I intend to reclaim my power

This message is not meant for the complacent, appeased and or satisfied person. If you are any of these things….how boring a person you must be. Why OL (Obsrvantlouie)? Why am I a boring person if I consider myself to be ‘s a t i s f i e d’?

I will tell you friend. If you have come to the point in this life and on this earth that you are satisfied…well….you are “living” inside a box and are no different than a sheeple (sheeple = the dumb downed masses – my estimate is > 75% of our global population are sheeple). You the satisfied…are barely living….and waiting on the world to change.

Most ‘sheeple’ cannot comprehend as to the true nature of intricacies within the current ‘Elitist, Nepotistic, Sadistic, Greedy, Violent and Hateful Paradigm” we occupy. And some ‘sheeple’….(these are the persons whom the phrase “having smarts and knowing how to use them” had its genesis) some of these sheeple, they actually do have a sense as to this ‘New World Order” and its existence being not only possible but probable, however. THE FEAR…The Fear of its truth is SO FRIGHTENING that…the semi intelligent sheep will run and hide his or her entire life just from ‘the possibility’ of its existence.

The possible breakdown of belief systems and false histories is too much for many to withstand. They have let FEAR…dominate their awareness. As smart as they may be…they are scared shitless.

As long as the “box” is comfortable enough…most persons will remain sheep and THEY will never seek to venture out and away from the box. They feel secure in the box. They feel because of their ‘false security’ there is no need to be troubled with the ‘toils’ of man.

If you were to snare a handful of gnats and place them into a jar…and after placing the gnats into a jar…you were to cover said jar with a lid….and days later if you were to remove this lid…you would find that most gnats will remain ‘in the jar’. It is quite an interesting and relevant experiment to the human being.

Almost ALL the gnats will remain ‘in the jar’….even though FREEDOM is screaming like William Wallace in Braveheart….SCREAMING Freedom….F R E E D O M…. is above….Freedom is here….if you would only ‘look’ outside of the box. The gnats WILLINGLY REMAIN IN THE SELF IMPOSED PRISON…because they have been led to believe that the door to FREEDOM…. ‘the lid to the jar’ will never open…so they stopped looking and started ‘believing’…they assume…they blindly assume that ‘things are as they are’ and as they have been and always will be. The majority of gnats will not even THINK to ‘look above’ and investigate to see if an escape….if FREEDOM….exists.

Only a few adventurous gnats will ‘look above’ and question….finding the character and strength within to fly from the jar…seeking to identify the true nature of reality, address and conquer their fears in route to living their FREEDOM.

The allegory of ‘The Cave’ (Plato) comes to mind.

The aforementioned > 75% of Human Beings (sheeple) can be compared to the recently mentioned gnats… ‘in the jar’….flying about aimlessly…round and round they fly ‘satisfied’ in a self imposed prison. These people do the SAME SHIT EVERY DAY…YEAR AFTER YEAR….they do the same boring shit….never once questioning….never once working to better self…never once pushing self….motivating self…..looking to become more…never once thinking that the improbable is happening while the impossible is more than accessible.

How sad…how truly sad for those who choose to remain ‘satisfied’.

Many of you may presume the Jar is analogous to the earth….but no.

The Jar would be more accurately analogous to ….The Mind.

Have you looked around recently? Not just a glance around in the back of your woods but a deeper gaze…a more focused and detailed sight beyond sight. You would need to see the forest through the trees to understand why you shouldn’t be satisfied ‘in the jar’…to understand ‘why’ you shouldn’t be satisfied with the current state of affairs twisted, deceitful and completely rigged elected Global ‘leaders’ have led us to.

The means and methods exist to end all wars and poverty. The Elite choose not to. This fact is not debatable. They…The Elitist of our race….they would prefer to enjoy the finest of material riches and fruits of the sheeple’s labor….while continuing to divide the human race among countless boundaries imaginary and further separate us within a plethora of languages so that their charade can be more easily implemented…and the sheep….the sheep can be and are more easily led astray by all the false flags and riddled belief systems abound the earth. This is actually The Elites life pursuit…there are persons who enjoy this behavior.

