WTF are we doing? (me included) Even us free thinkers are lead like sheep

by BamfOttO on November 27th, 2016

As me and you go endlessly on the web searching for answers. I can not speak for anyone else, but my basic believe are such.: We really know knothing we can never know the time we find a solid indisputible fact on the universe or what ever you want to call the ever presnent, ever evolving, way of the universe is the second it desolves. The simple reason that physics in any form is some what futal (only if you are searching for an answer) is because you will never find one. If you had a certian you could than algebraicaly back track the whole universe and it would implode. I spend all this time on the big picture. The over all truth. This is good info, but we spend to much energy in the fruitless. Do not get me wrong, info is good. nowledge in any form is the most useful human tool, s\as long as you do not blindly accept it. Hypotheticaly, have I even seen congress? or the president? or the global elite? No. Even if I di can I really effect it? Maybee, but it would take a land slide of outstanding good luck. Even when that happens it is not a for sure. Martian Luther King JR marched on Washington D.C.. He completely changed the civil rights of African Americans. What happened after he was assasinated? Did the African American culture over come injustice or did it get worse? No disrespect to the African American culture it could happen to any race/creed/religion, they just happI will by anyone who comes 3 beers if they follow simple rules. You sit next to people you don;t know, or haven't sat next to recently. The participants must be from this local community. Then they turn to the left give that person that time to explain what they want to change in the community. They can not talk about their personal lifes, just what they think is the best for he community. Then you get 7 min to rebutail or go into something else. Then you turn toward your right an do it again. I feel this will do more change in 6 months than anything anny city does today. Let us not dispute the beer rule and bar riight away. You will have to be soberly coheriant. Also the greatest revolutions in history whee started in Bars and coffee shops because they ar social meeting points where the taboos and stress of the corperiate life are left at the door. That is the places we go to escape the control of our mundane lifes. Maybee I am wrong butthe peole in my neighborhood judge each other, even though they have never even spoken to that person, it's just their preseption and stero types. We have been trained to hurt rather than help.
No matter how it happens, change will start in communities, not nationaly.

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