You are Born into this Matrix, your Karma is your Destiny

by edisonik on September 25th, 2010

You are born into this Matrix and the Karma is entirely different from person to person.
Each and everyone of you will have to undergo different challenges and different Journeys.
Your World Perspectives will be very different from one another but the ultimate objective will be similar and that objective is the Evolution of your Souls.

You have incarnated thousands of times already, you have all lived thousands of times and you have already died thousands of times, everytime you incarnate your primary mission is to learn certain leassons to further your developement and personal growth, you will not learn everything in this lifetime alone , it will require several more incarnations for your further Spiritual developement, you will experience many things throughout your lives and the lessons you will learn will be nothing short of awsome, it was not a mistake that you were born, every person here on Earth was born here for a reeason even though you yet do not understand why.
You lessons will be selected according to the situations you will create for yourselves, there is no such thing as time, time is a concept created by humanity to measure a begining and an end, it is not real , life is infinity and infinity has no time, this whole thing is a Virtual Reality Game , it is a platform that was always there for your developement.
The Governments will never understand this Concept because they are only aware of the physical and not the Astral or the Infinity, you have no idea how much power you have , you will know through your journeys and experiences what I mean folks.

Always remember that Life will be more incredible than an Fiction ever written my friends, life is a Journey , not a Destination, a Journey to Infinity.

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edisonik: I have come from an Ancient Past

I have come from an Ancient Past, a Past beyond , a time when the 17 Galaxies were connected by 17 Wormholes, now there are only 2 Wormhole super highways that are connected and the current ET's do not know how to reconnect these Wormholes, that's because those Galaxies want nothing to do with this Galaxy, this Galaxy is more or less an Evolutionary Experiment.

I just want peace for the Galaxy for the many ET Races to live in Peace, but all I see is War within this Galaxy and I find that very Sad, Primarily between the Reptilian Races and the Human Races and others.
This Sacriledge must stop, War is wrong and all the ET Races must learn to get along and live in Peace, it is with this Earth and it's people that this will materialize, since humans come from many different star systems their Journeys will help in making Galactic peace a reality.
Like I said before you have more power then you know, never give your power to a third party, keep it for yourselves.
Never Submit, never relingquish your Freedoms and Liberties and always Love one another.
Peace to all my Galactic Friends that have Incarnated here on Earth, if your reading this post you are not a Human but a Star Seed , a being from other Worlds. Peace to all forever and ever to Infinity.

edisonik: You will never be alone!

You are all Gods, you will never be alone, this Beautiful Eden Earth will not be destroyed by the Illuminati or the Reptilians, this beautiful Eden will be protected and you will experience incredible things , incredible Journeys, you are Awsome folks , never ever let anyone or anything tell you different!, Love Rules Always, the Ancients have some Hyperspace Patterns for you I hope you will enjoy them.

There's Glory in Love!

edisonik: Love Creates Life

It is Love than creates life, it is love that brings forth a Delicious Experience, Hatred, Violence, Evil and Ignorance only brings Sickness.
Learn to Love more, your life deserves it, you deserve a Delicious Life , not a sick and meaningless life.

I just thought I should put that in here since there a many Millionaires that are empty inside because they have wealth but very little love and there are millions with little wealth but have an abunance of Love. Love is the real Wealth folks.

bluesbaby5050: Your KARMA IS YOUR DESTINY!

Your earthly present experiences are the result of your Past Lifes! Please read the above threads,and watch these video's compliments of our Esteem Master Teacher,Lord Edisonik/Edjakhan. He is full of Ancient Wisedom,and you will learn,and understand what is in these video's here. Just click onto the links above. His lessons Never age! The Falcon Goddess of The Feather.

fluxed: 'Your earthly present

'Your earthly present experiences are the result of your Past Lifes', can only be

Each life, is presented with challenges, to overcome developmental 'negative' aspects.
At the end of this life, if one does not look within and notice the signs and signals,
,just ignores them, and continues breaking law(s) of nature, then one will
return to a familar / similar society framework, and have another go.

Once we notice this signals of the spirit, we know there is a bigger picture.

Religions introduced to us, by evil empires, WILL NOT SAVE US
but return us into the cycle of learning.

Due to our develpment, over 4000years and removal of superstition(implanted by
evil empires) our IGNORANCE is fading and AWARENESS IS GROWING.

These are the signals, burning through the layers of LIES which are religion.

Our spirit, OUR TRUE IDENTITY is breaking through all these generations of
lies, by our rulers.

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