‘Open Deceit’ has been institutionalized on a planetary scale….and nearly everything…is in a state of decay.

What is decaying? Really….again….see the forest through the trees. Consider for the moment that just as a species ‘The Human Being” is in a state of decay. I am not talking about the roads, bridges, rainforest, eco-system….just the Human Being. Not relegated to any particular age group but decaying in: honor, courage, ethics, morals, values, knowledge transfer, intelligence, education, respect, critical thinking, wisdom, communication skills, trade skills, skilled traits…there is more and for the most part I see the list as all encompassing and absolute. As a global population we (not all of us – thank goodness for a small few) but generally speaking, we have become a lesser and far more dependant Human Being than those who lived before us. And the sheeple, the dam sheeple….they continue to give way to their liberties and freedoms all in the name of a big bad word….”National Security”.

“Structural Poverty” kills more persons than any other method. Meaning the structure that ‘WE’ as a human race have decided upon and incorporated…the structure that is considered to be the most beneficial….structural poverty is obliterating the human race a pace unchecked, unchallenged and by choice. Last I checked, approximately 20,000 children die of hunger e v e r y DAY. While, in the United States….it is estimated that over 40% of FOOD IS WASTED.

I am going to stop short of discussing the decay in place and perpetrated by our structural systems (economical, political, social, agricultural, energy etc).

The focus of this article is staying on the individual….The Human Being.

So, I’ve spent a lot of time already setting somewhat of a negative tone…I am sorry that the truth of our current paradigm is somewhat nasty but as a wise man once said ‘Truth is Truth, regardless if you are the majority or only one’.

On the brighter side, there is a very small percentage of the population ‘Reclaiming Their Power’. Persons are uncovering esoteric knowledge not intended for public awareness; the type of knowledge of which sheeple cannot fathom and are more than frightened to entertain. This is the kind of knowledge that permeates ‘secret societies’….astrology, numerology, symbolism, homeopathic means and remedies, the electric universe…the power of ‘Thought’. Frankly the true nature of reality is more accurately described in the movies of “Star Wars” than it is of a physics book of today.

This kind of knowledge…knowledge that sets the soul free and sends the sheep running scared yelling “Conspiracy Theorist” or “Marxist” or “Wacko”. Knowledge that makes the impossible seem like a flick of the wrist. This kind of knowledge is available to the eager yearning and inquisitive mind.

With no small amount of courage, investigation and due diligence…a critical thinker can identify that ‘open deceit’ has run rampant over generations of lies and manipulations by powerful persons pulling enticing strings and selling a ‘solid gold watch’ to a gullible world of sheep for just one dollar.

Powerful persons have been playing a game of chess with the sheeple for seemingly eons….all the sheep do is continue to march as pawns to the tune of the necromancer…never once do they call upon their ‘Knight’ or ‘Bishop’ or ‘Rook’ to develop….God save the Queen.

This is the reason you often see the checkerboard (always black and white) hidden in advertising and used throughout esoteric secret societies. Well, not ‘hidden’ because these ‘Powerful Persons’ love to flaunt their signs, symbols and plans RIGHT IN FRONT of your face.

The ‘Powerful Persons’ love to rub it in your face that ‘THEY’ know your next move better than you do….that “THEY” can see 13 moves in front of you while you are tripping over your fucking feet. The board also represents the polarities but polarity is discussion for another time.

You have to understand that life….‘The Game’….is rigged…it is rigged and there is very little you can do to change this on a planetary scale. Protesting, rioting, fighting, violence….this is a fool’s errand. However….on a more individual level….there is opportunity for a strong hearted few.

For the adventurous soul… go to this ‘opportunity’…this journey of reclamation….a library, a garden and perhaps a peaceful nook…are the tools you will need. Where these tools will lead you….how far down the rabbit hole…my dear Alice…I would never suppose to say. But I do know that if you do not turn back….that if you overcome…eventually, you will most definitely hold your head high upon broad shoulders and an ever so vibrant heart.

