by edisonik on February 19th, 2014

Homosexuality is an Abomination , anyone promoting Homosexuality and demonizing the Family are committing Sacriledge. As the Days of Sodom & Gomorrah it was an Abomination then and it is an Abomination Now.

Defend the Teachings and always Defend the Family and Punish those who Promote Homosexuality. Homosexuality is an utter Abomination.
And so it was written and so it must be enforced , punish those who promote Homosexuality and Defend the Family.


Jamaica vs the Homosexual Agenda - on the Janet Mefferd Show

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obsrvantlouie: I've read the entire matrix series

By val valerian and unknown author. I am aware of the pyscho social technological control manipulative methods available to the PTB. I am well aware of the larger scope behind the NWO, not saying that I don't have more to learn but everything you have mentioned I am aware of.

I've made my feelings clear about Edi and Annu's lofty arrogance and they continue to make unveil their true nature and intent with every article they write....not unlike this one.

Feminist movement was hijacked like most all movements....nothing wrong with wantin equality but the hijacking made it 'look bad' to continue to be a stay at mom...a Mother. Today's "equal rights" for females are more like "I want my cake and eat it to" then they are equal rights. The U.S. Caters to females in every aspect when compared to males. People like yourself want do save everything from extinction...thinking that homosexuality is a threat to Herero....if Hetero is so true like you and Edi and Annu claim than why worry about gays?

Veiwing anyone's choice as wrong is intolerance and judgemental....this even includes those cultivating the NWO. However, this doesn't mean we cannot stand up for our alleged freedoms and voice our disgust via INTELIGENT PASSIVE RESISTANCE: something of which Edi and Annu fail to mention bc they are always chest thumping, threatening, challenging to PUNISH etc.

Viewing gays as wrong is looking at the material (the body) not the spirit...true beauty on the inside. Gays are not better than straight's not true that straight are better than gay. You are here gain unique knowledge and perspective according to unique experience and complete infcarnational missions set by your higherself (THE TRUE YOU) as you are just an extension of yourself.

Pedophilia is deplorable and that our justice system continues to let these types of persons back into society is something that should be punished ...punishing Big Gay Al is just going to take away from people's FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION...if anything pedophilia is an abomination not gay.

Tim Lovell: exactly right observ its not

exactly right observ its not being able to see past the `being a gay` or lesbian or whatever else the ptbh! and reps can use to get us all to hate and kill ourselves ffs , I cant belive edios and annus posts about all this then they post this utter hypocriticalthread its like saying the opposite of what THEY PREACHING ABOUT its the person inside who is the SAME as you and everyone else , we are here to learn we are ALL truly one and hurting another is just hurting yourself...

Tim Lovell: Sry to bring this all up

Sry to bring this all up again but some of the posts in this thread made me laugh my guts out namely Obserantlouie post lol hahaha anyway....

Tim Lovell: Haha nicely said

Haha nicely said

UN.i1-PHI: but will you allow the NWO to

but will you allow the NWO to transhumanise the people into obedient drone workers/slaves and destroy the family trough biological&psychological warfare etc and even turn people into materialistic and spineless jelly gay fishticks!?
in the excuse of just tolerance...
(their twisted tactic to defend their agendas just like accusing people to be murderous lunatics for questioning the official theories of events with an psy-op agenda like children being killed in school and ppl in theatres (wich the nwo orchestrate themselves) and demeaning people for wanting to keep their guns(so they can be in atleast one way protected from their evil sneaky lying government supporting the NWO's enslavement of earth and all its life&resources))
some things should not be tolerated like is the destruction of the family unit and the enslavement of earth

Tim Lovell: to be honest I think its

to be honest I think its better to move on from this thread to more betterer stuff :)

Silenci030310: Im against that homosexual

Im against that homosexual mentality, but everyone has choice to live how they wanna be, regardless of who agrees and who doesnt. I just dont like when they startflirting with you lol not good im straight im strictly into females i love them without a female i wouldnt be alive at this momment. I got my masculine attributes from my dad and femine attributes from my mom. It should be a male and female simple as that. Its my simple honest opinion. I respect everyone the same but if u crossline then we have a problem, i dont play games.

