Zero Point : Volume I - Messages From The Past - FULL MOVIE

It has recently come to my attention that Zero Point Vol I is blocked in some countries, the UK included. For those who cannot watch on youtube here is the link to vimeo, apologies :

Zero Point: Volume I - Messages from the Past. A full length independent documentary compilation from Vivid Pictures. This is the first volume of a three part series due out this year, consisting of excerpts from freely available information found online . Volume I - Messages from the Past features Graham Hancock, David Wilcock, Terrence McKenna and more, the film focuses on a hidden episode in human history, unlocking the secrets of the Precession of the Equnioxes and its significance. Zero Point uncovers the messages expressed through ancient monuments worldwide, examines various maps, monuments and artifacts which seem to reveal great secrets about the nature of time, our past and our future. It seems we are approaching a point in time known as the singularity, what does it all mean? How does it connect to Precession?We are missing a huge chunk of our history that could pave the way for a prosperous future, firstly we have to convince the masses that we are not the culmination of our culture, that we share a unique bond with the universe that cannot be understood until we grasp the practicalities of how certain monuments were constructed, why they were constructed and the message encoded in their construction. Going beyond the material we must also gain an understanding of ancient divinatory systems and how they can give us an insight into the physics of time itself, if time was the landscape that the ancients mapped then what were they trying to tell us?Be in little doubt, the message IS for us and we need to pay attention, for your consideration i give you Zero Point : Volume I - Messages From The Past.]
Zero Point : Volume II - The Structure of Infinity

Zero Point : Volume III - The Legacy of the Ark
Also available from Vivid Pictures.

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bluesbaby5050: Graham Hancock's "Quest For The Lost Civilization" **FULL MOVIE

In this set of three videotapes, writer Graham Hancock traverses the world and explains his controversial theory that an ancient civilization, highly intelligent people who sailed the planet as early as 10,500 B.C., spread advanced astronomical knowledge and built ancient observatories.
Skeptics may scoff, but Hancock earnestly points out similarities in giant stone structures in the Egyptian desert and Cambodian jungles, and on Easter Island and in Micronesia, he points out what he considers evidence of an ancient society of seafarers. His ideas may seem utterly bizarre at first, but Hancock presents them in an understated and good-natured manner, and he also makes clever use of computer graphics and aerial photography to illustrate the startling similarities in ancient structures found from the North Atlantic to the South Pacific.

Hancock raises some puzzling questions, and even if you don't buy his arguments, bolstered though they are by mathematical equations and astronomical diagrams, the Quest for the Lost Civilization is an entertaining mixture of archaeology, astronomy, and speculation.]

Heaven's Mirror (50 min.)
Forgotten Knowledge (50 min.)
Ancient Mariners (50 min.) ]

[Get it on VHS:]

Different opinions on the Giza pyramids' star alignments in this documentary:

bluesbaby5050: Graham Hancock Presenting at the 2012 Conference- Aliens-UFOS

Graham Hancock Presenting at the 2012 Conference- Aliens/UFOS ] See Graham's book Fingerprints of the Gods: |US- |UK- |CA-
Graham Hancock on iTunes:]

Graham Hancock Presentation at the 2012 Tipping Point Prophets Conference.

For details on the conference see:

For Graham`s official site please visit:

And for information on Graham`s latest book, please visit:

bluesbaby5050: BEYOND ATLANTIS - Secret Discoveries with Graham Hancock

This original uncut interview featuring Graham Hancock, was filmed for the Network Television Special "The Mysterious Origins of Man." Most of this interview was not included in the final Television Network Broadcast and is being shown here now in it's entirety for the first time. Graham Hancock is the celebrated author of the groundbreaking book "The Fingerprints of the Gods." This interview includes amazing conclusions about the lost great civilization of Atlantis, a technologically advanced civilization that was able to circumnavigate the Earth and map the stars. [UFOTV® The Disclosure Movie Network]

bluesbaby5050: Graham Hancock: Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca-part 1-2

Hancock's first stop on his 2010 North American book tour (for his novel "Entangled" was Dragon*Con Atlanta. On opening night he presented his lecture "Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca" at Eyedrum. The Disinformation Company videotaped the lecture and is pleased to present it in full for those of Graham's readers not close to tour stops or who were otherwise unable to attend.]]]

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