Your Truth Defines Your Path

No one can tell you what is true for you but your own heart. This is a fundamental truth of authentic spirituality. The art and practice of discernment is the ability to recognize what is and what isn't coming from the heart. When you hear, read or see something that is declared to be the truth, your intuition and discernment are your filters.

First, intuition will vibrate the truth in your heart, and it will open the channels that allow love and light to touch your soul. Second, when you have developed your ability to discern, you will either feel the truth in your heart, or you won't. When it is your truth, you will feel it as a comforting vibration in your chest. It will actually make you breathe more deeply, open your eyes wider and give you an overall sense of well being.

Anything that can't do this may still be interesting, but it is not worth following. Discernment serves intuition. It is up to each of us to develop and trust our intuition and ability to discern. There are many ways to do this, but my way is my truth and works to serve me. Your way is your truth and it belongs to you. Develop it in your own way and let it serve you.

When intuition and discernment are working in concert, no distortion or lie can pull us off our own true path. I have learned something new here almost everyday since I joined. Not all of it passes the smell test. When it does, it must pass through my filters of intuition and discernment before it becomes my truth...and some of it has...or I wouldn't still be here.

Please remember while reading this, and before posting any negativity, this is coming from my heart, and is MY truth. Love an light to all.

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LoveTruthPeace: Love it!

I really love this post. I've noticed in my personal experience that when someone tries to tell me something about me that is not true to me, my heart protests, and I know immediately they are just trying to hurt my spirit. As you said, when you know your true essence, no one can guide you down a different path, unless you choose to be in denial and let them (which unfortunately I've done many times through my journey). I am just learning to fine tune this and I am so grateful to finally have the courage to fight for my truth. Thank you for your wonderful post. Always Love Truth and Peace to you.

sun: Good post Starperson :)

Good post Starperson :)
I am very familiar with this way of living, and since three years now, after following the spiritual path for over 17 years, I am consciously tuning into my clair-sentient abilities. It makes life complicated but also simple. You cannot evade your true feelings inside anymore. It makes you stand alone most of the time, because too much social traffic wears you down, as you tune in instantly and feel everything another person feels. This ability, however, I was born with, but I never consciously developed before. Through dreams I was awakened, more about that in my post 'dreamscapes' at a later stage.
As you learn to trust your inner feelings, your 'gut' feeling, your intuition, based on a simple intuitive 'knowing', you also learn to recognize 'false' feelings, based on judgment, willpower, fear or other emotions from within you. So much more to be said about this, because unconscious and conscious are interwoven, but I will stop for now. :)

bluesbaby5050: Sometimes you learn by.................

Taking back your truth, that you really do have to speak up. You have to speak your truth. This is being strong in your truth. This is not becoming negative. You are going to be tested here. It can not always be peace, and softness all the time. It has to be maintained all the time. Peace does not, and never will be free in this world. You have to strive to make it this way. You are also dealing with egos here, and this is a human trait. The male, and the female energies are strong here, and you can not see the faces when you speak. It is not just ancient history you will learn here, as you found out. People have to learn how to REALLY deal with this part. You have to stay in your center, while standing your ground. This takes skill. We live in polarity. You have to learn to master it. And some people need to learn to respect others when speaking. Choose your words wisely. Glad to see you didn't give in,and give up here.

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