Your Present Universe is a Fake! It is a Created Hologram!

Your Universe is an Exact Copy of the Original Universe. Complete with all Planets,stars,galaxies,and Nebulae! And is seeded with humans, and humanoids. At a certain point of time Atlantis had been visited by a powerful creator god.This god saw how happy the inhabitants of Atlantis were.They were Semi-solid Beings that were still connected to the Source,and could come and go freely.They were living their passions.They were Free human beings.This powerful creator wanted to create a needed work force.So he came up with a plan to create a Holographic Universe,complete with Exact Copies of the Same Planets,and Stars,and Galaxies,and Nebulae.So he did this.He also needed to seed his planets with humans.So he created human templates,and they had to have one head ,two arms,and two legs,and was bi-pedal. And so he did this.He then needed to have souls.He was very smart and glib,and convincing, and had got some of the humans,free spirit beings to try out these new forms,and they liked it,it was fun,and different. But,he needed them to want to stay in them,so he created a type of CD which could play movies that he also created,and they could be the players,actors,and play in them. He also created implants to go along with them.The free humans liked this and went and told the rest of the humans how fun this New game was, and how they could try it out.They were very innocent, and never knew the real intent.Once they were all in this game the Trap was closed,and they became stuck .They were moved to the fake Earth,and the game was set.The rest of the galaxy was also seeded with humanoids on other planets.As this king had left the Earth in the hands of the kings children.They were given duties and to carry them out and abide by the kings rules.This left the king free to conquer more planets in other Real universes,and seed them as well.This new Earth was a Slave planet.The humans were then trapped in a created 3d time line dimention.This time line was a createdas a loop,on a type of CD that had a set button,and a repeat set button that would Auto-matically reset itself every 3,400 years.It would be played on a type of DVD player,and was stationed on the Moon! The controllers are on the fake Planet Saturn in this fake solar system! This fake Universe has been visited by very many beings that are very concerned.They have come from the Real universes to assist the Humans that are trapped here to find a way out,and to regain their freedon once again. They have until 2012 to live the walk,and to talk from the heart,this is the key.You can NOT Fake this! Some will make it and some will not. But we ALL will advance when we become ready in our own set time,according to our own soul growth.Our spiritual growth. All beings from the real universes are going to advance to higher levels also during this time too,as the real Galaxy is being flooded with the higher vibrational light codes from the center of the galaxy. This can NOT be Changed.The Real Creator is seeing to it,and it's minions are helping to see this though.It is all a matter of free will,and is up to each being to become responsible for their own delvelopement.This is done from soul lessons.Also theire also had to be a created place for the leaving souls to go to when their bodies would die out,and the soul would need a place to go to rest.So this after life was created to go to,and this tunnel of light was also created complete with spirit guides,and a council of elders that would over see that all went according to the plan of this creator.So the other side was created with lush gardens of every type,and water fountains,and animal life,and birds,and heavenly music,and people that had different stations of work,as guiges,teachers,music creators,singers,and schools,and copies of all the lands that ever were really on the Earth,all thought time. And there are many buildings,and many levels of learning,and vast libraies,and whatever was on the Earth was also on the other side when people go between their lifes.Also these places has re-orientation buildings,implant stations,and counciling buildings,a cacooning station,an entry station,that works as a coming and going way station. And all this has Overseers to see that all runs according to plan.This king wanted to be a god ,and creator of his very own universe,and his creations within this Universe. Now this Kings name is King Annu,and his children are Prince Inki,and his Half brother is prince Enlil,and their sister is princess Nin-hur sag.This Earth is still controlled by the King Annu.He also is the King of the planet/Flagship Niberu.This star ship also has a commander,and his name is Enlil.This planet has a sole leader,and he lives in the country of France,and has a french name which means the origin of a part of France.This leader is NOT human! He is an Albino Dracoian.He is Pindar! He is the HEAD of the Capstone.The Illuminati are his puppets,and the Masons are also. And so is the Scotish Rite. All these levels are all under his control. Satan is very much alive and well,and is in on this game plan,and has his role as well,and is also on this planet creating havoc.Pindar joins in on the most important Satanic rituals.He travels in a plane,and in a white limo to these places.He travels under the code -A,and is always UN-touched by the police,and judges,and the whole structure.He is KNOWN by his close followers,and in very high places,but NOT by the lower case puppets under him. He lives in secret,and is well guarded.The Queen of England knows him very well,and is very afraid of him,and his powers,but they are both Well Connected to each other,so is the Rest of the Royal family. This is the Real True story THEY NEVER wanted the humans to know! FG.


