Woman Claims To Live In Cave With Bigfoot

A woman named Caylen calls into the radio show Coast to Coast am with George Noory and claims she lived in a cave with a male Bigfoot, and his family of assorted members of different genders, and ages for three weeks. She was NOT held captive, and came, and went when she wanted to. They even fed her while she was there. She slipped, and fell into a body of water where she was being observed by this BF family. Here's the full clip from the show that aired on June 8th 2013. Please keep an open mind, because this could even happen to you in a similar situation, as it already has with many other people while in the forests. They just do not tell of this because of Ridicule from narrow minded people that just do not have the capacity to understand what they REALLY ARE, nor would they believe the real truth of where they originated from, and how they got here in the first place. Their history goes back many eons of time in the history of planet Earth. They were not originally from planet Earth, but now planet Earth is their adopted home, and has been for many of their generations.

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bluesbaby5050: Here's the LINK!

Sorry I got distracted by my Maine Coon cat. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE-jabRIfVU

bluesbaby5050: Yes! She really is!

But, then this put her, you, and me in the Crackpot/Nut-job Group according to some members in this forum, because they don't think that BF exists. Read the comments of those people in this posting for an example Cosmicstorm. But, we both know better don't we :-)

cosmicstorm: We sure do BB :)

I'd rather be called a crackpot than a Obama loving, matrix system following sheep person.
Send my love to your cat (even though I'm not a cat person).

bluesbaby5050: I actually have 2 of them...........

They are both litter- mates, (brother & sister) and they just love to jump up on the arm of my " Easy Boy Chair, " ( they grow up to be very big cats, can weigh in at up to 35 pounds or more of bones, and muscel, and fur) and watch me typing, trying hard to get my attention, head butting me with affection while purring loudly! They watch every thing I do, and they follow me every where I go in the house, ( I don't let them out side, because they are very expensive, they are pure bred, they would be stolen, or run over) and they are very nosy, and curious too. They are great company, and love to play a lot, so funny with their antics. They are well trained, and listen well, and they make great watchdogs too, because they are very alert to noises, and they don't miss a thing! (I am both a cat, and a dog, and a bird person, but now only cats-2). :-)

cosmicstorm: That's cool

But the way use describe them, makes me feel like they were sent to watch you.

bluesbaby5050: Your Right!

My older 3 in born from the same litter, they, were very old, and died soon after with a month after I received my 2 new cats, and the older 3 were with me since their birth, as I owned the mother, and the father cat parents too, and so I told my older son if he knew of any one that wanted to give their cats a new home and were Maine Coon Cats (that's the breed I wanted, and they are pure bred Coons, and they costs ( $1000.00 on up! ) let me know, and then they arrived to my home just 2 weeks later, because the owners had to move, and pet animals weren't allowed. So I got them Free, and I actually had put in for Maine Coon cats, to the Universal Consciousness, and it gave me what it was I wanted, and needed. And this is the truth, and this does really happen if people are connected in truth to the Universe. I'm glad that you picked up on the INNER information from your intuition, good to know your in the flow. :-)

cosmicstorm: I'm so sorry for your loss.

As for the last sentence, Thank you ;). I believe it may be because of the arcturians taking me from my sleep and healing me, lately I've gotten the strangest dreams that I only remember fragments of, and I feel lighter.

bluesbaby5050: Thank you cosmicstorm.........

I'm glad to hear about your healing, and that your getting help from the Arcturians, because this is exactly what they do. You can also ask them to allow you to remember clearly how they are healing you, this shows them that your interested in how they go about healing. Sometimes they don't bother with this, because they think the human would not understand their technics, or even be interested in them. Show them otherwise, and then they may let you. And thank you for your concern too. Your an intelligent, and loving human being, and it shows. :-)

cosmicstorm: Thank you

But I can't take all the credit, your the godesse here. It was a forum topic you posted that allowed me to find this site, My thirst for knowledge is slowly being quenched.

bluesbaby5050: If it wasn't for..........

Quinton, this site would not exist at all. So the credit really goes to Quinton. But, thank you anyways cosmicstorm :-)

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