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by HebrianDaniel on January 11th, 2016

as you see astonomer say every age is 2000-2100 years approx and effect the whole humanity.
the age start with leo but we dont have info about the leo age started at 10500 ended 8006
its was golden age of leo age of the End of ice age sea level rised by 90 meters. its also what refer as Deluge in Bible and Enuma elish its was possible age of many civilisations fall to the sea do sea rise

the age of cancer is the age of the civilsation start as nomadic tribes. people starting to regrow as civilisations
started civilisation in mespotamia Sumerians started to civilis
started 8005-6006 ended

The age of gemini.
this was Writing Agriculture and Trading started. sumerian flourish china start to write also mesoamerican start to write. this age form the new level of human understanding new arts writing stories mytholgies
this age also represent the moving from Animism to Polytheism.
6006 BC and ended ca. 4006 BC

The Age of Taurus-bronze age.
bronze start to form new inventions lik chariots new empires flourish Akkadian and Egyptian empire rising building ziggurat pyramids. polytheism rising fast. much more invention coming. more bronze tools jewelry
trading expend even more. this age represent very well the akkadian and egyptian empires.
Hammurabi create Laws that effective still today
began ca. 4525 BC and ended ca. 1875 BC

The Age of Aries-Iron age.
this age Iron start to form people start to leave their bronze tools and move to iron tool
iron start to form in canaan weapons get sharpers and stronger
Empires Expanding further and fast Babylonian persian greek Roman.
the age also represent the start of the monotheism.
Akhnaten start his monotheism religion called atenism. and force it on egyptian he ruled it for 17 years and failed. his successor moses form the hebrew monotheism. and in mount sinai he force the people to destroy the golden calf and sacrifice a ram. which people bealive moses started the age of aries.
this age also know lots of wars philestine invade to canaan hebrews conquer cannan
and babylonian destroy the kindom of judah.
1875 BC to ca. 100 AD or 0

The Age of Pisces-Religion age. monotheism age
this age start jesus probably by forming a new way of ideas. his apostle preaches ideas to everywhere
Christianity Rise so fast also islam rise. and buddhism.
this age share very strong religious ideas. this is also very horrbile age of war famine many empires collapes.

this age end is very debateable.
eil Mann interpretation: began ca. AD 1 and ends ca. AD 2150.
Heindel-Rosicrucian interpretation: began ca. AD 498 and ends ca. AD 2654
Patrick Burlingame interpretation: began ca. 6 BC and ended ca. AD 1994
Mayan: ended 21 December 2012
Newland: began 25 January 1989

age of the Aquarius.
this is the future age to come who know what will be there.
i hope for the best its will be age of new spiritual evolution and new understanding of life
i hope people will understand each other better and there shall be no wars anymore
peace i hope will upcome
i hope also that aliens will finally communicate us after long time they refused to.

i hope the best for all in this age :)

hope i explained the ages.

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435: Kali Yuga

Look into Kali Yuga.

Sri Yukteswar has a pretty good book about it. Its called "The Holy Science"

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