by edisonik on February 19th, 2014

Homosexuality is an Abomination , anyone promoting Homosexuality and demonizing the Family are committing Sacriledge. As the Days of Sodom & Gomorrah it was an Abomination then and it is an Abomination Now.

Defend the Teachings and always Defend the Family and Punish those who Promote Homosexuality. Homosexuality is an utter Abomination.
And so it was written and so it must be enforced , punish those who promote Homosexuality and Defend the Family.


Jamaica vs the Homosexual Agenda - on the Janet Mefferd Show

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Tim Lovell: Lol....


edisonik: It's simply the Truth & we will never Promote Homosexuality

Bible Stories For Children - Old Testament: Sodom and Gomorrah


bluesbaby5050: Your right Edisonik...........

The Illuminati, and their followers in all walks of life Are, and Do PROMOTE Homosexuality though the Arts, and Entertainment businesses, because these modes reach the people faster now then ever before though all the technology available to them that has been RE-Wrapped Old, Ancient Gadgets that are sold to them that is made to appeal to the people, and these same gadgets have been around on this planet for thousands of years, and they just don't know about it. I have never tried to change a Gay man, or a Lesbian woman in to a Straight person. You can't. I know better, as well as I know why they are who they are on a spiritual level, and I accept them as Human Beings, for the people that they are, regardless of what their sexual orientation is. This has never been a problem to me. That's not important, what is, it's what kind of person they really are, and how they treat other people, and animals, and this planet that is the real important issues in life. I have worked, and played with many of these people in various ways though out my life time. They have also been my neighbors, and friends of my family members. What is in, or not in their hearts is what is of the utmost importance to me. Not how they talk/act, dress, or the kinds of brand names tags of clothing/footwear that they wear, or the year, make model of car, or truck they drive, and how much they paid for it. Some of my friends don't even own a vehicle, and that's just fine with me. I understand the reasons why. People need to get past this material BS. People need to stop being Spoon-fed BS = LIES though the paid advertisements that are all around us now. Stop being so Blind, and Gullible=BRAIN WASHED.

bluesbaby5050: Did any of you people ever NOTICE...............

The large letters of a word that is over a store above your heads as you ENTER the doors of ANY STORE? This word is spelled very clearly, and it DELIVERS a message to all that enters it. IT IS THE WORD ----> EN -TRANCE! YOUR GOING INTO A TRANCE, and you will buy more then what you planned on buying before you leave that store! THINK ABOUT THIS FOR A MOMENT HERE! They put you into a TRANCE before you inter that store, as soon as you cross over into it. This is done though your TV's your Radios, and news papers, magazines before you even get to your favorite stores, and these words are over, or next to the doors, in many buildings. Next time Notice this sign as you inter the Portal = Doorway- Hole! LOL!! What a Joke! I am on to THEM! ( It should read--->ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISKS! ) LOL!!!

bluesbaby5050: Your TV's and your Radio's are Programming Devices, and.........

They are wired into your ears, and though your eyes, and into your minds with sound waves for your EGOS to Program you! Think about this too. They are telling you what to buy though these devices! Even when all the Great Sales will Begin to make SURE they have you Exactly where they want you. They want you standing in line waiting to give them back your hard earned money that you earned, by ways of their Check- out lines with their working drones- cashiers, by taking back from you your money, through their skilled, well thought out marketing schemes, in their money-making structures- buildings filled with a large assortment of gadgets, everything you THINK you need, from clothes, footwear, foods, tools, electronics, toys etc. , and all wrapped nicely with very brightly-colorful wrappings to attract your attentions with freshly made smelling foods, and drinks loaded with poisonous ingredients to temp you, and your appetites. Just throw away the list you made before you left your house, saying you would stick to it, and not over purchase things you can live without, because you know you would over purchase other wise. I know all so well, because I used to be caught up in this matrix of BS Brain- Washing entrapments just like all of you were/are now. I have been long past that road a long journey back, and I have NO Regrets. :)

bluesbaby5050: HAHAHAHA! ! ENTRANCE!

YUP- YOUR RIGHT! 13 LOVE! He's Right On with the Truth!

Meagan1487: You don't belong here.

What you're communicating is hatred and negativity. You don't belong on this website.

