The zombie apocalypse is in full effect, with most of the world being religious

by TillToTheWhen on September 28th, 2015

I haven't read all of this yet(Because I already know all this stuff) but thought it would be good for religious people to read.

Seriously....religious zombies need to wake up. Religions were made to disempower people. When you give your energy outside of yourself, you are disempowering your self. The creator lives within all of us, why would we focus outward?

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TillToTheWhen: Oh tonight was the red moon.

Oh tonight was the red moon. But they sprayed chemtrails so heavily here for the last 3 days, I wonder if they tried to cover it up for some reason? We could barely see it tonight and we went out at peak time.

We asked our friends who live in other states, they also said they couldn't see it, because it was "too cloudy"


TillToTheWhen: The biblio web article I

The biblio web article I linked to also backs up my point I made a few weeks ago on this TC website, about how IGNORANCE= EVIL

Technically the illuminati is not evil, in my opinion. I think it's the ignorance of the illuminati which is what causes all the evil.

I was reading an article on BIN last night, about how the illuminati only do what they do because we basically give them permission, by allowing it by turning a deaf ear or blind eye to what they do.

So, ignorance is definitely the cause of all evil here on this planet. I got that truth from within years ago and when it came to me...I just knew it was the truth.

But again, as my famous saying goes....TRUTH CANNOT BE SPOKEN IN WORDS, it absolutely has to come to you on its own (from the true "god" that lives within us)

TillToTheWhen: That's why I don't really

That's why I don't really read too many articles anymore unless it's resonates with what I already knew (to kinda back up my points)

But I can easily read through something and tell if it's BS or not. Almost all the info you find online is BS, especially if you believe what you are reading, without first consulting your inner self to figure it out

TillToTheWhen: Even my post here is an

Even my post here is an oxymoron because I am telling religious folks to read some website, when really they cannot find any truth in words. THEY have to look within to find their truth and then it will confirm the words the biblio website was talking about, and then, and only then will they fully understand the truth about religions. It's insane, but words are simply not enough to convey truth. That's why the bible uses SPELLS to put people under the zombie trance, so that when 'normal' people, such as myself, try to talk to them, the words we say fall upon deaf ears. Because they cannot understand truth in words. Even though to someone awake and aware of where it comes from, can easily understand.

But if anyone wants proof of what I'm saying, just try talking to a christian or any religious person and try to explain the most simple things to them, and even provide solid evidence, and they still won't understand. It's insane I know.

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