bluesbaby5050: This is in case people have questions about the after life ---

After your body dies,and the Real YOU,Your Soul leaves it,You go to this created place that the creator god Annu created.This place looks real,feels real ,but really is NOT real,as it is also a created Hologram.When you go down Annu's Tunnel of Light ,you are greeted by your assigned spirit-soul guide you were assigned to you BEFORE you left to be re-implanted with a new set of goals that were planned by you with assisted help from these overseers,and guides.This is all in the plan created by King Annu to keep you re-turning to the 3D Slave dimention.This cycle of repeated slave lifes.While you are there all seems very pleasent,and calming,and loving,and this is all created to fit in with this plan,so you will not suppect what is really happening to you.You are brainwashed,and re-implanted in these buildings,that are all run by beings,that are also holographic,and is all controlled from the planet Saturn,and the Moon.Your families are also trapped there,as your guides guide you back there.You can also re-fuse to go there,and remain outside of this .because you have free will, but you will have to become aware of youself, and get out of your fogg.You need to Fully Wake up. Only YOU can help You.This is also why you/we are all here, to fully wake up, and figure out YOUR plan to become totally FREE! NO ONE Can Do This For You, But YOU. Falcon Goddess of the Feather.

Ecbra de Oaoj: many questions...

about this theme... please share with us ...

very att.

bluesbaby5050: I put ALL that I know,and have learned,and ---

This is ALL THE REAL TRUTH HERE. If you Doubt ME? WHY then do you NOT just Ask Lord Annu77,and Lord Edisonik? They WILL tell you all the SAME That is stated HERE. This is the WHOLE TRUTH.THE BIG PICTURE ON THE GRAND STAGE HERE,AND WE ARE ALL PLAYERS.FG.

bluesbaby5050: Lord Annunaki 77 was on here earlier----

And placed his threads right next to mine! He was very aware of what is written,as he does a re-view of all that has been written BEFORE he adds his thoughts here! If I was not CORRECT,HE WOULD OF CORRECTED ME FOR SURE,YOU CAN BE VERY SURE OF THIS HERE! I speak the real TRUTH HERE,AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH HERE! Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

bluesbaby5050: That new video Lord Kanesh Roo left for all of you----

Is to show you the proganda at work here on YouTube.This you have to know how to sort the real truth from the lies! This is just one of his lessons for you to see with your own eyes.Please learn the truth! You need to study all the material that Lord kanesh ,and Lord Edisonik,and I put here in this forum for you to learn from.This is all done out of love ,and concern for you ,and your familiesThe existence of Humanity is at stake here.Read the materials from the past threads in this forum,on this site of Truth Control.This is why you are really here,to learn the real truths. Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: When you pass, TURN AWAY from The Light !

Turn away from The Light ...out into The Darkness. It's the opposite of what you are told to do. Ever hear people say ,"I died, and there was this glowing white, bright light and it was WONDERFUL.And I bathed in the wondderful lightand saw ......"? Ever heard that? You are told to seek the light.

DONT SEEK THE LIGHT when you die! Turn away into The Darkness and you will find your way to The Place you really want to be.

