WWIII: The Calm Before the Storm/ How Can We Stop It?

by bluesbaby5050 on December 23rd, 2014

WWIII: The Calm Before the Storm/ How Can We Stop It? "In historical terms, these are the final seconds of the 11th hour, and the clock is ticking.

"'World War III' is a loaded term (as are many historical references). It assumes that these tragic mass murders that humanity calls war, are isolated events with distinct beginnings and ends. This kind of over simplification obscures the multi-generational chain reactions that lead up to that moment when swords are drawn or missiles fly.

"Of course, there is another reason that the public is rarely conscious of these chain reactions. The ruling classes learned long ago that the best way to take a nation to war, is to trick them into it.

"Vietnam was an extension of the Cold War, which was an extension of World War II, which was a direct result of the terms imposed on Germany following World War I.

"This multifaceted conflict that is unfolding right now between the declining powers of the West and geopolitical and economic upstarts from the East may not end up being labeled as 'World War III' in the history books. Perhaps they'll continue to label each phase with a catchy name, like 'Operation Baltic Freedom' or 'Operation Siberian Storm'. Whatever.

"On the other hand, if someone does something stupid, history books may not make it through the aftermath at all. Of course I would never insinuate that the United States government would ever do anything stupid. It's not like the country is run by a gaggle of war mongering imbeciles. Well, actually, I suppose that depends on how you define the word 'imbecile'.

"Congress did just pass Resolution 758, and the 'The Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014' which lay the foundation for open and direct conflict between the U.S. and Russia (the law provides for lethal aid to Kiev), more sanctions are on the table, and of course if you've been paying attention you might have noticed that Washington is playing a game of high stakes chicken with oil prices, with a little help from our good friends the Saudis. All the while playing hardball with China in South East Asia, and ramping up production of nuclear weapons while their puppets in Kiev continue to shell civilians in eastern Ukraine. What could possibly go wrong?

"Heading into 2015, it may have appeared that we were having something of a calm before the storm, but that was an illusion (created by selective reporting). This war is already hot on multiple fronts. It has been for years. All it takes is one stupid move for proxy wars to cut out the middle man, and then all bets are off.

"To even consider a direct military confrontation between the U.S. and Russia is insane. The consequences would be nothing short of unthinkable. Yet, humanity seems to be sleepwalking right into that very scenario.

"Could we as a people stop this? Of course we could. These so called rulers don't actually have power, they just have your obedience.

"Will you withdraw that obedience, on time, or will you continue to allow yourself to be distracted by bread, circuses, and pointless bickering?

"If you were planning on shifting gears, now would be the time to do it. In historical terms these are the final seconds of the 11th hour, and the clock is ticking." ForbiddenKnowledgeTV
December 22, 2014.
See more at: http://www.forbiddenknowledgetv.com/videos/nazi-neocon-ww3-nwo/wwiii-the... MORE HERE - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MgZgKgl7N8

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pasqualie: dont focus on things like that

one its negative, two it puts you in fear and disempowers you.

three if its meant to happen, it will happen and its nothing you can control.

i tend to think before it gets to that point they negotiate some peace treaty, because no one survives a nuclear war. only if you have access to those high tech bunkers 20 miles under ground stocked with 30 years of food. everyone else dies fast, or dies slow.

i wouldnt focus on it as i said, only keeps you in the lower vibrations, and its something you have no control over. its fear porn.

pasqualie: two things guaranteed to keep you trapped in the matrix

living in the past, living past regrets over and over again, or living in fear of the future of some event which has not happened or may not even happen.

Crigitine: This may sound harsh, but

This may sound harsh, but there is very little to nothing we here can do stop it. The ET's amongst us cannot show their faces, and even the happiest of thoughts and vibrations won't stop all of our munitions we made to hunt each other down with.

We don't die when our bodies give out. This whole journey was to learn, be it against or will or not. I have no science and elaborate math equations to back that up, but the lie that we are told that when we die thats it, no more existing. Perhaps in this realm, but everything lives on. I'm not embracing the next big war, I don't do much right now and having to hunt my brothers and sister of this world over something so ignorant as a film or another agenda is not what I want to learn in this life time, but I embrace free will and the decisions made through it.