UN.i1-PHI: Choir Director Murdered To Conceal Obamas Homosexuality/Drug Use

Choir Director Murdered To Conceal Obama's Homosexuality/Drug Use?
-oops double post burp-
(ps these vids popped up after i checked this vid where these ppl are discussing that obama has committed treason for suddenly supporting their so called enemy Al-Qaeda('The Toilet'= branch of the CIA) wich they always use for false flags to have an controlled 'enemy' to shit on but now they're actually showing/'admitting' they're on the same 'side' and should be impeached alone for letting the NSA spin its spying webs everywhere ; May 2014 Breaking News President Barack Obama being SUED House backs bill to sue president )

btw this (religious) man exposing obama and being threatened for it: I'm willing to die to expose that Devil Obama.

UN.i1-PHI: gay dre got more 666 from selling his "beats"

Dr. Dre Just Made More Money Selling His Headphones Business Than He Ever Did Making Music
now ppl all over r listening thru 'BEATS by dre' is this another of those gay&metrosexual mass ritual?(with a PUN on 'beats'? :S)

    'Hello, i started this gangsta shit,
    and this is the motherfucking thanks i get?'

gangsta? stop turning 'gangsta' into gay fags! walking round saggin your pants till your knees with your ass hanging out like a baboon/buffoon
you're on some gay shit to like your ass get beaten dre
and you too if you like to hear them beats by dre. lol

obsrvantlouie: I watched "genocide by beast"

Lots of truth, some confusion in my opinion.

- correct that young men today are scared to look, holla, approach, call and say what up to a stranger, especially a female. This is the whipped pussy bitch mentality we agree on and sadly it's not just limited to young men.
- correct with regards to 'fast food agenda'

Here is where I question; where is the book decreeing what is "natural"? You say it is natural for a man and a woman to lay together because the round peg fits in the hole. Obviously the human race cannot procreate and reproduce without male and female interaction. This very observant gentlemen in the video is very aware....but he is a little intolerant. Just because it is natural for me to question authority doesn't mean it's natural for another. Just because I am naturally bold and outspoken doesn't mean that it is natural for another person. Gay men and woman have been around for centuries and for the most part this action is natural for them.

Do you really think as much as homosexuality repulses the speaker and so many others.....that the 'gay' person is just overlooking or dismissing the 'gay repulsion' felt by straight persons? I highly doubt this but I am not gay so perhaps someone can better answer this who is qualified.

If the powers that be wanted to implement the gay agenda as you speak why are there so many battles for gay marriage isolation and gay rights?! You know dam well that congress (PTB) can pass whatever legislation they choose....yet they keep choosing to deny gay rights...? Why?

The metrosexual agenda is to pussify boys and men and I still disagree their is agenda to promote homosexuality. Perhaps there is agenda to educate persons on the fact that homosexuality exists but I do not see the promotion of homosexuality; I see promotion of metrosexual...I would say I even see the manipulative and indoctrination of homophobia more than I see homosexuality. That the NWO are made up of pedophiles and bisexuals should tell us that they understand the body for what it deplorable and unsavory as their actions can be and are.

Same with bullying and restrictions on playground activity and concussions in sports like football; push them to the xbox and not the hardcourt....push them off the playground to the YMCA for controlled activities; activities which usually take away from pick up basketball games for true learning and enjoyment for men who enjoy testosterone.

The presenter in the video has many good points, however. Saying that because something is natural for him and assuming it should be natural for all is quite a narrow-minded assumption...and don't quote the fictitious bible here please. come the video presenter doesn't identify that ALL Woman "look, notice and judge other woman"?!

Come on meow, if he is observant enough to notice the young boys who won't look at woman but other men then you would think he would be observant enough to notice how generally speaking ALL FEMALES WILL UNDRESS AND JUDGE OTHER FEMALES INSTANTLY.

I used to think as the video presenter did that it was just natural (animal) instincts to desire the opposite sex....this is what happens when a person is only seeing the body and not the spirit.

The bottom line for me - the presenter in the first video is intolerant and self assuming that because he thinks something is natural for should be natural for all. Furthermore, his reasoning for why it is "natural" should be deeper explored by him if he wants to truly understand "why" it is natural.