Don't bother replying, your name just lost credibility and I won't give any time to reading your babble bullshit.

BenjaminFalkenrath: No joke indeed

Wrath of the Falcons?


History does not Lie and Our Divine Word is Sound.

Sodom and Gomorrah Film.flv

Tim Lovell: Edi pls just stop those days

Edi pls just stop those days are over , and this reality stream is not the only in existence you cannot say only YOUR divine word is the end of it , it just dosent work that way no matter who you are...

it is STILL making an evolving species who is waking up be like your version of reality which is wrong and it is interference you know this



Anunnaki. Return of the Gods. Rückkehr der Götter. Nibiru. Hercolobus.

edisonik: The Angels took the Daughters of Men

As Wives and Children were Heroes of Old Men of Renown.

Def Leppard- Women(Lyrics)

Tim Lovell: Wait are you trying to say

Wait are you trying to say you are a homophobe edi.

Tarheel: I'm not Edi, but I didnt take it that way.

He said "don't promote hs or try to tear apart The Family" is how I took it.

I am NOT speaking for him but rather lending my interpretation.

UN.i1-PHI: comment on homophobia

YT/Google comment

No such thing as " homophobia" as there is no such thing as " flu-phobia" or " excrement-phobia" .......there is common sense. 

Terran resistance: your arguement is flawed

your arguement is flawed because homosexuals can bring up children just as well as hetrosexual couples.

as the old saying goes 'you are what you eat.'

and some just like cock so deal with it.

obsrvantlouie: There are no genders

Genders are perversions of the body....spirits have no gender.

UN.i1-PHI: duality split

but when we're split into complementary genders of duality to unite together; why perverse to the same gender?(physically)

and yes we have both 'female and male' aspects of our mind and brain so its also up to the individual to grow and balance them both for the power of harmony

Tim Lovell: Haha beyonces gay illuminati

Haha beyonces gay illuminati ritual

bluesbaby5050: These people like Beyonce, and others male, and female.......

Have SOLD their Souls For Fame, and the Fortune- Almighty FAKE -$$$ DOLLARS! Then they become Stars even without any real talents, and then they become POSSESSED BY THE REPTILIAN DEMONS, and JINNS THAT RESIDE BEHIND, AND INSIDE OF THEM after they have to SIGN ON THE DOTTED LINE WITH REAL BLOOD, BECAUSE THIS IS A BINDING CONTRACT THAT IS TIGHTLY BOUND TO THEIR SOULS-LIGHT BODIES! They then call it" HOSTING, WHAT A CROCK" as they are Glamorizing this to the very innocent children that tune in to them on the music stations on the TV, and then buy their CD's not knowing what the REAL AGENDA IS BEHIND ALL THIS BLACK MAGIC to indroctrinate them into all this sexual propaganda- Hair, and Facial Makeup-Sexually Revealing clothing, and material items fabricated just for you, and for them to fall victim to! Don't listen to it, and do not support it, by buying into the music. There is always something for everyone to enjoy. Take your pick, but be Aware of what is really going on in the REAL WORLD.

UN.i1-PHI: lol i did not (meant to) say 'bow down' myself

that was the title of that YT vid
i showed this for educational purpouses, like bluesbaby said , to be aware of what is going on in the real world,
not just the innocent illusion of 'the entertainment'!
and in the other vid beyonce's clearly tellin(in backmasking/reverse) that she 'follows lucifer'

UN.i1-PHI: lol

Wiz Khalifa and the Illuminati exposed part 2 MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quaesitor: My response.