Crigitine: if people knew more about it

if people knew more about it and understood it better in their ways...I wonder whats keep people here.. wanting to keep to carrying out mundane tasks such as paying bills and keeping their unsecure jobs. Whats keeping someone from ending their duties here on this fake world? This isn't a suicide thought or decree but it's kinda odd when people know about a paradise they are let in to when their body gives out. But they remain here fighting a seemingly lost cause for "freedom" when you have so many governments here it is lower than that of a fairy tale. Obviously at the moment you have a lot of choices as to where and what you will end up doing. Be it with the cult of religious believes and wonders, or in the void making a paradise from your own thoughts. We cannot be void creations here because we create and think for ourselves. The concept of one almost sounds like someone made it into the void...and created everything. I'm not sure how to put it in understandable words for everyone else. But after reading this and making my own judgments (as you should do as well) it shows me a darker side and another piece of a puzzle.

That if the one god created us, and looking into space as it was a void..I dunno its all a mind fuck from there.

Crigitine: Freedom isn't stated on

Freedom isn't stated on paper. Freedom isn't going to be written on paper. If you need to be told that you are free there is an issue. We are all free here and now. We make the conscious decisions to lay down in fear that we will be tortured, our material goods taken away, that our past deeds will be revealed and that we will look like assholes, like creepers or perverts. We are told both by the elite and the enlightened that we are watched over, why would the gods that you call neighbors knowing change anything if you can do your deeds with "the creator" watching you, why is it so much more different when the people around you know. Freedom, the enitredy of it, is determining if you like something or not, choosing to do something or not, choosing to do the things you love even if the unforgiving eye of public can see you or not. Programming of the mind goes deeper than brain washing and suppression drugs.

We are in the day and age that people are being voluntarily suppressed for thinking something up on their own. There is knowledge of all types, choosing to listen to it or not is your freedom, choosing to "warn" people of how you feel about it is your freedom. Like in the void, the creator will send angels your way if you are having trouble finding your way, should you choose to accept them. If you are concious of the treatments we as a species are our own flesh and blood, know that you have been sent to wake the sleepers. Tell them there is one kod and you must love him or be lost, or atleast get them thinking.. true freedom is thinking for yourself regardless of if others agree or not. Truth is what you make it, you can make anything true. Agree, or disagree, to think and manifest your own thoughts IS TRUE FREEDOM.

Crackdown: "Light" is a trap

Don't be trapped

bluesbaby5050: To Tar?

How is your OWL doing? Did he come back to your land there? FG.


It is channeled information coming in from many sources,and being filtered by regular humans,and much can be changed from there by the human egos.This distorts the facts. All channelers are different,and this has been proven,and given the same info,it is subject to changing all the time.Time is in constant movement,and is ALWAYS changing all the time.Time is Never SET,,it is NOT Stationary!. There has been much in the ways of conflicted points of views.This is what is causing much confusion here in this forum,and outside of this forum. Do NOT believe all that comes in from these sources.Too many people are becoming dependant on this flowing in of information. Also, the Galactic Federation has very many INNER star nations involved here.There is over 200,000 star nations as members here.So there are many different people channeling these many beings! Also the Federation is NOT LOCATED IN THIS GALAXY,AS THIS GALAXY IS A HOLOGRAM! And the many humans are from this hologram! There are also many split off groups claiming to be connected to these said Star nations.Try Believing in yourselfs,for your True answers,and NOT FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES! THIS has been CONstantly re-peated to all of you here. Learn to think for your selfs,and not believing the thoughts of others! They can Not prove things to you.There Will Always be pollutions as the Earth changes will make this so.The mountains will spew forth ash,and volcano smoke will blow and lava will flow,and waters will churn,and the earth will Shake things up,and become un-settled,and the air will blow tornados,and dust and debrie all will be blown all around.This is all called pollutions.This is all natural forces at work here.This is NOT going to settlle down,in fact it will speed up,and the Earth will go though many changes,and so will our solar system,and so will mankind.You can NOT take this at face value.This is reality.Learn to trust in your selfs,as you are gods,and goddesses too.Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

Tarheel: I stated that CLEARLY in the headline of the post !.

It is positive info, but I cannot vouch for the accuracy was clearly stated in my Headline of my Post.

I couldnt say if it was good or bad info, just that it is positive and uplifting.

