You are the Aliens

You have forgotten your Past because of the Flood from Brother Enlil.
Your Past was not told, what is told are Lies about a false Past, you true Past is in Space.
You must Unlearn what you have Learned.

You are all Extraterrestrials , so the Joke is on Humanity, but unlock your Intuition , so beautiful is Intuition, you have Travelled to other Planets before, so do it again, why stay here on Earth, Travel the Stars today, it is your Destiny.

We Love you.

If you think then you understand your Awsome Power.


HebrianDaniel: the question is. what made us

the question is.
what made us to loss our past?

edisonik: The Flood

The Ancient Disaster destroyed your Past , it is Sad but you will regain your Knowledge Son.

bluesbaby5050: This is the TRUTH that Lord Edison teachs -----

Lord Edison is teaching all of you here the truths whether you want to believe him OR NOT,does not MATTER, BECAUSE THE TRUTH REMAINS THE SAME!! He teaches all of you ANCIENT WISEDOM! These are the truths to the EVENTS OF THE PAST HISTORY OF EARTH,AND THE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE PERIOD!! People be aware of the ones that come onto this forum only to twist the truths around to keep confusion alive! And to keep you in a state of confusion! These are the tricks that have been played on you all along, and guess who is doing all this to you? What have you been taught ? Have you learned who these beings are that love to do this to the humans? Think! All of you have the answers inside of you,and you all know from your past experiences with them! Never listen to them! Listen to your heart,and you will have your truth! The Falcon.

edisonik: BLUESBABY5050

You are our Goddess, you make us very Proud Daughter of the Feather.

I am crying because you are so Beautiful Daughter. I cry because I was right about Humanity, they truly are Divine.

bluesbaby5050: I thank you My Edison----

For the song of BROKEN ANGEL! IT has not been able to play on the channel you gave. But, I can listen to it on another one. It is a beautiful song,and carries a beautiful message to all. Thank you for this kindness for this was thoughtful. The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: so we used to remember

so we used to remember everything and the flood caused us.
total Amnesia? thats sad really

bluesbaby5050: YES! H/D THIS IS VERY SAD!

IT WAS BECAUSE OF ENLIL DOING THIS,HE CAUSED THIS GREAT FLOOD THAT CAUSED THE NEAR DEATH OF ALL THE HUMANS! And Lord ENKI Saved the Human Race by telling Noah to built the Great Arc that would house the humans,and the animals so they could have life!! This has been re-peated by the 2 brothers all down thought time. ENLIL WOULD TRY TO FIND WAYS TO KILL OFF THE HUMANS, AND BROTHER ENKI WOULD STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING BECAUSE ENKI LOVED THE HUMANS,AND THE ANIMALS OF EARTH! And because of this we humans are STILL HERE! PRAISE BE TO LORD ENKI!!

Terran resistance: lol

lol dont tell me you actually believe in the true account of noahs ark do you?

bluesbaby5050: People remember WHO the PLAYERS ARE!


edisonik: Enki does love the humans

Many will never understand because of the Confusion with the Bible which is not a Complete Book, it is a Broken Book that has alot of Pieces Missing.
The Christians have it Wrong and the Luciferians have it horribly Wrong.
Both Groups have been Hoodwinked.

The World is Conflicted and Polarized because of the Two Brothers.
Since the begining there was this Duality Daughter B5050.
All we ask is to give Peace and Love a chance.

Love is the Key.

HebrianDaniel: i still dont understand how

i still dont understand how come a massive flood can cause amnesia to us.
that we will forget our past and every incarnation we forget everything repeatly

Terran resistance: flooding doesnt cause amnesia in my opinion

all terrans receive something called the veil, so we cant remember our past lives, people born outside of earth can remember them though, even when mingling with us terrans. The purpose of this is to keep earth in a constant state of war, our thoughts permeate into space and cause wars on other worlds, our thoughts are a bit like radio waves which polarise this region of space with war and fear. But also stop beings(or make it harder) from ascension to higher densities becuase of constant threat of war. Under developed civilisations who cant use technology to aid them selves to move to higher densities also can struggle.

