by Annunaki77 on February 5th, 2014

But some can see clearly this is why your Governments love to give you the FLU SHOT , CHEMTRAILS , VACCINES , MEDIA CIRCUS LIKE THE SOCHI OLYMPICS , JUSTIN BIEBER ( FUNNY KID ) , The System gives you lots of nonsense.
The Television is a mind control device sending you what they want you to see , Force feeding you an Engineered Reality, an NWO Reality.
Stupid shows like these Police Shows HOMELAND , CSI ETC are shows that condition your mind in accepting a Lie , a Reality only if you believe in it.

I never mentioned this but each and everyone of you are SOURCE, you are Independant Divine Power , the Nwo Magicians can only work their Sorcery only if you ACCEPT THEIR TERMS & CONDITIONS.

It's like that Snapping Turtle that Tricks the Fish with it's tongue , the Fish tastes the tongue and before it realizes what going on , the Fish gets eaten by the Turtle.

So to those who serve the System Blindly , following Orders without Question.

Nature follows no Rules , Nature can be Beautiful and Horrible , but I'd rather choose Nature than this Enlil type System of Control & Servitude.

These Zionists want a Global War ,will you give it to them?.



CHEYENNE - Dances Of the Wolf

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Tarheel: Edi mentioned the matrix lifting here, Aya.

What can we expect to happen from this ?

For one-I envision all those wrong-doers who THINK their actions are cloaked to be left exposed, but that is only a guess.

UN.i1-PHI: annu77 theyre killing dogs for the olympics and all the time b4!

very fucking sportive from them!
now it became an excuse and reason for them killing the dogs in sochi, but they have been doing this all the time there, it is so horrible!
i heard about it and here's it is from the abc nwo news

Thousands of stray dogs have been living amid the mud and rubble of Olympic construction sites, roaming the streets and snowy mountainsides, and begging for scraps of food.
But as the games drew near, authorities have turned to a company to catch and kill the animals so they don't bother Sochi's new visitors — or even wander into an Olympic event.
Alexei Sorokin, director general of pest control firm Basya Services, told The Associated Press that his company had a contract to exterminate the animals throughout the Olympics, which open Friday.
Sorokin described his company as being involved in the "catching and disposing" of dogs, although he refused to specify how the dogs would be killed or say where they would take the carcasses.


The dogs have been causing numerous problems, Sorokin said Monday, including "biting children."
He said he was stunned last week when he attended a rehearsal for the opening ceremony and saw a stray dog walking in on the performers.
"A dog ran into the Fisht Stadium, we took it away," he said. "God forbid something like this happens at the actual opening ceremony. This will be a disgrace for the whole country."

oh really a disgrace to the whole country!? isnt killing starving stray dogs for a game a disgrace to the whole country!?
what is this for insanity how can they get away with this abomination, ppl are too concerned about their stupid games and media circus about it and gay tolerance, meanwhile the dogs are being culled and killed and excused for the olympics!?(AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE!?)
i didnt even knew the olympics started already, even after i saw them for a moment walking with their torches on tv, i just today realized it has started already(some days ago or weeks i dunno, dont care), same shit all over again, oh yeah its about sport tradition, is it?!, but what a drama circus they make out of it, fuckin entertainment for distraction and propaganda
that is a disgrace!

Animal activist Dina Filippova is among the opponents of the latest dog-culling plan, saying city authorities are using the Olympics as an excuse to cover an ongoing practice.
"We should understand that it is done not only before the Olympics but constantly," she told the AP in an interview in downtown Sochi, where she was trying to find homes for seven puppies she recently rescued near the Olympic Park. "Two killers from that company work for the city to kill 300 dogs a month."
"It is not humane," she added. "There is a humane way of solving the problem of stray dogs which is used in Europe and the United States and even in some countries of the former Soviet Union — that is a mass sterilization which eventually leads to no stray dogs on the streets."
Sorokin's company operates in the Krasnodar region, which includes Sochi and the neighboring area. He refused to say how many dogs they kill a year, calling it a "commercial secret."
Sergei Krivonosov, a lawmaker from the Krasnodar region, last year supported the dog culling.
Krivonosov said taking the dogs off the street was Russia's "responsibility to the international community and that their elimination is the quickest way to solve this problem."
He conceded, however, that this is "not the most humane way" of dealing with the problem and that authorities should encourage dog shelters.

not the most humane way?! atleast got that righ!? but sterilization of all the stray dogs that are starving of hunger and beggin for food is a good solution?no and even worse is killing them!!! wtf is wrong with these people how could they even consider doing this and accepting it!?

Olympic volunteers patted and cooed over strays that trotted into the park Monday. Another dog dropped to the ground, sunbathing under the Olympic Rings near a public site where medals will be presented to athletes during the games.

wouldnt it be just awesome if a dog jumped in the olypics opening?! than i atleast would check that!
but noo they are too concerned if a dog enters gets on their place where they get theri medal of honor,
where's the fuckin honor in that!?
oh yeah dogs do bite!(back)! and mostly for a reason!!!

give these poor dogs some food and shelter/ a place to live!
instead of go fuckin (ex)terminator on them!!!

Tarheel: Is this true?

Or, are they trying to take some of the attention away from Russia's time to shine?

Is this a good source, Unify? This isn't doubting you, I just wonder.
Question everything.

UN.i1-PHI: they have been continuously killing dogs there and now its excus

they have been continuously killing dogs there and now its excused by them playing olympic games there

this is fukin cruel!!! i tought it would strike you also as your very senstive when it comes to animals as well

well i actually just heard it and i did a quick search and ofc abc nwo is one of the first links, i copied most of the articles info (for if you want to read it straight here or dont want visit their cookie spyin website or something, well i dont care anymore i dont think i even proxy'd it)

even they had to admit this animal cruelty is going on!!!
but OH no big deal!, olypics is bigger...!?!?!!!!!!!(& the fake/unnecessary "safity/security" for it)

the olympic games is the distraction, and this does not make russia shine for real, ppl are just glittered by the glamour entertainment
i honestly dont know if putin is doing a good or bad job, i bet he's just another nwo minion as well, so lets not get distracted by their political puppet play and find out what really matters in between this shit

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