You are dumb as shit you tube users

by BamfOttO on January 12th, 2017

Was it not the french revolutionary who all these elite focus on Mackavelli, who said to control information. Anyone on you tube is out of their minds. Google owns youtube it is now the only source in existance to find media that isn't a nightmare. If not tell me one? Napster done, If you own a PC maybe their are a few sites around but slowly fadding away. Yet You Tube bands thousands of post an hour.,
If you know this world is crazy, hell if you look at 9/11 or flouride in your tap water the point is clear. If you look in you you know., The fact a Mc Donalds exists or a walmart means fuck society, its done,. No cell phonhes or internet. I have no phone, but public speaking is lost., And the internet is shit. If you truly care, do what I do log on once a week for two hours, no T.V. or Cell phone and talk to your community, if not your are lieing to yourself cause you tube is the biggest mind fuck of all, how can you not get that?

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