Chris: ET,s groups and world war

Hey everyone there are many et groups here right now observing our evoulution one group the council of 7 located in a mothership near Saturn will not allow the total destruction of the human race the biavians from a planet biahveh in the Taurus constellation are willing to take 144,000 human by free will choice to a colony on there planet people can get a mystical symbol that will give them ride to there mothership then the planet one does not have to have a symbol to be chosen it will be a free will choice to go or not there are earth humans there already they have been there for thousands years but its a small population because this race called the biavians have been coming to earth for thousands and millions of years to earth as other et races have to come here. there contactee is riley martin I have one of his symbols and it has lot of power I feel a lot of energy coming from these symbols radiate positive energy.

Crigitine: I hope they choose the right

I hope they choose the right people for those symbols. When it comes down to it I'll be here and I'll make sure I'm not leaving quietly or alone. It's weird though there's always something big and scary that is coming. There never seems to be a big glorious event planned, on a global scale anyway. I know what might be right for me will never be right for you, maybe there wasn't ever anything that great in the works for this planet. We always seem to take 5 steps back.

Remember those hackers that got Sony? Turns out after a security firm actually did and investigation and they were told the full story, which made it quietly to main stream news thankfully..that it was "possibly" just one person. And the original demand was for money to not release those "Scandalous" emails. The interview was never part of the plan. The hacker(s) code resembled the fragmented bits that NK used to use, and upon further actual investigation they found that those were dead ends and weren't the source..it was a disguise for their work. That was one hell of a misdirection. The FBI however is said to be firm on the case that NK is to blame. So..add the FBI America's top investigation Bureau blames NK, meanwhile the entire county has both of their middle fingers pointed at Kim, they even got south Korea to balloon copies of the film over the DMZ. Then we have hacker collectives like anonymous calling NK out and then Obama calls for the shutdown of North Korea's internet...all 4 of their CRT monitored computers. That didn't happen so hackers made it their business and launched a massive DDOS attack and effectively shutdown the entire county's internet for about 9 hours the first day and so on.

Also, another fancy tib bit that seems unrelated now that the blame has been shifted or should be...hackers are calling for the shutdown of South Korea's nuclear plants. They managed to break in and now have all of the manuals and inner workings.

I don't mean for this to be fear porn, but more of an example of the inner workings of our fearless "leaders". Its ok though, the most Obama will have to do is either say sorry, or sign a piece of paper throwing us on the frontline.

Crackdown: 144 000 ?

I've heard that "144 000" number.
That is going to be a trap, don't buy into it

Chris: your right

I feel it is a trap after studying further to lure humans into a trap I started feeling in my sou something is not right your right crackdown.

Crackdown: About "144 000" : two sources

One source states that those 144 000 humans will be simply eaten , or reproduced for eating on alien farm. Another source's version, is that they will be moved to uninhabited planet for mining the resources (which will be exported) and there's going to be a dictatorship there: 4000 - government, 40000 - engineers/police/direct subordinates, other 100 000 - will be exploited as slaves
In any case, that doesn't sound good. I hope that people wouldnt buy into any "evacuations"

bluesbaby5050: This posting was given to the people only to wake them up to

How they have been played by our government leaders to fight their wars, and why, and how it is done, and what we can do about it. It was not given as you say to spread " fear porn." It is given as a teaching tool. I think that people already knows what would happen when and if we should run out of food supplies, and if they do not have any food stored for a few months until vegetables planted with seeds that are able to be harvested such as heirloom seeds to plant. They should also be learning about natural foodsthat can be found in the woodlands, and forests, and if they don't already know some basic survival skills then it's time that they learn how now. A healthy tea can be made from the needles of the Pine tree, that is loaded with vitamin C, and a tea is also made from the fungus of the white birch tree, called Chargar, and it's birch oil is used as an antisiptic on the skin cuts. Many root vegtables can also be found to eat such as wild onions, and a sort of wild potatoe, and tubers that are like wild carrots, and many berries, and wild fruits native to cooler temperatures in many areas. People should not take life for granted, and this means that they should be prepared for any disaster, and this is only good old common scense. People should not wait until it's too late, because you can not, and you should not depend on getting any help from your states, or from your governments. Learn how to become self relient instead.

bluesbaby5050: I don't think a nuclear war would benifit any country

You can't do anything to stop wars except by your refusing to fight them. We will always have hardships because of the kinds of leaders that we have now. So people must learn from each other, and to share their knowledge on how to live in hard times, by teaching others. It's your duty to pass on this knowledge to others that are not aware of the truth. When the people stop fighting amongst others then wars will end, and that's exactly what WE CAN DO!

