area's reputation. But desperate times call for such measures I guess. The timing is bad tastes though Lol.


Crigitine: Google has also created a new

Google has also created a new feature should a zombie apocalypse happen that gives you a detailed list of all gun, food, and supply stores in the states. While a seemingly funny prank, it would also be nice to be acquainted with these locations should something else happen.


I don't remember when the original cannibal attack was in Miami but..I dunno, GLP syndrome I guess.

bluesbaby5050: Ya, I read about this,and thought----

Well OK,I SEE THE POINT HERE! LOL! In regards to those two events that took place a couple a weeks ago. One in florida,and the other one was inside an apartment between two room mates somewheres in the US. This second guy was asleep! He only had one chunk taken off his cheek!! Gross! You can not even go to sleep now,without keeping ONE EYE OPEN!! LOL! The first guy was examined,and they said his boold was clean!! He just went NUTS!! Must be that dam Flouride!! And the GMO'S !! This is serious! People just freaking out, and out of nowhere's!! Maybe it is all this light energies coming in from the center of our galaxy now? They can not handle all this light,and their brains are shorting out?? They are having a meltdown? People are having strokes,and heart attacks now,it is on the rise! I have family in the medical field,and friends too,and they say this. My younger brother just had two mini strokes! He needs to clean out his past excess baggage! ( from his past lifes,and in this present life) And drink alot of clean water! This has to flush all the toxins from all the bad foods people insist on eating!! This is not good! You must change this as our bodies are changing too,and we are holding more light on the inside,and we are getting bombarded with this high degree of light all the time,and it is picking up tempo,as we reach Dec.2012! Get plenty of good rest too! If you can }:>)

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