You simply will NOT believe this ! Monsanto implicated, so they BUY off their attackers !

Okay, do WE get it now? Monsanto was implicated for KILLING OFF BEE COLONIES, so

If this isnt IN YOUR FACE bullcrap, then we as Humanity really dont get it. Please, let uis all WAKE UP and see what's right in our face. Please. before it is too late.

Here's the headline- "Monsanto buys leading bee research firm after being implicated in bee colony collapse"

Excerpt- Beeologics handed over the reins to Monsanto which means the gene-manipulating giant will now be able to control the flow of information and products coming from Beeologics for colony collapse disorder (CCD).

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Crigitine: the reigns were handed over

the reigns were handed over for green paper, lots and lots of green paper. Money in itself is not evil. Money cannot control how it is spent or what means of control it is used on. It is the power money has acquired over the ages that is evil. I'm sure it is a crucial part of star family societies but on earth it keeps leading to more and more things like this.

People come up with such great ideas, they may have just wanted to change the world for a better place or wanted to make bank and live easy. In America anyway, it is really really sad that you must make bank in most parts of the country to live easy.

The only way for money to work is if you can sell it off to the next person for services, if no one see value in it, it becomes paper and nothing else. It won't shield you from a fist, it doesn't make a good shelter, and I'm almost certain that it doesn't make for comfortable clothing. But these are just one side of the argument, I'm sure there are many positives to this. It follows the same line as guns don't kill people, people kill people with guns. Money doesn't enslave people and make them become things they don't like, people enslave people with money.

Tarheel: Correct, Crig ! Monsanto wants to make it's own rules, so...

...they BUY their implicators to retain their MONEY and hush up the attack against them.

This is THE biggest, most blatant TRAVESTY AGAINST Humanity Monsanto has pulled to date, in my humble opinion. . Now , who's going to do something about it? Us. We have to.

I cannot stand those crooked, money hungry ass-clowns. I truly hope those responsible choke on a gallon of the poison they spray about Mother Earth. They deserve the same fate as The Darksided Cabal (they are part of it), and they deserve a sentence for their crimes against Humanity on a planet like Anu77 described Sirius C to me, with carnivorous dinosaurs roaming about-with no protection for themselves. That is the same description Anu77 had for his idea of a sentence for the Illuminati/Cabal/Reptilian Malevolent ETs.

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