Did Gandalf lead the Fellowship into Mordor to confront Sauron the deceiver? No he did not and why? The ‘man power’…did not exist to confront the enemy. Instead, he stayed behind the scenes…intelligently gathering strength, knowledge and molding a plan, navigating through the shadows discerning truth, holding courage firmly and wisely helped to put an end to the deceiver at his roots.

What is the root of your troubles?

What is the largest inhibitor to man?

Our greatest FEAR is not that we are inadequate….but that we are POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE. O my friend, there is so much more to life….as much as you have discovered….when you gain a lot of ground…it is possible to become complacent and satisfied….I am here to tell you….I am HERE TO SCREAM TO YOU…there is so much more to your existence and your potential.

Yes, there is knowledge and truth to be discovered…and upon discerning this truth and making it your own… blending truth from your studies, your trials and errors, by molding YOUR TRUTH into your unique path of harmony…POWER CAN BE RECLAIMED…everyday. Of this….there is no end.

If you haven’t already…or you are at a loss…or you do not know how to ‘START RECLAIMING’ your power….come with me on a short and introspective journey to contemplate the following.

Now, I am speaking directly to YOU and I ask….

What is it that YOU WANT to accomplish?

In a perfect world….‘where’….do you see yourself?

What is Your Dream?

What is the Dream….the one that perhaps you have discarded because you feel inept or unqualified? What is the Dream…that you have spent countless hours pondering?

What is the Dream….that whispers to you in the wee hours of the night?

I do not know what this dream is that you might have. I do not know how disappointing it might have been as you’ve been ‘working toward’ this dream. Here is what I know…the dream…THE DREAM…that you are holding in your mind…..that is ever so dear to you….I know THAT THIS DREAM….YOUR DREAM….IT IS POSSIBLE.

Far too many of you are stifled by FEAR. Always… ‘DAY DREAMING’ and never taking measureable action to PURSUE YOUR DREAM. When you should at the very least say..IT’S POSSIBLE…THAT I CAN HAVE MY DREAM…As you run toward it….as you work on it….WORK ON IT….Day in and Day out.

Most people do not work on their dreams and WHY? Son of a Bitch….WHY?!

Mainly….Mostly….it is because of…..FEAR.

Success is a very very lonely road…sheeple turn into spiders weaving webs…they don’t want you to succeed. THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO BREAK THE MOLD….sheeple don’t want you to make them feel inadequate because you are pursuing your Dream.

Along the rough road to success, you will not encounter too many friends; most often you will see a shadow. It takes self-reliance…trust in self….trust in the dream and faith….that inside of YOU….what YOU believe in…this DREAM OF YOURS is Worth Chasing…worth defending…worth every fiber of your being. The enemy is strong and has stacked the cards against you. This is no skirmish or melee; your dreams are being kicked around in the Donnybrook of your mind.

Choose your words wisely, Consider your actions carefully….observe your thoughts Intently because…..

The War has begun…it began a long time ago and it will continue. The War is between YOU and YOU. No one holds a microscope over you but yourself.

I wish I could tell you… “it is going to get easier” I wish I could say that “if you are tired…go take a break”…I wish I could tell you the weight will get lighter.

But as you strive to lasso your dream…as you venture down deep digging up dogmatic views and progressing into new modes of thinking….it will get hard, harder and there will be a point in which you feel this cloud hanging over you is raining down so hard…that Your Dream…seems in orbit and you have no means for ‘lift off’.

This is when you become sheep…or you choose to ascend.

You have to find a way…out of no way.

Time stops for no one….you have one shot…at this ‘thing’ called LIFE. You have a choice on how you spend EVERY MINUTE OF YOUR DAY.

Why would you skip that work out? Why wouldn’t you run that errand? Why wouldn’t you pen that note? Why wouldn’t you read that chapter? Why wouldn’t you listen to the voice inside yearning to be embraced?

This is what it takes…It takes ASPIRATION….it takes…DEDICATION….IT TAKES DISCIPLINE. IT TAKES HARD FUCKING WORK. It’s the little things that add up to the big picture…you aim small….you miss small.

It is the small steps that ultimately CLIMB MOUNTAINS.

