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by Tarheel on July 29th, 2013

This world has been turned into a place of suffering. It's up to us to continue to bring it back into what it was intended to be, and my belief is that it was meant to be an incubator for Humanity to evolve in before we infiltrate The Cosmos through colonization.

No wonder so many are trying to thwart us & our inherent desire to colonize. We MUST be a feared civilization, my fellow Gods & Goddesses.

I cannot hide my restless spirit.

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bluesbaby5050: WE WILL HAVE OUR WAY!


Tim Lovell: this world also was setup

this world also was setup originally as a type of library to store frequencies of realities through emotions for one way and through the genetic process but was altered ages ago from the original plan and that is what is being put right through all this time it will be a world of higher frequencies and freedom again have no doubt!

bluesbaby5050: This planet is a .............


Annunaki77: Correct but if you get distracted with Materialism you miss out


Tarheel: Personally, I have...

I have abandoned the way of "The Dark Lord of Command, a.k.a. Servitude to the $" and now I am on a 1-way trip to enlightenment.

Anyone can Join me in my quest for higher consciousness.

Tim Lovell: correct but not everyones dna

correct but not everyones dna is plugged in and a lot of people on earth do not even realise about this as you grow up you learn each chackra up the colum but eventually get stuck and cant continue replugging the dna is what is needed to fix this

bluesbaby5050: Removing Your BLOCKAGES is the KEY to UNLOCK DNA ....

Removing YOUR Blockages is the First step to advancement. It is one of the keys to self discovery, and renewal of health, and longevity. All people carry with them from life to life baggage that turns into blockages from their childhoods though out adulthood from past lives. Old Animosities, and Hatreds, and Jealousies, and Inferiority Complexes need to be UNDERSTOOD, and REMOVED though crying, to release these emotions, as they are OLD STUCK BLOCKS CONTAINED DEEP WITHIN THE HUMAN BODY, IN THE JOINTS, THE BACK, and in THE HEART, ANYWHERE PAIN IS FELT. Many diseases originate from this ROOT cause, which are OLD NEGATIVE EMOTHIONS. They will carry over into future lives if a person does not deal with them during their life times.


Because, It will NOT happen if a person does Not learn how the process is done, and to be willing to study the ways in which it IS done, and then Apply it to their lives in their lives at ALL times. This is a long process, and SOME people will achieve this in this life, while others will not in their present life times. How much has the soul grown in it's many past lives? People can NOT expect it to HAPPEN when people are LIVING A LIFE with NO Morals, or with very little of them. How Bright do you want your light to glow? Dim, or Blazing? It is a work in progress. People have to WORK ON ONE'S INNER SELF! Learn to live honestly from your hearts, and not from the Mind/Egos. Material Things are not the answer in life, this will only slow the process down. Life styles will have to change first, and most people will not make the HARD CHOICES to Accomplish this. First learn what it will take, and learn how it is done, and then choose which path you really want. It is Not an easy journey for most. Some people need to live more lives to become strong, because you will be tested by everything in life.

Tim Lovell: yes it certainly is not an

yes it certainly is not an easy process and for some the mutation process can be very unpleasant and as you say may not happen in this one life , but I always say if the dna had not been changed in the first place we wouldn't be in this position now the original humans had the 12 strand dna blueprint until the annunaki decided to change it ...

bluesbaby5050: You Need to Leave this Behind you..........

Because, It was thousands of years ago in history. Staying bitter will not advance you at all, in fact it will do just the opposite. No use in holding a grudge. This is very challenging for most people, but rewarding for others in the end. And life is a challenge in itself. Other people along with myself is proof that it is possible to do, and that it can be done. Any improvement in a persons spiritual growth is a plus.

bluesbaby5050: People Have to Remember During This Life Time......

All people will be Tempted, and Tested though out their lives, by the choices they will have to make, and there will be many different kinds set before each of you to choose from. So make the wisest choices that you can when they are given to each of you. Make them count in a positive way for the betterment of all. Be of Service to Others, and not Service to Self.

