The Globalist Banking Cartel is in the Process of a Hot War in Lybia, the Deployment of American

and other Troops will set foot early summer of 2011 till the fall for a Hot War in Lybia.
These Banking Monsters want the Middle East and Africa for the Consolidation of the Resources in

those Locations, Arabs must prepare for a Massive Assault on their Nations as well as African

Nations, this Globalist Banking Cartel is sparring no expense on this Major Assault on the

Innocent People of Arab States and African States.

The Banking Cartel consists of the Rockerfellers, the Rothchilds, the Ultra Wealthly Sellouts,

the Monarchies and a good number of Political backstabbers who are selling out humanity.
The Global Economies are in the process of a Major Economic Collapse that will make the 2008

Economic Collapse look like a Sunday Picnic.
This Financial Collapse will hit all Global Markets, Currencies will be worth nothing,

Millionaires will become Street Bums in Hours as they watch their Corporate Shares and

Businesses Implode in a Day or two.
When the Reality sets in many Suicides will occur, primarily Rich folks who never tasted Poverty


The Global Banking Cartel does this every Century, first they make the Economies Crash and then

they bring Humanity to War!, they did this during the early 1900's with World War 1 and World

War 2. Now it's early 2000's and they are going to do the same thing again!.
As they get the War started in the Middle East they will Kill Millions of Innocent Arabs via

under the Cover of Humanitarian Aid. Dropping heavy bombs and the use of Drone Aircraft against

the people of Lybia and then sugar coating the Assaults as Humanitarian Aid for the people of

Lybia. It will start with Lybia and then it will spread to all of the Middle East and then


Obama the Puppet President of the United Slaves of America will Decieve and Decieve and keep on

Decieving the World. "Oh this is Kinetic Action, it's Peace Keeping!".
Don't be fooled people they are tippy toeing into a WW3.
The Bilderberg Meeting that was being held a Week or two ago was about the Global takeover!.

They will launch fabricated Terrorist Attacks on Western Nations to take away more and more of

your hard earned Liberties. Many of you are totally in the Dark about the real state of affairs

going on , regarding this planet.
The Media is sending you over the cliff with their diversionary tactics, like unimportant News

Reports like the Weiner Scandal or what's hip with the Hollywood crowd.

False Flag Spook attacks are iminent in America and in free Society, so keep your eyes open

because other attacks are coming so the Government can take away more and more of your

You can wake the Hell up! and prepare or you can become a causualty and get caught in the cross

fire, prepare now and watch your back. The Game is on and the whole World needs to wake up

because it's a free for all on free Society. ( 1 OF 9 ) ( 2 OF 9 ) ( 3 OF 9 ) ( 4 OF 9 ) ( 5 OF 9 ) ( 6 OF 9 ) ( 7 OF 9 ) ( 8 OF 9 ) ( 9 OF 9 )


LordEnlil: The ww3 has started on 9/11

The ww3 has started on 9/11 2001 by is a war against all of us...
Remember that...

Lord Enlil

xristiana: You know, reading about all

You know, reading about all these things that are going on around the world and knowing what REALLY is going on, gets you wondering: why so much ignorance? why are most people still sooo naive? why can't they see?
We shouldn't realy on outside information anyway. About 99% of it is propaganda bullshit anyway (from either side of polarities). We should be relying on our Self for the truth. And that's exactly where the REAL problem lies. Rely on who?? Most people don't even realize there IS a real Self somewhere inside them.
Before this realization, does matter how much you inform them or how well you spell out reality to them?

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