I came back to TC to apologize to Tim Lovell. I was very vulnerable and took some of his comments a few posts back, the wrong way. (I apologize Tim, for what I wrote and letting my stupid feelings get hurt so easily.) I also came back because I realized that I missed seeing what all of you have to say. I missed you. I realized that some of you I have a very real fondness and admiration for and that staying off the site was hurting no one but myself.
I came back to read this post. I was confounded. Disheartened. Doubly so when a few people only halfheartedly challenged edisonik. I have stewed over it for a couple of days and decided I can’t stay silent. I don’t know a lot of things that you all know. I have never seen a UFO (well maybe, I need to start a thread and get opinions), I can’t travel dimensions, I don’t know everything there is to know about spirituality, but there is one thing I am sure of in this life (at least for myself) and that is that we are here to learn to love other humans unconditionally, or at least lacking this love, to accept their path and be grateful for whatever lesson it is that they are here to teach us. Even people we find repugnant have value. They have something to teach us if we look at things correctly. This sort of derision, unfortunately, this is something I understand all too well. So I have a few things to say. First I am grateful for edisonik, because his post solidified my belief.
Second of all, I am confused by the fact that people seem to believe that gay people do not come from a family unit. We do not spring forth fully formed from the head of a drag queen in West Hollywood. We generally speaking as far as it is true for straight people, have parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents. I hope you will feel and not just think, about what I am saying here. It is not being gay that breaks the family unit. It is religious dogma!! It is an artificial construct used to divide, just like language. It is used to elevate (I am not gay therefore superior to you) and opposingly, denigrate. To justify destroying that which we hate. I hate to break it to you, but there is no “gay agenda” for the majority of gay people. We just want to live our lives, support our families, and go unmolested. Do as ye will. The whole thing is a lie, and a drum that is beaten loudly it seems, when there are shady politics occuring that want obscurement. Sure there are those, just as with all things, that take everything to the extreme. So for this, for this minority, you would “destroy” us all? I have been with my partner Uni, judging by the music you listen to, I suspect longer than you have been alive. Should we be jailed for expressing physical love? Destroyed? You don't even know me!
Have you any idea the number of young gay teens that are forced out of their homes by religious parents? Forced into lives of prostitution and drugs? Innocent sould that fall victim to repts and humans alike. Due to a false religion. A false religion, a false god. Conversely, have you any notion of the number of happy, fully intact families that accept and enjoy us? We are the aunties and uncles that step up and fill in the gaps, supporting, and sometimes in the case of death, raising and nurturing the children in the family unit. Taking care of parents when other siblings can’t. This mentality you write of is hatred disguised as righteous indignation. Native Americans accepted their gay citizens, called them Twin Souls people. Accepted them. To hate. This is a learned behavior.
One thing that I have come to realize, is that there is a reason the religious right (whom I have come to identify with the hive mind/you will fit in no matter what or we will pound you in mentality). On the surface you might think that it’s one of several things. Gay people tend to not have children (see above comments), although this is changing now. I think there are plenty of humans on the face of the earth, myself. Gay sex, especially gay male sex is disturbing to straight people. I have news for you. There are many gay people that find straight sex abhorrent. This is just the surface of it however. I believe there is another, deeper reason. Think about all the gay people that have contributed to society. Gay male men in particular. Music, literature, cinema and art. I am not saying gay women have not contributed, they have, but more quietly, but gay men, there is something about them that when they fully embrace who they are, they are amazing. Flamboyant, individual, colorful, unique. Everything the hive mind hates.
Hatred. Obeisance and lacking that, destruction.
I have not bent my knee to the false xtian god and it seems I won't be bending my knee to the Annunaki either. There is only one god, and that is prime creator. I can manage the genetics of a group of cockroaches (which I believe the Annunaki view us as such, just more intelligent cockroaches), I can breed them, and destroy them. That doesn't make me a god.
Let’s talk about making ripples in the Multiverse, casting seeds that you sow. If thoughts are things then so are the words that we speak. (My reason for apologizing to Tim). When you send out a ripple, you have no idea what tsunami will result and crash upon and destroy someone else. You have no idea what poisonous seeds your words may sow. I will give you a true example. One of my best friends in college was gay. He was a new friend, we were becoming close. I loved him. He was kind, sweet, intelligent, talented, and loving. Also an outlandish flirt with everyone. Just his nature to be funloving. His family denigrated him but he rose above it and loved them regardless. I didn’t realize then what lessons he was teaching me about unconditional love. Then, one night during a break from school, some female friends asked him to give their boyfriends a ride home several hours away. Did he flirt with them? Most likely. Did they admit that they toyed with him, yes. Did he “come onto” them? I don’t believe it for a minute. They lied and said he did. I knew him better than that. They lied to justify their hours of torture and murder. A crime so heinous I am crying right now to remember it. To remember that they cause him such pain, and they took him away from all of us, who loved him so much. Destruction. Torture. Did he deserve it? Do we? Edisonik if I came to you with a pink triangle on my shirt, and knelt at your feet and gazed upon you in perfect agape love, acknowledging your divine lifespark, what would you do? Would you slit my throat? Would you feel righteous justification and my “destruction”? I am sure that the two men that killed my beloved friend at some point felt the ripple, were infected by poisonous seeds of hate, from somewhere. A father? A father figure? They felt justified. They said it was like killing a rabbit to them. Are we like rabbits to you edisonic?
So now, if you need to, trot out all your old, tired ponies based in dogma. Name calling, derision, hatred, I have heard and seen it all. That doesn’t mean I have to sit still for it and be silent. I just want people to think. I just want people to think and to stand up. And stay human.