Tim Lovell: yes mabey I do but in the end

yes mabey I do but in the end it was THIER choice to interfear in humanity and frequency control us and steal our future from us if they wernt lording it over us all these past centuries we would have been far better off and after all is said and done they went right up and walked away without having to answer to anyone or anything but eventually karma will catch up with them which is the good part :)

bluesbaby5050: LOOK........NO BODY STOLE YOUR FUTURE FROM YOU !!!!!

You STILL have YOUR FUTURE, and SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE!! SO Stop looking to BLAME SOMEONE FOR YOUR DRAWBACKS IN LIFE! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE, AND YOUR FUTURE, AND NO ONE ELSE IS. The very early primitive man was a beast back then just like the rest of the animals. Very early man got a tweek in his gene pool, in UPGRADE in which he/she was given royal genes against all odds! Primitive man was a WILD ANIMAL DRINKING FROM MUD HOLES ALONG WITH THE REST OF THE ANIMAL LIFE. It ate wild RAW Foods from the forests to begin with. It's survival rate was very low, as they got eaten along with the rest of the wild animals/beasts. T-REX was alive and doing well back then, along with the rest of the dinosaurs too. Accidents, and illness also took it's toll on early man. They could not even make fire to keep them warm. EN.KI gave them fire, along with many needed skills for their lives. Your bitching about what happened thousands of years ago is just plain foolishness now in this day, and age. You sound immature by doing this. So stop, as this gets no where. Try reading the SUMARIAN TABLETS, to learn of the true history, and what needed to be done. I would have done the same things too, to save my people, and my planet from dying because of the holes in the atmosphere Nibiru had back then,,, JUST LIKE WE HAVE NOW ON PLANET EARTH. YES I WOULD.

Tim Lovell: t-rex had died out long ago

t-rex had died out long ago on earth back then the only place it was alive still was the ciakar home world where they had taken a few and other dinosaurs from very ancient visits to earth but it may not matter but I am just saying the primitive humans didn't need the `royal` genes which means absolutely nothing by the way royal to whom? only the sirian humans who wanted to change the original earth human because they would evolve faster than them and change their precious version of reality sry that's my point of view

bluesbaby5050: Great Work 11Orion11............

You sure remember your lessons from a while back. You make a great teacher as well. Thanks for passing your knowledge along to others that don't know the True History of Earth. The story of EN.KI'S Great, Great Grand Parents on his mother's side is also interesting too. It is another long Important Historical Story also. (She came from a Royal line as well) Murder is also a big part of it. It's in the Terra Papers, and the Terra Papers contain huge amounts of information on Ancient History, and the many named players of the times. Many questions on different types of aliens can be found there too. There is a section of Questions, and Answers there for those in search of the truth. The Terra Papers were also added to this site for those that are interested in learning more.

bluesbaby5050: This was the FOOD SOURCE of the Draco's/Reptilians ETC.

The Wholly Mammouths , and the Dinosaurs, and the T-rex's are inside the HOLLOW EARTH TO THIS DAY! THEY WALKED THERE BY THE WAY! THEY WERE SEEN, and Wrote about and about along with the many DIFFERENT PEOPLE LIVING DOWN THERE ALSO. Even the Nazie's are still down there on their own Island, with their flying saucers too! Admiral Byrd, ventured there when he was in the air force during WW2. He wrote a book all about what happened, and who he met, and what it was like. It was well documented. I read that book. It's free on Kindle on the internet. I posted it a long time ago. And members on this forum have read it too, as they made comments about it in this forum.

bluesbaby5050: They brought their Food source with them to Earth!

All the Dinosaurs of every king came from OFF EARTH! EN.KI gave them HIS PREMISSION to live here with ground rules to live by, and to bring their Dinosaur's here for THEIR Food to eat. THEY WENT AGAINST THE RULES EN.KI SET, AS EN.KI WAS TERRA FORMING THIS PLANET WHEN THEY ARRIVED. READ THE HISTORY AGAIN . It is ALL there.

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