Why wouldn’t you give your ABSOLUTE ALL to this that dream you have?

No trumpets sound when the decisions of and for your destiny are made.

It is UP TO YOU to make it happen. You have to devote yourself to an ideal…and once you commit yourself…then even fate won’t stop you.

Nobody can sing the way you sing….Nobody can write the way you write….NOBODY CAN SPEAK THE WAY YOU SPEAK.

You are NO ONES SLAVE unless you choose to be.

It is not enough to know the path…you have to walk the path. I already told you the WAR has begun…and it is a constant fucking battle to walk the path. Stop searching for the ‘smooth’ road….the smooth road is for ‘Sunday drivers’ who are satisfied…the satisfied do not want to encounter any challenges.

Challenges are made for Champions.

Champions desire with all heart to overcome and achieve Dreams.

Are you a Champion? Or are you a Sunday Driver?

Don’t be a victim to intangible fears….you are more important than any Fear that you have….but what most persons do, THEY MAKE THEIR FEARS MORE POWERFUL THAN THEIR DREAMS.


Once you face your fears…you will realize how contrived and feeble they are.

Along the way of the ‘rocky road’ You Will Fail but do not be afraid of failure.

You cannot be Afraid to Fail. Do not be paralyzed by fear or failure.

Success is formulated through failures….the negative energy encountered upon the failure…it gets turned into positive energy ONCE YOU FACE YOUR FEARS. It can be turned into a foundation of self reliance…it can say…okay, LAST TIME…I did this…LAST TIME…I made it this far….THIS TIME….I WILL DO THIS…..THIS TIME I WILL MAKE IT FARTHER.

Your Fear is your own creation….it doesn’t exist unless you allow it too…it is not tangible…it has no power over you unless you give your power to it.

The only limit you have is the illusion of limit itself.

Nobody said it would be easy.

Don’t fail because you didn’t work hard enough. Work your fucking ass off. Your competition is not taking a break.

Look within and ask yourself this……IS YOUR DREAM WORTH YOUR TIME?

Is your dream WORTH LIVING FOR?


Go to the mountain top or a crowded street corner and…


Once you SEE YOUR DREAM….Fears may slither into your mind.

Acknowledge your fear….it’s okay to acknowledge but do not be controlled by it.

Observe your fears, understand them and their roots…then say, FUCK OFF FEAR, you HAVE NO POWER HERE.

Use your imagination…


Declare to the world and yourself all at once….SAY…SCREAM ALOUD…


Start with a whisper…and then a bit louder…….a little bit louder now…I INTEND TO RECLAIM MY POWER…A Little Bit Louder Now….I INTEND TO RECLAIM MY POWER….A LITTLE BIT LOUDER NOW…A LITTLE BIT LOUDER NOW….I INTEND TO RECLAIM MY POWER!!!!






EVERYTHING YOU DO starts….STARTS…in Your Minds Eye. It starts with the thought you carry towards or away from ‘it’. You only carry what you take with you.

Thought …….listen to me very carefully now….Your thoughts….YOUR THOUGHTS are POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE…through and with your thought, you Create your Reality.

This is why the “Powerful Persons” release a constant barrage of languid lies laced with FEAR. There is no profit to be made physically controlling 7 billion people….there is only profit….

There is only profit when….When THEY CONVINCE the gnats…not to ‘leave the jar’.

If you become convinced of your inadequacies….you will never locate your strengths. If you never take time to confront your fears….you will never turn your dreams into reality.

If you don’t….. ‘mind your thoughts’…someone else will mind them for you.

When you change the way you look at things….the things you look at change.

Stop waiting for the world to change.

Your dreams are waiting on you…..what are you going to do about it?