dvogel: I agree with you

but the reason I didn't comment I will let Sydney Smith say "Never try to reason the prejudice out of a man. It wasn't reasoned into him, and it cannot be reasoned out."

Quaesitor: Standing up

I was more in a place that "standing up for yourself isn't about changing the other person, it is about honoring your self worth." I am just finding a voice.
Excellent quote. I am filing that one away for future use!

obsrvantlouie: Apologies for just now

Getting around to this but, I found this comment of yours (Quaesitor) to be absolutely genuine, extremely accurate and very heartfelt. Thank you for expressing yourself so openly and choosing to comeback to Truth Control. It's voices like yours that are in need during these times we preside. Your message was very touching indeed and well spoken.

Thank you for sharing and I hope to hear more of this kind of talk from you.

Tim Lovell: Quesiator I am very sorry

Quesiator I am very sorry also for any posts that I made earlier that upset you sometimes I don't think when I post things , as for being gay I was acused of it at boarding school and suffered the bullying badly so I know what its like but nothing compared to your friend who was murdered I am so sorry for your loss it is behaviour like this which is exactly what needs to be expunged from our world , the good ets like the pliedians etc don't have any problems with sex its nothing to them what you are sexually here it is only a problem because people are afraid of it god your story made me feel quite sad how people could do that to another human being :(

Quaesitor: My intent Tim

Tim no worries. I am in a period of being overwhelmed with changes and shouldn't be sensitive and take things the wrong way that aren't meant as such! 0_o
My intent was not to make you sad but to illustrate the importance of words and how insidious these kinds of doctrines are, and I believe counterintuitive to "all one love" if you get my drift.
I think particularly people who attain any position of renown and authority are especially culpable because their word and actions are looked up to and mimicked.
Ps I don't have any way to reply directly to your comment, that I have found, on this platform.?.

UN.i1-PHI: replyin ps

hoover over the comment div and the reply link will appear in the right-bottom corner...

Tim Lovell: Quesiator you can always send

Quesiator you can always send a personal mail via the mail system dude


To LOVE WITH-OUT ANY CONDITIONS PUT OUT FOR THAT LOVE. ALL HUMANS NEED LOVE PERIOD. There are some WELL-AJUSTED GAYS OUT THERE, and I would trust them to share time with my children. Love changes people, NOT BEING GAY! THAT IS A LIE IN ITSELF! I have news for you people! SOME ALIENS ENGAGE IN SAME SEX TOGETHER! YES! IT'S TRUE! But, at the same time, they Honor the FAMILY UNIT, and NO child should be without love. Other Dark people will try to change a child, but that child already knows, because it is INSTINCTIVE! Love comes from Heart though the SPIRIT TO OTHER SPIRITS, NOT THOUGH THEIR GENDERS IN THE LIGHT BODY. Minds Meld Together as ONE! And so does the HEARTS that Feel Love!

bluesbaby5050: SOME people of BOTH Sexes have RE-incarnated to EXPERIENCE

To Experience what it is like to be treated, both Good, and Bad in a gay, or lesbian body. This has Karmic value, and it has to be done before a spiritual being can advance higher. This is just a part of the Universal rules. A Quote: Do Unto others, as you would have them do Unto you. So some Gays, and some Lesbians have chosen to take on these different roles, because they have caused mental, and physical harm to another person that was Gay, or Lesbian in a past life, and now they have to look deeply into that mirror that they have created for themselves at one time or another. A Quote: What goes around, comes around to you into a full circle. Sooner or later, and it will. A Quote: If the shoe fits, then wear it. Remember that you do not have to take another's life, you just have to be a Mean, Negative, Ignorant person to a gay man, or to a lesbian woman, and by that YOU will only have to come back again to FACE YOURSELF UNTIL THAT LESSON IS LEARNED WELL BY YOU. Your Thoughts can Kill another person, and it can also make another person sick too. It makes this planet unhealthy also. All positive energy, and all negative energy is absorbed into this planet, and is recorded until it can be cleansed to it's original vibrations again.

