by Annunaki77 on January 17th, 2013

Today I will be talking about the APPA BEAST, what you currently called the YETI/BIGFOOT. This Beast is the Original Primate from long ago and it was this Beast that was originally used to Jump the Gun of your Ancient Ancestors Evolution.
The APPA BEAST was crossed with ANNUNAKI DNA to create the First ADAM & EVE.

To this day the Bigfoot/Sasquatch beast still roams the Wilderness and in the Olden days the Bigfoot used to raid Indian Villages for food and for Women. The Women would be Abducted and Raped by Bigfoot. The Offsrping would sometimes be naked and sometimes hairy. The Hairy offspring would be kept and the naked would die do to Enviromental Weather Issues.

The APPA BEAST is very Intelligent , Very cunning , very Swift , eats Meat and Fruits and Leaves, it knows that Human beings are a threat to its population.
They can tear a Man in half with one stroke, they can weigh anywhere between 500 to 1200 Pounds, 7 to 11 feet tall in height.

So there an advanced Primate that does walk the Earth and the Scientists know that it is an Ancestor of Humanity. But are being told to remain Silent on the Issue.
Because Once you know Bigfoot Lives , you will also know more about Human History and that is what the CABAL doesn't want you to know.
The Original Adamu workers were crossed with APPA DNA, this is why your Leaders call you Beasts of Burden, this is because they understand the Sacred History of Mankind.
But that still doesn't make it right for them to think in this manner, just because of their Annunaki Bloodline.
Humanity has Evolved and they fear this , this is why they are Pushing for Gun Control, Forced Vaccinations , Chemtrails etc. They do not want the Humans to Progress. That is Wrong because they outserved their usefulness. Humanity is Divine and they are not Beasts.
Your Leaders do not want to lose their Power this is why they are pushing GUNCONTROL (To Control you and enslave you ), VACCINES ( To Dumb you down ), War ( To Steal Sovereignty ).

Humanity must be allowed to Progress.
You see once you understand your History you will understand that the History you have been fed was an Absolute Lie designed to Decieve you and to keep you Ignorant.

Sylvanic Bigfoot Documentary. The first 10 minutes with new Sasquatch stills

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bluesbaby5050: I also know that they are Physic,and that they .........

They can read,and write too. I have seen their written words. I read a beautiful story about a woman they call "The Water Lady", because this lady works with Dolphins, and they leave her raw gems from caves. This lady leaves them some fruit, and vegetables from her garden,outside on her picnic table, and in return they leave her these gems.They make stick figure people on paper,as this lady leaves them paper, and pencils too. They have been inside her house, because some hairs has dropped off from them while they are just looking around, but never take anything when this lady is at work. She leaves her door un-locked, because she trusts them,and they do her,and this took a long time for this trust to develope. They visit her on the outskirt of her backyard. They also appear to her in their light bodies as Orbs of light at night too. They can communicate with this lady, because she always knows when they are coming, and when they are around. This lady says that she can see them in their light bodies too, and they look like round balls of light moving around in the air. So Annu77 could you please explain this to the forum how this is possible, as the people in the forum WILL NOT believe me.

Annunaki77: It could be the Igigi

Keeping an eye on certain people and studying human progress.

bluesbaby5050: These Igigi....?

What are the Igigi's origins Sir? How were they created,and by whom? And WHY would they be studing humans? Does the Igigi also look just like the Yeti/ Bigfoot too,or are they different from each other Sir? This lady that works with Dolpfins says that these Tall hairy humaniods look like the the Yeti/Bigfoot that you describe. Thank you.

Tarheel: Is there any truth to the gnomes/hobbits existence, Wise One?

I have heard talk of this. Is there any truth to it?

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