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UN.i1-PHI: very enlightening article OL!

compliments and thanks for taking the time to write this awesome article yourself for (she)ppl to become aware of themselves, their own power, and encourage them to make use of it and create their own dreams into reality instead of letting others mold theirs in hell with fear and fire

UN.i1-PHI: hahaha tripping on 13

“THEY” can see 13 moves in front of you while you are tripping over your fucking feet

but now the tide's turning!
so step up out of the endless cycle of the 12 around the clock of repeating servitude and instead of letting the abuse continue repeatedly and forever from an Old World Order to a permanent New World Order, let us see into the power of 13 to create our own world before 'its too late' and use Rebirth and ReGeneration to heal the world and create peace, harmony and understanding

Starperson: Powerful piece OL

This is a well written post. Kudos for making me think outside of my own box. I especially appreciate the material and information here that is "new to me." That's the kind of stuff that blows my skirt up. TMI? Good work OL.

Tarheel: WOAH !

Hit me ! OL got into the meth and opened up a can. This is why we love OL, he doesn't dance.
Well, let's NOT dance, OL. Say whatcha really think.

For ANYONE who needs a stiff kick in the ass to "wake the phuk up", here it is.

You surprised me with this one, OL. I don't even do "Thumbs Up" or "Thumbs Down", yet I had to this time.

Rock on. Good work. A fitting treat for OL

Tarheel: How's your reclamation project going, OL ?

Your sheeple estimation contains/provides opportunity. If WE always are trying to help and always trying to make a difference, we will win. And we will win...of this I am certain.

I wish to do make that difference while striking fear in the hearts (if they have one) of the darkside. This is a side product of my quest.

I strive to also be a peace-maker. Sometimes i get off the path but I always come back. Blessed is the peace maker for surely he is a child god.

Your reference in paragraph 3.....extra tasty...

obsrvantlouie: It goes...Busy and Hard

I am doing my best to find laughter along the way but for me, now is a time for work. Procrastination is one of my weakest traits so I have no one to blame here but self that I am under somewhat under the "gun". However, guns never scared me and I'm not one for feeling the pressure so perhaps there is a part of me that revels in the "time is short" scenario. On top of this, I am creating something "NEW" and I know better than to rush something of this nature. It has been quite a roller coaster but mostly I am identifying the loops and corkscrews and avoiding them in favor of the hills.

When you take 3 steps forward; sometimes you can feel invincible....but then all the sudden you've taken 5 steps backward and slowly you feel as if you've forgotten more than you know. It has been a journey to say the least relearning old lessons and discovering new "rocks" along the rocky road.

Lighting the refining fire is never easy....but this time I have promised myself to rise from the forge a new man. A man who rides his stallion high and proud with conviction to never let another place his or her crop upon my ride.

In other words - I will never work for someone else again other than myself...explaining this to friends and family along the way has been tiresome because they "worry" even though I do not.

All is good, a treat for you....and thanks for asking.

Tarheel: Nicely done

If we aren't laughing, we aren't living. Certainly it has it's time and place but if it (laughter) is missing or non-existent, we certainly have missed a HUGE part of what life is about.

Don't beat yourself up over procrastinating, or anything else for that matter. Turn the weakness into a strength, and call it "contemplation/thorough thought" while you are working on it. This may help- remember time is a man-made item, and simply doesn't exist otherwise.

3 steps fwd, 5 steps back sounds like polarity at work but rest assured, we all deal with it.

I have similar obstacles, especially as it has to do with family. I choose not to share some aspects of my life with them due to their extremely judgmental behavior. I answer to 1 person first-me.

"Like a Rock"/Bob Seger is a fav. It has an awesome slide guitar line throughout it. In fact it reminds me, I have seen Bob Seger maybe 5-6 times and I actually saw him at the 1st concert I ever went to. It was Aerosmith (headliner), Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (on the Silver Bullet tour), Black Oak Arkansas, and Jeff Beck & Jan Hammer. They all played at the 200th anniversary of our once great nation on 4/4/76 outside at the coliseum. Nice treat-THX !

juscila: Shapeshifting Reptoids

Hi OL. I'm basically on the same page as you and while my thoughts and response isn't as eloquent as yours I just 2.5 hours entering my response as requested only to have it disappear with the click of a button. Oh we'll let me get back to it and hopefully some good will come of it. Jo

obsrvantlouie: It's good practice

To first type your comment or forum post on a word document and save as you progress. Once your finished; you can copy and paste the text to TRUTHCONTROL.

Looking forward to hearing your story.

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