obsrvantlouie: Fuck this post

And fuck you edisonik. Take your backwater, narrow minded, slight of hand fear porn spreading trash post, strap it to an acme rocket and stick it up your ass with you and all your circle jerk bird clan friends. From here, light the rocket and blast off to go colonize the universe you god dam flunky, redneck, frightened fuckstick. This post is utterly baseless....nothing is sacred; life is about "unique individual experience"...there are no groups there is only the individual.



Fuck fucking clown.

UN.i1-PHI: dued

you sure have some cropped up (hate)feelings towards edisonik...

obsrvantlouie: It's not about hate

I don't hate edisonik: I think he is full of shit. Always defending, challenging and in this post he wants to PUNISH those who do not agree with him. He talks about free will but only if a person freely believes in him.

Just like the United States......edisonik policy is to "do as I say, not as I do" his words and actions speak for themselves. This post was an abomination and I am a little more outspoken then the rest of you here (not good or bad....better or worse) but it's my choice to tell him and this post to fuck off. Sure, I could have been more polite to "kenoside" but I usually don't mince words with racist and prejudice persons who claim they can alter reality to thwart the NWO yet stand by while the agenda is being implemented and instead choose to lace most of their messages with fear, cryptic messages and advise members to look to the stars instead of looking within.

I don't really care what you call it when someone calls a spade a spade; if you can't see he has an agenda to mislead people this is your path.

Fuck Edisonik

UN.i1-PHI: i do not think he has an agenda to mislead the people!, instead

i would rather say to inform and (lol also literally here)'Straighten' em out of the NWO mind control, but i see he does really promote free will, more than you may think and interpret his in messages now and then, but sometimes somethings should be loud out clearly and harsh, as its against the NWO and how most of humanity still falls for it!.. fear mongering?- it is not the messenger who causes that what might be fearful, but the messenger warns about what the horror that may fear you once you aware, and they've always told to NOT BE IN FEAR!, and to search and awaken the god/goddess within, and not worship other gods!!! they have been very clear in this since the beginning, and now maybe sometimes they dont mention it anymore as its been said all along and their intentions/message could be misinterpreted as fear mongering and offensive, as has happenned before because there is another deeper side/perspective to the story that causes the urge for the call than it may just appear...
its your own free will wich and what way you want to take it and how to express it,

and yes this is my path and i do understand what and why edisonik tell things like this!

however maybe(or not) edisonik should respond here to you when he's here again...

obsrvantlouie: I agree

That Edi and Annu have much truths to their does the bible. However, their is just as much misleading wickedness in the bible. The more advanced the website the more advanced the troll would need to be...we all have more to learn and the arrogance of their works speaks for the subliminal fears they spread in SOME of their messages. You are right that it is upon the individual to accept fear into their awareness....however, some people when buying a carton of eggs will only look at the outside of the carton; they assume that because the carton is intact that all the eggs inside are wholesome.....very few people open the carton to see if any of them are cracked.

Furthermore, if the person has never purchased a "bad carton" of eggs why would they think to look closely and or open the carton?

UN.i1-PHI: Edisonik and Annunaki77 are here to HELP! expose the wickedness!

and they've showed often enough what the bible really meant and on what truths it is based and how they twisted it and use it for mind control demeaning the people and giving power to these so called gods who are just et's and many abuse their position and place themself in the highest form of (illusionary) authority to keep the masses giving them power while they twist and lie about humans history and situation. But enki on the other hand was a good intending being who loves the adamu, his creations, and defended them from the destructive forces of hatred and enslavement, even coming from his own family...