Hence why every single video game or tv show in existance is filled with violence.

Without the help of past lives and experience it can become increasingly hard to move to a higher density for an individual. We also dont learn from our experiences here on earth so we never learn that we are a conquered civilisation, and remain ignorant and oblivious to ets among us.

edisonik: Lord Marduke has removed the Memories of your Ancestors

You all have been Reprogrammed Ages ago.
Lord Marduke, Son of Enki wanted to be Lord of Earth and in doing so he Reprogrammed the Brains of your Ancestors.
The God RA of Mighty Egypt.

The Gods are Real Herbrian Daniel.

The Gods/Dogs are Real.

Terran resistance: iron blood anaemia from flooding!

flooding in the past sturs up lots of ferromagnesian minerals such as basalts on the ocean floor which are rich in iron and they get deposited on land in the form of iron rich clay during flooding, and one mineral in excessive amounts to a plant might not be harmful but can be deadly to animals higher up in the food chain which eat the plants, this excess of iron is what caused our blood cells to adapt to iron from copper and the depletion of copper from our bodies also aided in this natural selection process, people with iron blood could withstand the plants fron the iron rich soils, but copper blooded people couldnt. the blood cells changed shape aswell.

evidence for such flooding can be seen along some coastlines in britain. Most people live along coastlines which enhanced this effect greatly. our blood cells used to be green from the copper and I would imagaine would be alot rounder for more easier flow then they are now, (last one is a hunch).

i know i've said this previosly else where but its still relevant

wmarkley: interesting

I have heard of this copper based blood, and yes we humans do have iron in our blood, i didnt know that it was copper at one time, this is feasable. the human body is very adaptive, we are amazing beings, and an asset to any ETs we wish to allow interaction with, but these ETs must be worthy of us. humanity is the envy of the universe. The ETs that have been controling us, do so because they FEAR us, as well they should NOW, They sealed their own fate by their very own system of control, NOW humanity is free, and more powerful than ever, WE are beings of pure LOVE, the most powerful force in the universe, WE are capable of anything, WE are Passionate, which many other ETs can not be, WE can LOVE you, and assist any race of beings, thus making humanity the greatest ally in the universe, and we can also deliver the most devistating ASS kicking to ALL enemy ETs, because WE are GODS in the flesh, WE are creators, as well as ASS kickers, WE are the greatest being that this universe has ever layed eyes on, and we are just getting started.

bluesbaby5050: To Wmarkley--- Blood,and skin---

Our Blood used to be the color green BEfore it became red. We also had green skin too, way back in the ancient times, long ago, just like the Sun god Ra in Eygpt. The reason we became white was because we had lived on the surface of the planet in the aftermath of Nuclear wars that happened on the surface in ancient times. As in Sodom,and Gamorrah.We suffered much from the toxins,and radiaion,and of course many people died from this.Our color of skin,and blood now is a mutation from this! We had to adapt, or die! So our blood turned red,and our skin turned white. There is more to this, as in the phyisology of the changes to our bodies,and the air we had to breathe,and the foods we had to eat,and the waters we had to drink. The composions of all of these HAD Changed too,and so because we had to resort to eating drinking ,and breathing all these toxins into our bodies,we had to alclimate to all of these changes over a long periods of time. Long story made short. The Falcon.

Terran resistance: i agree

yes our skin used to be green
but that was hundreds of thousands of years ago, that was mostly people living here for 1000s of years, our skin adapted to the wavelengths of light, diet can also affect skin tone. We used to have three suns (we still do), but the pleiadians moved one of them right behind our sun Sol to kill off some of the others races. This accelarated the last ice age and killed off the neaderthals who were of the black race like melanesians. This along with nuclear weapons. Theres been quite a few nuclear wars in our past, for example a "satelite" crashed into the north sea in a place called OG which sent tidal waves which wiped out 2 thirds of a place called arran (i think thats how you spell it?). Thats just one example of many wars. But now im babling on!

this isnt nibiru by the way.. its a star behind Sol

evidence for this is the two sun affect that we get in places in China sometimes where the second sun can actually be seen