UN.i1-PHI: (i think) he does truely understand what and why it's natural!

he gave enough input to make you think and realize this for yourself,
you can say what you want but it is NATURAL for humanity to mate and reproduce, and going against that simply is going against nature, that natural nature!
and yes there are people who arent that natural and diverted from nature, either from their own choices and how they've been made/programmed/doctrinated&poisoned to that
he wasn't that 'intolerant' he gave his opinion and repeatedly said he aint telling you what to do or not
just making you think and realize about it, the truths about it
well even if it is taken as intolerant by people,
its because homosexuality is intolerant to heterosexuality, straightness, yes it(homosexuality) is intolerant, not necessairly just to others, but mostly to themselves and family! intolerant to life and nature, because they go against nature and are diverted from it, and that diverted perversion became their "nature" but that is not real 'nature', think about it, the way you use the term nature or natural is been used to define somone's individual way, but nature is really collective nature!

i think you're more confused because of the politricks, and seemingly 'different'(confusion) agendas i tried to explain homosexual agenda is not just promoted by promoting it, but also by after denying it and causing conflict so homosexuality rise up more as a reaction or side effect, this is a common tactic of setting/staging events for a desired reaction (aka "problem", reaction, "solution")
he told you the main reason for the agenda promoting homosexuality, and its simply called GENOCIDE, and that is not natural, it is 'man-made', or 'made-man(into bitches)'
yes it may sound harsh but its the truth and the truth hurts(to some who ignore&deny it)

do and think as you wish, but you can't escape consequences by ignoring and denying it; nature!

obsrvantlouie: If doesn't bother me

If some dude wants to suck another dudes dick....doesn't bother me if two girls want to go munch some carpet either....your definition on nature is still based on observation as their is no definitive book on nature.

It bothers you and the guy in the video...especially the guy in the video. I can tell he is a true spirit and wants to help and educate people to their strengths but his bent up anger and rage about homosexuality is fogging his clarity and obviously troubling him.

It is possible to reach a level of awareness where "free will" is allowed and individual freedom of expression is allowed (allowance). The person in the video has a lot of bent up anger that could be focused in much more progressive and self improving light....getting all bent up about gays is a waste of's like saying "I hate when people French kiss because its not natural".

I will remind you friend that the "nature" you refer to in the animal kingdom are mostly bi sexual....and some of them eat their young. Now, maybe it's natural for them to eat their young but for me; it's not natural to eat a young human baby. So, thanks but I will decide for myself on what is NATURAL FOR a unique individual.

Again - No book on what is natural and this hasn't proved to you that EVERYONE is free to freedom of expression well....keep questioning and trust in self.

UN.i1-PHI: nature needs no books

nature is life, and yes there are many different species and also genetically engineered and manipulated, i get what you're saying but now your comparing other species that eat their children or something with humans, this is not what or how i meant that
you wonder why he talk like that bout such stuff?('against nature' etc)
check out;

Tim Lovell: please don't start up this

please don't start up this thread again just leave it...

bluesbaby5050: Everyone stated that they had enough ..........

Of this post, and that they wanted to move on to another topic. What people do behind closed doors as ADULTS between each consenting person is their OWN BUSINESS. Get OVER IT. Uni 1 only brings this post back against the wishes of the members in these threads, and by doing this only breed dis-contentment on to this forum among the members in this post that stated this when this post was already worn out. ( Certain members got sick of discussing this topic), and this can be seen when people go though this post. So Get along, or get lost Uni1. We are sick of your trouble- making with this forum. Your track record here in the past proved this to everyone here, even when you changed your ID from 11Orion11 to your present ID now. When you do these slick maneuvers on TC, you act like a Government paid Shill. Trolls are not wanted here either.

