You Don't Have To Pay Your Taxes!

So very few people have actually studied historical documents to fully understand what they mean represent. If you read the Constitution, it is unlawful for you to pay taxes unless we are in a war at home. If its abroad, it doesn't count. Start freeing yourselves incrementally people! Sue and you will win it has been done! William Cooper was in the right not paying taxes and they shot the man, in the back as you guess from cowards.


Tarheel: I wouldnt encourage that, but you ARE right.

I think the court costs and atty fees would more than offset any reduction you MIGHT get.


wmarkley: i tried that

i tried that and got caught, had to pay plus interest, now i get audited every year, but it is true what you say, just need alot of people on board, my one man rebellion didnt last long. but i didnt go away, i just changed my strategy.

Son of Leod: Second strategy- IRS is

Second strategy- IRS is operated by IMF and Federal reserve since they aren't part of congress they can't collect tax money....

Tarheel: The FEDs charter expires in 2013.

And I heard , it aint getting re-upped.

Quinton: There are so many ways that

There are so many ways that the IRS is unconstitutional it's incredible. Then we realize that most of this money doesn't even go to services for us, it's a business for the Crown.

A great read for anybody interested is: and a great film:

Son of Leod: Thanks for that link Quinton,

Thanks for that link Quinton, I'm gonna look over it, after I get home .

gypsyshoes: You forgot the Amendments to the Constitution

Unfortunately for all of us. The Amendments to the Constitution allow for the collection of taxes.
So yes you Do have to pay taxes!
The property tax bill in my state allow you to check a box that says you are paying taxes "under protest", in the event the law should be repealled you can ask your city for a refund of the money you paid over the years, with interest!
No, I don't believe I will ever see a dime in the form of a refund!

Quinton: Which Amendments?

Which Amendments?

Son of Leod: Yes Congress may collect

Yes Congress may collect taxes however the Federal Reserve/IMF/IRS is not a part of Congress.

wmarkley: yup

Its all just one big corrupt game to steal from the people, and keep us as slaves.

Son of Leod: I have a question I would

I have a question I would like answered. I want to rebel against this buy I don't know how I can do this. I need 55000 dollars to try and sue United Statea of America. I will probably start making YouTube Videos and get them promoted. I want to fight back against them and I will. I hope the rest of you join me in taking down this corrupt corporation.

wmarkley: Noble

Yes you have a noble plan, good luck finding a legal team with enough BALLS to process your law suit, and $55,000 would be just a retainer, you are going to need more than that just to keep your lawyers loyal to you. but it is a noble thought.

Son of Leod: I have a bit of a silver

I have a bit of a silver tongue and am adamant about representing myself. No lawyer could ever layeth the smackdown in a courtroom like I could. My Gemini traits make me a great debater and case presenter.

Tarheel: Save your money.

You could WIN and still you will LOSE, while drawing attn to yourself. It's past corrupt.

wmarkley: kool

I dont know anything about the legal process involved, but it may be worth a shot, but you are going up against a very corrupt legal system as well as a very corrupt government,

Son of Leod: That's the problem though how

That's the problem though how can we just sit back and not do anything?

Tarheel: Got any ideas?

Feel free to share anythg you might know !

Son of Leod: There is a search for IRS

There is a forum search for IRS that lets you know just how illegal it is.

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