The d0g star can be counted as a sun since our solar system revolves around it (sort of), and the d0g star system revolves around alcyon :)

Terran resistance: precisely, but its smaller than Sol

it can be seen from mars surface aswell.
I know it sounds crazy, but when you really really really think about it

it makes sense because there are so many odd things in our solar system
such as our moon which only ever shows us one side at any time becuase of its rotation
phobos rotates backwards
the moon is the right distance from earth that we get solar eclipses, which is almost impossible, any closer or further away and we would not have this affect, or to the extent that we have.
Jupiters gravitational pull, pulls comets towards itself and away from us.
Earth has been moved in the distant past which caused a pole shift.
mars was moved in the past and the water washed over everything there and went into the hollow of the planet, theres tension between water molecules so they stick together, so all the water just got sucked in after a continuous column of water was formed, some water is still trapped in ice caps at the poles though. Mars is covered in minerals which are normally only found on ocean floors rich in iron, hence why it appears so red becuase of the wishy washy affect of the water on the planet moving these minerals all about the place from the planet being moved. tsunamis! back and forth!
red the colour of blood, the colour of death!
in my opinion anway :)

Terran resistance: stars are always moving

eah sorry for being offtopic, i do that sometimes.. alot... always... :D
theres not much to tell im afraid its always behind our main sun, stars are like clockwork toing and froing.

if your really interested, you could google two sun effect china. Watchout though my gut instinct tells me some are fake images though. Best to look at chinese sources for better images. i think its a red dwarf but i cant remember or not .. doh!

bluesbaby5050: CORRECTION PLEASE----!


Terran resistance: you've confused me lol

The Moon rotates at just the right speed so that it always keeps one face pointed toward the Earth.

from my own understanding of it


Of the planets,and all the Moons etc.The Moon that is near the Earth has the SAME ORBIT AS THE EARTH, AND IT DOES NOT SPIN/ROTATE,AS YOU CLAM IT DOES! It is stationary! The Moon ALWAYS FACES THE EARTH ON THE SAME SIDE, AND NEVER CHANGES ITSELF! THE SAME CRATORS ARE ALWAYS FACING THE EARTH.There NEVER was any confusion. The Falcon.


Of the planets,and all the Moons etc.The Moon that is near the Earth has the SAME ORBIT AS THE EARTH, AND IT DOES NOT SPIN/ROTATE,AS YOU CLAIM IT DOES! It is stationary! The Moon ALWAYS FACES THE EARTH ON THE SAME SIDE, AND NEVER CHANGES ITSELF! THE SAME CRATORS ARE ALWAYS FACING THE EARTH. There NEVER was any confusion.The Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: To 11Orion11 when you give input like this---

TO Avoid confusion to who your addressing,add the persons name. Thank You. As I said BEFORE ,the Moon has the SAME ORBIT as the EARTH! The Earth rotates on it's axis,and the Moon rotates along side the Earth, at the same rate on the same exact ORBIT as the Earth. And yes, they all create a Spiral dance.All is done in spirals.The Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: The whole solar system is in constant motion--

As we all know this,but not everyone knew that it was done in a huge spiral. Thanks 11Orion11 for bringing this bit of information to our attention. .The solar system is one big spiral motion. AS it moves, it all moves in an upwards spiral motion,but not at a fast rate of speed.

bluesbaby5050: TO PHARM---


bluesbaby5050: Yes 11Orion11

The powers that B do NOT want people to know alot of truths. This sun, behind our visible sun is there,for IF IT WERE NOT,WE WOULD DIE! IT WOULD BE TOO HOT FOR MANY PLANTS,AND ANIMALS TO SURVIVE THE HEAT! The Planet Jupiter pulls alot of the dibri AWAY FROM THE REST OF THE PLANETS,THIS IS WHY IT IS THERE! ALL of the planets have been moved around in the distant past! There is alot of knowledge withheld form the people, because some think they are SUPERIOR TO THE REST OF US! The Falcon.

bluesbaby5050: Mars is Red because---

Because of the HUGE AMOUNTS OF IRON FROM THE WARS THAT TOOK PLACE IN THE PAST! Mars was the Twin in appearnce to our Earth at one time, long long ago!