UN.i1-PHI: you get over it/me

you're the one continuously making trouble with me and interpretating me as trouble, and i am the one who gets sick of it everytime you do/direct that to me, i decide for myself wether to post something and where i think i should post this, i have read tim's plea to leave this discussion for myself so you don't have to tell me, i do not intend to disrespect him or the forum by posting something i tought was suiting to this topic here, that's also why i replied to one of my own comments instead of posting it on the bottom of the comment section
you have some sort of problem accusing me for your own suspiscious delusion for why i would have, not changed, but deleted my previous account,
i actually did that to not be associated with my username anymore and because i did not like to have personal comments from and about me in public... and these two reasons is why i had my account removed, GET IT NOW!!?
after that happenned,unlike before you do not 'get me' in any way and accused me of some conspiracy assumption of yours, so i ask you again please do not talk about me anymore like this, not just for me, but also because its false and deceiving, and this is how shills and trolls roll

JamesTheJust: At the risk of reviving this

At the risk of reviving this terrible piece of intolerance and baseless speculation I must point out that I left this forum for a period of 3 years as a direct result of the Edisonik and the few people supporting his deluded world view. I encourage people to check my posting history to see for yourself that he is not only intolerant to homosexual individuals but holds racist tendencies as well. Quinton was a voice of wisdom as far as freedom of speech is concerned and that is up to each individual to digest and make their own moral conclusions.

The fact of the matter remains that at some point freedom of speech can be weaponized. Used to spread hate and inflame emotions. The choice to allow these threads to accumulate is entirely up to the administrators and I applaud their efforts at remaining unbiased. It WILL cause people to leave this forum if people like the one who made this thread are allowed to spread such irresponsible thoughts. At what point do admins step in to try and ask him to keep his more hateful messages to other boards. And if he doesn't change his ways ban him from the forum. His words will only attract more people of a similar mindset. I repeat remove people that spread the doctrine of hate and prejudice so that the infection can be cut out before it spreads out of (truth) control.

obsrvantlouie: I have always pondered how a site

Like TRUTHCONTROL was allowed to exist. Yes, allowed...the amount of information on this site is vast in scope and deep in wisdom. Lots of truth can be discerned here. If you are going to have an OPEN forum than you as the admin will have Trolls. My assumption has always been that Quinton was allowed his site if he agreed to post X amount of Troll articles. Quinton being the optimistic type probably said I would rather maintain and grow this site being hopeful that persons can discern truth over troll versus having no site at all.

This is just a theory I have had for some time based on assumption.

If the homophobes words attract more of his kind than we would need more of your kind to stand up and call a spade a spade. Choosing to have an OPEN forum means we will have to deal with Trolls.

I'm not saying I do not agree with you but just offering my they say "don't hate the messenger" in this case perhaps it's plausible and more accurate to say "don't hate the admin".

Then again, maybe Q posted it to make some waves. You cannot build a community without roadblocks. The wise will steer clear of the anti-queer....the immature will run for the hills.

You write well, I hope you stick around.

Quinton: I can tell you that there is

I can tell you that there is no agreement where I need to allow X troll posts to continue operating. The trolls are able to find their way over here just fine on their own :) That is interesting you've had this thought though. I don't think this site presents enough of a threat in its current form to the PTB to where they would really see it as a threat. I would think they have much larger threats than this site.

I agree with your point about speaking up and calling something bullshit when it is. If something really is bullshit it should be quite easy to show and illustrate why in a post and I think there is much more value in seeing somebody start a BS post and reading the responses on why it is BS versus never seeing the post or responses in the first place. For example if somebody were to search "will you be destroyed for promoting homosexuality" on Google and then ended up on this thread I think they would get a lot of value out of reading all the responses.

Quinton: Fair points JamesTheJust.

Fair points JamesTheJust.

I don't know if there is necessarily a right or wrong answer on the best way to handle freedom of speech and policing of content. There is a lot to say about it and I'll give you some of my thoughts.

For one thing, I don't see truth as entirely objective and I see a large subjective element to truth. What is true to one person can be false to another. If somebody like me were to step in and say no more stuff about X then all the people who care about Y will be happy and the people that care about X will be sad. If I say no more Y all the people who care about X will be happy and the people that care about Y will be sad. I could police the site to be more towards my personal view, or even a consensus view, but I just don't think that is a good idea. I think people should hear everything and make their own decision.

Another way I see it. Government in general, especially democracy, operates with policing and taking sides. Democrats want one thing and Republicans want something else. With government one party gains while another loses. Sometimes you're on the winning team and sometimes you're on the losing team. The government draws a line in the sand saying what is right and what is wrong and if you don't conform to this decision then you're out of luck. I think this is a terrible way to go about things which is why I'm more into the anarchic position of letting people decide for themselves.