Refreshing, it is !

bluesbaby5050: THIS IS A RE-POST-Needed to Prove when this material .........

First began showing up in this forum, along with the posted date at the top of the page of this subject matter. It actually was way before this, but this is a start. Since a year and 5 months ago, very many events have played out in this forum, as well as in the reality of this Earth in this Present Time-Line. I first brought this subject matter to the attention of this forum, BECAUSE IT NEEDED TO BE SPOKEN ABOUT ON THIS FORUM, and to not only share the information I had at that time, but to WAKE people UP, and to get them to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX from the information I had to share. Since then, both the Master teachers, Annunaki 77, and Edisonik, and I have taken this same subject matter to Higher, and Deeper levels by explaining how the system worked Against the Human Race, and to give this forum a better, and clearer, and deeper understanding about what our True Real REALITY is, and HOW WE Have THE POWER TO CHANGE IT OURSELVES, because people have been DUPTED INTO BELIEVING WHAT WAS BEING FED TO them, THOUGH the Centuries By CREATED RELIGIONS TO CONTROL the people, by The Malevolent Aliens, such as the Famous King Anu from Nibiru, and it's own planetary system. And by the VATICAN, and by The MEDIAS, and by The GOVERNMENT LEADERS. The people of Earth was/are being Manipulated, and Brainwashed to believe in THEIR TOOLS OF DECEPTIONS AGAINST Humans for Millions of years. I brought the SPIRITUAL TOOLS for Advancement, and Ascension to this forum with the FORE-KNOWLEDGE of the Master Teachers, and Quinton BEFORE I went ahead as I had planned. I HAD OPENED A CAN OF WORMS ANNU77 HAD STATED IN ONE OF THE POSTS. The topic of the Souls, and Reincarnation, and Astral Travel had to be discussed along with all of the related material, WHY? Because it has a Greater Connection to the BIGGER PICTURE, and WHY WE ARE REALLY HERE ! I felt that people should know the Total Truth, and not just about the ancient history of this planet. But, because I felt the people NEEDED help, by understanding how they COULD Free them selves from the shackles of the CONtrollers at the TOP, and exposing some of the names, and families of who they are, and where they are located. And about how the True Story of this Matrix works that we are all living in. And some people already knew about this already, because they even made a movie about The Matrix to prove it really is happening to Humans, and they brought their story to the movie theaters for the whole world to see what the Game was, and how it worked. Many more movies were made to show this as the truth, such as the movie The Hunger Games, and the movie Prometheus, explaining who our real makers were. Many older members have also given a lot of their time, and research to this forum over the years since TC was first formed by Quinton, and this has helped many people learn a lot more about their TRUE REALITY THEY LIVE IN. (This forum is one of a Special Kind.) And that's why many people are coming to this site, and it's not by accident. Also, many pictures have been given along with the information so that people could actually see what we were talking about, and to help them to see it with their own eyes. Movies are posted along with the material to show you the connections being made by brave people creating these fine movies for us to catch onto the real meanings behind the scenes of life! The question was asked just last week by a new member, WHY- we post movies with the material, and now they have received their answer. To shed more Light on the subject matter/ their lessons. And that's why people venture to this site to learn, and to feel free to speak what they darn not talk about in public. People do NOT come to this site BY ACCIDENT!

UN.i1-PHI: isnt RA/mARduk the commander of nibuRA now?;p

would also explain quite alot more like why their worshipping the all seeing eye of RA/Re-HoRAkthy or the later eye of hoRUs.. and the flying disc of nibeRU everywhere even symbolically on the front of almost all cars with their logo in the middle of the circle and surrounded by the grill as wings
but whaddup with horus and ra btw theyre pretty confusing, i know they probably are different ppl but they've got a lot of connections in common etc, perhaps someone willing to share their info on this?

very good postings btw bb5050! i remember anu77 also telling about this but i cant find(yesterday orso) the thread anymore i could find back some of edisoniks on the holographic matrix and some comments of anu77 but not the one i tought to find...

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