why do you still look at their messages as a cartoon box of eggs,
while they show knowledge and wisdom from the fruits of truth from three life, there are good and rotten 'apples' but do not fear the when the bad/rotten apples are exposed, for there is a meaning of consciousness to be learned/understanded from them...
if you know what i mean...
but viewing good&bad ppl as good or rotten apples isnt such a good comparison either because when the ripe fruits fall on the ground they start to rot and die so life can be reborn again and continue, this is a (re)cycle of life and death,
and eggs can rot and crack/break too, but then they're 'without life' anymore, and btw many eggs are zapped to 'death' or something so they can't hatch ;P

anyway sometimes when the rotten apples are exposed by someone you may think/interpret it as they want you to eat and smell it, while the reason is to become aware of them so you dont have to eat it and smell it, and deal with it, with understanding

as i said before i do not 'support fear', and neither does edi and anu77 in that way,
but actually fear can be perceived or 'used'/'caused' both in a good and bad sense, it actually depends on what you do after the shock(aftershock:p), after you realized something,what are you going to do; will you stay static in fear? or will you flow continuously forward and progress by processing it with understanding from awareness!

if you realize you're/we're being poisoned by the waters,air, ground,fire and the drinks and food of them wich we consume, and all the senseless gadgets of distractive and meaningless technology, how are you going to re-act on this, you can crawl down in fear and stay in it, or you can rise up and rise awareness so it can be stopped and changed back into something good&better, for the better of all, but humanity must do this together in order to accomplish this, and it will happen naturally by those willing to improve life on earth after being awakened from their sleep in a matrix of control and enslavement

if you realize this is not just an agenda of an elite of JUST mere greedy powerhungry psycho pedo 'old men', but in fact that this agenda is much more elaborate and is part of an grand extraterrestrial deception for slavery and abuse/exploit, what will you do? will you surrender? because just because that makes this situation much more sirius, or will this give much more reason and importance to keep fighting for freedom without surrender!

and so edisonik and annunaki77 are telling this for a positive reason, even tough it may contain negative content, but its up to you what to do with it
but what is bad about ALSO bringing awareness to the horrible bad things that happen, how is it going to improve by ignoring it? it won't it will only grow and continue devouring earth merciless if we dont know, and dont do anything about it!

being aware and recognizing the EVIL to understand/know how to deal and LIVE with it is an essential virtue!


UN.i1-PHI: NWO gay agenda

I DONT think edi means we should destroy and punish homosexuals in ways like to stone them to death like recommended/commanded in the kor-anu, BUT that (eventually in a sense) they're actually destroying themselves and eachother and the family unit(of others as well), as homosexuality is not productive!

therefore a man should not lie with another man as this is not how a productive family works and can continue their generations naturally with other families as it requires another homosexual from an heterosexual produced family!, as two of thesame gender can NOT produce their OWN children, therefore needing/wanting to adopt and take children from other families, and yes this also happens wether is homosexual or not when parents give away their babies to other families(mostly non productive/fertile as well! regardless of sexuality)

sexual intercourse is not just for fun and satisfaction, its for the reproduction of the family unit, the creation of humanity, and going against that is technically destroying humanity by destroying/perverting the family unit
and that is what the NWO wants to weaken and insecure the family unit and their fertility, their doing a HUGE job trying to sterilize and abort humanity!!! and the homosexual propaganda is on their agenda for such reasons!

obsrvantlouie: The NWO

Is attempting to destroy the family unit by 'demasculenizing' men and empowering females to dominate males and also to demonize "stay at home moms" by tempting the female to join the workforce. Children need love during adolescence....woman tend to show more love then men (at least heterosexual men)

Very few Heterosexual men are in tune with their masculinity and femininity. Being in touch with both of these leads to power.

The NWO does not promote the gay agenda....I would love for you to attempt to back up this claim with factual info and current observation. How come almost all advertising is for hets? How come almost all love movies are for hets? How come it's okay to show woman on man violence all over T.V. & movies?

You never see a man hitting a woman like you see a woman hitting men....this is true for all platforms of media. How come men are so afraid today to "speak their mind" around a woman? Because most men are pussys and they are afraid of the culture of drama queens and rejection from the ubber bitch females that hold the ball and chain. Why do so many men work their ass off to be told what to do and how to do it by their cunty wives?

We have been conditioned to place the female upon the pedestal even though the female wants equal rights. Hey females, you want equal rights....start opening your own doors for a change. Start paying your own tabs for a change. Stop getting offended when men want to talk about ass, tits, sports, southpark and smelly farts.