I have a hard time saying that something is entirely bad and of no value, even if I don't agree with it. I don't agree with Edisonik's view on homosexuals at all, but I still respect it. I respect him for having a view and making a conscious decision of where he stands. I would be happy to present my case for why he is wrong, but I still respect his view. And I think there are others that respect his view and maybe his message is the right message for people who are currently resonating close to this on their journey. Maybe his message will be the message that will make them an even more ardent hater of homosexuals to where they will finally have the breakthrough revelation to change their view. I just don't think it is as clean cut as saying this is wrong or this is right. I think different people will get different things out of messages depending on where they're at in their journey.

And like OL has said. I think the constant discernment of sifting through information and making up your own mind is one of the healthiest things someone can do in pursuit of truth. If somebody chooses to leave a site because they disagree with what one of the members says then that is their choice. But I find it even more troubling to think that there exists such a site that can satisfy their every belief. It's just not possible. At one point or another a site or person is going to have a different view than you on something and that is what makes life so beautiful. I used to view disagreement and people having different views as a bad thing. Now I view it as a great thing. I respect contrast and difference of opinion. I would much rather hear opposing views than be spoon fed "truth" by someone who has already removed the "satanic", "extreme", "fear mongering", and "false" info.

So there are going to be members that you lean close towards and members that you lean further from. I really like what Edisonik has to say about personal responsibility. I think that is one of the most important lessons people can work towards on this planet. I don't like what he has to say about homosexuals. I really like what other members have to say about stuff and I dislike what some members say about things sometimes. That's just life and the way it goes. I realize that this method doesn't cater to everyone, but that is the method I want to take with this site. Some people prefer democracy, others prefer a Republic. Some people want rulers, others want no rulers. I would much rather let people hear all sides at the risk of losing members than take a stance and try to build a cult-like following who have to believe a certain way. I view difference as good. I view disagreement as necessary. I view extreme and cult like views as just more data to take in and filter with your own internal compass. And I really think if somebody came in here and just kept babbling on with really offensive stuff to everyone that they probably wouldn't last long. People would call them out. They wouldn't really find an audience and they would have to move on.

And with all this said, I still think for the most part everyone on this site is on a very similar page. I don't think anyone on this site is religious, however, I think almost everyone would call themselves spiritual. I think most people on this site are extremely untrusting of large concentrations of power such as corporations and governments. I think most people on this site appreciate wisdom and the pursuit of knowledge. I think most people on this site view themselves as living outside of the matrix and living in the real world rather than the illusion most people live in. So I think we have much, much, much more in common than we think. There are a few things we will disagree with at times, sometimes quite hardcore like on this topic, but I love it and I love taking the journey down that road.

So yeah, those are some of my thoughts on it. I think running a site by moderating content heavily can be quite effective and I think letting things be can also be effective. I think a lot of it is preference and my preference is without a doubt hands off and let people work their own things out. I just really do not like control. So my stance isn't on what and what not to moderate, but rather to not moderate at all.

JamesTheJust: I did say you were a voice of

I did say you were a voice of wisdom in the freedom of speech department. :)
I cannot argue with anything you have said. I wouldn't want to. I am not a fan of totalitarianism or police states any more than the next free will loving human being. My very nature resists censorship.

But I also believe that all evil has need of is for good men to do nothing. Is asking someone to tone down their verbal hate to a dull roar really censoring them? They can refuse your request of their own free will and in so doing reveal their true character.

Maybe if i had of lived as Edisonik has lived, and seen what he has seen through his eyes i would be more sympathetic for what he is saying/doing. Yet, I am not. The thought becomes word, word becomes act, act becomes habit, habit shapes what you are. Thoughts are dangerous and carry weight in the minds of those they connect with. Positively or negatively it matters not. An impact is made and left in that individuals mind. Spreading verbal hate does equate to physical depression and pain. What has been seen cannot be unseen.

Again I applaud your ability to remain unbiased no matter the cost to others.

obsrvantlouie: This is perhaps the most

Impressive comment I have ever read on TRUTHCONTROL.

Well said Quinton, many thanks for being leader and truly allowing for free-will.