pasqualie: The way i see it

If its come to the point where you gotta hole up and store food stuffs, and forage for tubers in the forest, its basically done. it means break down of social order, and something bad has happened or will happen, as those with invites to the underground bunkers will be in them already. seriously how long do you think you can survive if world wide food production is stopped, super markets are no longer stocked, and you gotta go and forage. In the case of a nuclear winter, you cant even go outside to forage cuz of the radiation. and it will be like deep winter for 3 to 5 years without any sunlight.

then its just mad max scenarios in north america and much of the world where social order has broken down.

the only way the world changes instantaneously is if they have the entire memories wiped. then peoples identities and egos will have been erased as well as the progams of victimizations, of hate, anger, fear and us against them mentality which is taught in all educational as well as religious institutions on this planet.

chris, humanity will not be wiped out, there will be pockets of those who have built those government underground bunkers in all countries, so small numbers will have survived until their food supply runs out. i would assume those bunkers have 20 -30 years of supplies stocked.

as for the 144000 people, i think its just a run off the bible where people try to interpret what it means with that number. its a really small number compared to all the people that have lived. and its in a way to fear people and associate religious appocalyptic end days stories to keep people controlled.

it perpetuates someone is coming to save you and the cavalrys coming in by the aliens. but in a way its also a way to control people by keeping them in fear. if you listen to me and do this, then someone will come and save you. i just dont think it works like that. if anyone was going to come in and stop the insanity on this planet i think they would have intervened a long time ago.

its like that story in the internet that was going around and broadcast on news outlets. some lady in california who is a psychic was saying the pleidians negotiated some deal with george bush and the other world elite when gw was in power. and gw and the illuminati agreed to change their ways and give everyone on the planet 11 million dollars each. you can see where those kinds of stories go.

there are alternative interpretations on the 144000. as of recent they have found through the human genome project, humans have 144000 genes. and as you raise your consciousness, you activate more dna and genes. when you activate all your genes, you have back your full power and are able to ascend.

as well blue i dont think anyone on this forum intends to be fighting in any war. in a way its like preaching to the wrong crowd. if one wanted to really preach to a group that needed it one would go down to the white house and picket if they were truly passionate about it. or go onto a military base and try to convert the soldiers.

you can see where this leads. my thoughts is one it externalizes something and turns it into us against them again. which is polarity. two i dont think you have much success at the white house or on the military base talking to the soldiers. and if its your intent to tell people to go do these things, i dont think you get many volunteers. we all know what happened to cooper and many others.

its not about control, its about releasing fears, and being ok with what is, to get out of polarity. its why what ever happens, i believe will happen, and i am not gonna stress over it, or feed any energy into it.

us against them is what has gotten this planet in the shape its in. and why its flat lining and going down. that emotional negative energy is mass consciousness. and is why directly or indirectly, its making things worse, because its charged with so much polarity and hate, and anger, and sadness and wanting to change things, figure it out, or control or fix things.

you gotta pull or plug out of mass consciousness, those programs of guilt, control, fear, separation, judgment, us against them, of violence and fighting, of victimization and abandonment, and of powerlessness. that is what keeps you trapped in the matrix.

its the placement of judgement here on this free will planet that keeps it constantly going in circles. rather than looking at complex events involving choice. look at it in simple models of favorite colours. no one has any right to tell which colour they should chooose, or like, or have as their favorite. its free will and personal taste, as well as their nature.

in the same way for what ever reason, on this planet for example they have been all told to like the colour red. and they all like red except for a few. to want to control someone to affect their behaviour and thoughts, to make oneself feel good is a trap. the trap being i do not like love or like myself as i am, i feel unworthy as i am, so i need to do things externally what ever that may be to feel good about myself. and then after i achieve that, it goes on and on to the next carrot.

this problem is why actors and muscians live destructive lives chasing one carrot after another, and resorting to drugs alcohol which ends up being the tragic ending in their lives. Whether its seeking someone elses approval, or feeling worthy, or wanting control. The problem is not solved until you get to the root which is inside you in the hole that exists in all. until they start loving and accepting themselves without rules or conditions. that they can be happy with what is without rules or conditions.

as long as you set up rules and conditions, you remain in the matrix and prisoners of your thoughts. thoughts and beliefs are the prisons that hold you trapped in the mind. most dont realize in new age they just take the old trick of polarity and just direct it at a different target using the same separation of us against them. polarity is polarity. you dont solve problems from the level they are created, or the levels of consciousness in which they exist in polarity.

its why of all the people in history. ghandi understood this, and defeated the british empire without firing one bullet. he used love, and not us against them mentality. and so he loved the british so he could have it his way. us against them just uses the laws of force, where when you exert a force, you get an equally and opposite force coming back.

so for any of these problems to be solved by humanity, its not going to be from polarity consciousness from where it was created in the first place. cant solve problem from the same level they are created. cuz you are looking at things from the perspective of being inside the box.