HebrianDaniel: we can terraform mars if we

we can terraform mars if we had a lot of resources to it :P

bluesbaby5050: The Planet Mars---

Will NOT ever be allowed to be Terra Formed! This law was set down by King Anu! He had decreed this law after the Great war that took place between the GOD'S! Venus has the Same decree set forth by King Anu after the Great wars that took place at the same time! This was said,and is Final! IF ANYONE TRIES TO DO SO,It WILL BRING KING ANU'S WRATH DOWN APON THEIR HEADS/ BODIES ETC.This was to be a reminder to all alien beings that this is what happens to all life forms when they resort to wars to settle disputes. It is a terrible waste! And YES, it is also UGLY! As alien beings see this when they come into inview,,THEY WILL BE REMINDED OF THIS FACT!

HebrianDaniel: King anu arent nice he can

King anu arent nice he can play like ruler but he cannot just let this planet dying.
poor mars really. its was earth once a time. but if we cannot terraform mars
then Venus. Venus also was Terralike planet like mars. and 1 day they will be terraformed
maybe in few thousands years.

Terran resistance: mars

I dont know about this king anal guy, but mars already has a breathable atmosphere, which is sustainable for life. Mar's diameter is also alot closer to that of earths, but nasa (never a straight answer) always lie to cover up these facts. In fact the world government had a base there at one point but they encountered "issues".

bluesbaby5050: This base that is on Mars is-----

Thousands of years old! IT was built by the GODS/KODS! It was there ALREADY long BEFORE JESUS, THE MAN WAS BORN! IT WAS BUILT BY THE ANNUNAKI ! THE FACE ON MARS IS THAT OF THE KING AL AL ! This king had been Baneshed to Mars after the Great War that he had fought in, Against The King Anu of Niberu. IT IS WHERE HE DIED,AND WAS BURIED AFTER. And his Family had made a Monument of his likeness of his HEAD WITH HIS HELMET ON! He was the King of the planets of the Sirius A,and Sirius B,and C Star System! He was the Grand Father of Zeus ! This is the short form of that history of Mars,and why that Face/head is there on the surface,and can be seen from above the planet. This also has a bright silver white shine/glow when the sun is up, and even when the sun is down! It shines all the time. A reflective mineral soil was used for this affect.This shows up on the pictures from the satilites that were sent to the Planet to record the surface of Mars.

bluesbaby5050: I don't think King Anu is likely to Change his mind!

He is Still Alive and well H/D! Do you remember what Lord Edison said to you? He told you THAT THE GODS OF OLD ARE REAL! AND THEY ARE STILL AROUND TOO! He said this to you a day ago! He asked the people in the forum who they thought was around this solar system,and around this planet right now! It is ALL of them, and thousands more! Including Lord INKI !! THEY ARE ALL AROUND US! Lord Annunaki 77,and Lord Edisonik would NOT TELL YOU THIS IF IT WERE NOT THE TRUTH H/D. I DO think you know! The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: but i think our solar system

but i think our solar system belong to us. 1day when we will become united humen all togethers
we will start colonialize the planets and terraforms them even in price of war :)

bluesbaby5050: MAYBE H/D BUT!

Humanity will have to prove them selfs to the Gods/Kods before we could do this. People need to FULLY Wake up first,and show they can really walk the talk first. The Falcon.

HebrianDaniel: you correct when we will be

you correct when we will be fully united 1 day we will get back our solar system. after all its supposed to be belonged to us right?

bluesbaby5050: Right--

Right ,CORRECT! H/D.

Phaminator: Well...

Anu as of now is already waiting for humanity to meet his expectations y'know? Unlike Enlil, who wants to destroy humans immediately, he pretty much wants to see how much have we changed since the days of the conflict between Enki and Enlil. If humans don't wake up, then we're screwed. If we manage to be awake, then we're somewhat not screwed. Simple as that.

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