UN.i1-PHI: i think the reason why edi stresses this issue

and declares it an abomination because he sees/understands there's an homosexual agenda being played on the human race by the PTB to transform/transhumanize them and destroy the family unit, wich is like the most strongest and important bond/relation that keeps humanity together supportive and loyal towards eachother and stand up for their rights, morals and values so they will not accept (sneaky) attacks invaders trying to screw things around to control and dehumanize us into weak ignorant mind controlled drones that obey and support the evil control/slave system over their own family, a family can only be created naturally by a male and a female, they are complementary and are needed for regeneration/rebirth of the human species, for procreating our future children of the human race, and it is not only this physical act of bringing toghether the male and female sides/essences that is needed for proper procreation, but also the parenting education is needed to raise the children after their born, where parenting still means natural parents of both genders so that the mental essences in consciousness of both male and female minds are to be combined together (in harmony) to raise children properly/naturally (with both a mother 'figure' and father 'figure'), disturbing the harmony in this natural essential formula for the human race brings a lot of changes and differences the PTB know how to take advantage from(to surpress/destroy and control us in ways) and they also know how to steer/manipulate the people and their toughts and behaviours trough homosexuality for a good example so this is why the PTB are engaging in a mental,moral and chemical warfare to push homosexuality as normal, natural and without consequences (not just for the individual in the short term, but for our future as a human race in the long term!) to bring disharmony in the people and invert them both physically and mentally just because they like to fuck humanity up so that they can be manipulated&controlled and transformed/transhumanized into desired slaves that let themselves be pushed around and betray eachother while the system grows and enslaves us into their NWO

Tarheel: Really? TruthControl is about "free will"...

...and Edisonik gets free will like everyone else does.

I believe Edi wasn't talking to us with his post, but to the morons that are attempting to destroy The Family. If you dont think The Family is under attack in The USA, I truly feel sorrow for you. I feel there was an intent by Edi for us to see "their" stance on these attacks, but I don't believe his message was directed at us.

At any rate, I don't think we should denounce anyone who states what or how they believe. I TRY to live by this creed. Some times I migrate away from it but I believe I recover quickly from my wanderings.

I would much sooner support a ban on someone for repressing Edi or anyone else for that matter.

A message for you...

JamesTheJust: I do not view homosexuality

I do not view homosexuality as destructive to a family. Whatever the reason for their persuasion whether that be hormonal imbalance, brain abnormalities, or just for the sake of being different it does not matter in the end. I know personally a small number of homosexuals who lead very healthy lives with their loving families who have openly accepted their offspring without a God sent meteor DESTROYING them. How can you know that the outburst of homosexual rights is not a natural progression and maybe actually a healthy way to keep population in check and increase adoption rates? Who are you to show up in someones home and tell them who they can and can not love? Restrict a human beings freedom of choice and you will quickly incite rebellion in the mind of that individual and like-minded people who may form a cause.
Population is a threat to mankind. It impacts every resource on this good earth and the time will come when maybe all the "And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein." kinda talk should be put to the side for now. That mindset was fine in the day and age where a few hundred thousand people roamed the globe. Now we number over 7 billion. The human race has been very fruitful. Too fruitful. We are the architects of our own destruction.
Watch this film with Michael Ruppert. It will give you chills.

UN.i1-PHI: solution for overpopulation; depopulation or colonization?

that's an interesting way of looking at it JTJ thnx for sharing it could be very true that its an natural way of the planet to handle the population growth to the bounded inhabitants

i've noticed that the NWO/PTB have been implementing the depopulation concept as something really beneficial and needed now(global warming because of carbon footprint propaganda etc) for their own advantage for their dopopulation agenda so that people don't mind much more when massacres happen and lots of people would die or be in risk/danger, also this influence also oftenly has it's effect's after the false flags happen as some ppl just say 'well there's too much people anyway" or something like that when considering something that implies mass death/murder, and yes in general it is dangerous if a population really becomes overcrowded for its habitat, but i think that's when a part of the population is supposed to migrate to a new habitat/place, in humanities case, we should colonize another habitable planet, but wait we are not just a threat to ourselves(humanity) but to the inhumane PTB! and they want to depopulate us for their own control/culling reasons and they are also the ones who are denying us from space travel by supression and control, already since the days of the destruction of the (launching-)tower of babel

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