Chris: aliens

the et,s of the council of 7 will not stop all the insanity on earth you correct but they will not allow the human race as a species to go extinct in the milky way galaxy they will take some people to preserve the human species. also the nasa satellite cam confirmed an egg shaped object near Saturn and its 3 defensive orb defensive devises around it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33uvhjp7U5Y . it this is a real et group here keeping negative et forces from coming in.

The Biaviian Mothership

Riley Martin and the Biaviians

The Biaviian Mothership is a 29 mile ship apparently, according to a book called 'The Coming of Tan', located in between the planet Saturn and one of its moons - Titan. This ship has apparently been there since the biblical times. This huge mothership holds seven alien species from different planets plus other creatures that reside within the mothership such as animals of all kinds, spaceships, landscapes, and robots that can perform intricate surgery in 10 minutes. Most of their technology is created by the Stagyians which is one of the alien species that reside in this ship. The Stagyian scientist, by their own studies, have revealed that if we don't change our structure of how we operate within our own world as our world as humanity, then drastic changes will happen on the earth.

pasqualie: you see the way it works is

human beings are unique, they have the ability to advance far ahead individually of the mass consciousness or planetary consciousness.

the people in charge want you to plug into mass consciousness of humanity because its full of negativity and most people are asleep. so if you stay on that level of consciousness they you remain trapped and advance at a very slow rate over tens of millions or billions of years.

its how in theory how other alien species evolve also, by mass consciousness. so if you buying into mass consciousness, you doing exactly what the dracos want you to do. cuz they will be the last in this universe to ascend, because of the path they have chosen. and they do not want to be lonely so they actively promote humans to stay connected to mass consciousness. because its the very slowest way of raising and advancing, expecially since they intend to program everyone by keeping them in polarity.

there is no right or wrong, but one should be aware of the difference between the two. so if you choose either its fine. its just one is very slow. but to get out of the game and advance ahead of humanity, its not going to be by plugging into the collective mass human consciousness.

bluesbaby5050: You have to grow food INSIDE.......

There are many convient ways/methods to grow sustainable food, and purifiy drinking water. I know of many ways on both. And the people like me will survive, and not underground where some reptilians have lived for thousands of years. I'd rather be above ground and try to teach others , and take my chances because I do not live in fear. Fear comes from not being prepared, and ignorance in the first place. I am not a super human being, and I don't plan on living to be 100, but I will do my best, and give it my all. I rather be positive then have the mindset of a mad max mentally. There are some intelligent people outside of cyberspace, and not everyone is all doom, and gloom. There already exists communities that teach this life style of living, and this is passed down from generation to generation with hands on experience, and not all is stored in books as they are prone to damage.

pasqualie: I am just looking at the reality of it

i think the native americans have shown by living off the land and hunting they could survive.

but there is a vast difference in populations. i think at the high period it may have been 500 thousand total in north america, including mexico and central america.

so in contrast the the population of the united states is like 300 million plus. i think if everyone went out foraging, not enough game alive today even to supply the needs of 500 thousand.

populations have exploded and have been sustained cuz of those huge factory farms and large amounts of grain. not to say some cant do it, but i dont think 300 million in america could live off the land and survive.

bluesbaby5050: That would be an unrealistic expectation......

People will need to change their diets to change with their new ways of eating. Besides, when one raises their viberations/frequencies then they will need less food to sustain life in their physical bodies. You can live off of solar enegies because the sun releases life giving engeries though our skin which is nothing but, a solar skin [as solar panels work] all over our bodies, and we recieve vitamin D this way, and we are like plants in a scense. [to keep it simple for readers to understand]. It even goes higher then this, but people will need to change along with this planet first to live in the new world of Planet Earth, and beyond.

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