You don't need to look much further then CNN's crossfire with the two cunty 'TelePrompter intelligent' females that run it against the retarded van jones. Of course I could go on and on here.

This is the agenda. Turn the men into estrogen pumped pussys.....turn the woman into testosterone dominating drama princess. Kill the mom-replace with princess. Kill the MAN- replace with whipped pussy bitch.

UN.i1-PHI: control and conflict by setting up both groups against eachother

'they' just love to see humanity fighting against eachother and destroying eachother=themselves

i understand you see how the nwo is trying to destroy the family unit by 'demasculenizing'(feminizing) men and empowering females to dominate males and demonize the stay-at-home-moms and tempting them to join the worker force etc...turning men into pussy bitches and woman into testosterone dominating drama princess, as you said

But why dont you mention how (especially before) it was 'overall common' for the males to dominate and supress the females?,, until the females had to revolt&rise up for their rights from the patriarchic supression, wich is very good thing ofc, but even this is abused by 'exaggeration' in an side effect and nwo doctrination leading to female domination or however you want to call it, flipping the genders but remain the same thing/disharmony/suppression
and apparently this ('female domination over men' or whatever) side-effect or (in)doctrination is just an more recent phenomena or agenda now than before, to keep dis-harmony and set up 'groups' against eachother!
so they(nwo) have been conditionING 'both ways'//they(humans) have been conditionED 'both ways'
so one group or polarity(male/female) surpress another and continue fighting instead of uniting

you think they not support an 'gay agenda'(as its called) because most commercials/commerce is still for 'hets'(heterosexuals)/'straight people', well if you haven't noticed... there is an whole gay and METEROSEXUAL fashion, mode/business going on/propagated,
but besides that... the majority of the populations are still straight(i hope..?) so most of the commercials will be mostly directed to straight people(even when they're inducing/propagating homosexuality)

you ask me to back up the claim that the NWO has an 'gay agenda', with factual info and current observation...
so...haven't i been clear enough?, well i shared some links of videos to show in what direction you might look at and there are enough other people who have been more focused on this (gay agenda) aspect and did more work and went into length to explain it, wich you can look up and decide/realize for yourself

just look at the indoctrination in the innocent name/excuse of tolerance propagated from media to schools(they always try to make it seem as innocent as possible while they slipping the snake under your bed) and the other ways they manage to push an agenda and effect on humanity without their awareness and consent, programming to accept their disguised tactics with consent(cooperation)

this does not imply you should be intolerant to the people who are just living in this way, but those who purpously propagate this with an hidden agenda, and there are all kinds of people cooperating in this wether they know it or not

-observe with control indoctrinating tough patterns trough symbolism and other psychological warfare trough the media and other entertainment, from educational ...

-research more about the chemical warfare in this aspect of feminizing/masculizing to the opposite gender trough control of hormones and other substances/chemicals/implants all contaminated in the products you consume and use, from making people(especially vegetarians&vegans) eat soja products with "harmful"/distrubing substances and female phyto-oestrogens to the plastic wrapping and production methods involving (gender)disturbing chemicals like Bisphenol A in plastics, feminizing males and disturbing the fertility and growth process of both man&woman

-research what their hidden agendas are in all those things as its not just about the 'gay aspect' wich is actually just a small part of the whole aspect inwich they perform such poisonous,destructive and supressing crimes against humanity, see how they try to infect humans with nanobots/nanites and sterilize humans by the chemtrails in the air and vaccinations, even abortions of babies support this sterilizing agenda wether they're poisoned/harmed or healthy just given away to other families or killed out of irresonsibility of life taught as responsibility in life!

viewer discretion adviced (and beware of religious propagation as 'religion' is also an NWO tool for mind control conflict fight to blind, divide&conquer)
this shows also crowley's influence (but from an christian perspective or something, so try to extract&discrete in your own way but also with understanding for anothers!)
Illuminati Homosexuality Satanic Agenda 2013

lol you dont have to be gay/homosexual to be happy and express your (feminine) feelings , and how did the word wich meant 'to be happy' become the term of homosexuality xD
Gay Mafia & The Big Take-Over

btw its really not just tolerance and homosexuals from the populations behind this agenda and promoting/engaging in it, but a perverted 'satanic' pedophilic elite infrastructure!

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