Witnessed shapeshifting need help

by juscila on January 3rd, 2013

At work, I worked at a well known college of technology and architecture and had witnessed shapeshifting. An example, I was speaking to an instructor outside of a national register building by Mies when a green 1 inch band started at the top of his cheekbone and came across and down to his lower cheekbone. We had good previous relations but afterwards he became a bit hostile. I've witnessed other facial changes but my main concern today Jan.3rd 2013 is that a neighbor lady I've been dating for a few months during one conversation, I THINK I saw her tongue have a tubular shape with sort of a suction like protruberence at the tip but just for a slit second. and also she seems to know what i'm thinking or am about to say. Does anyone have any experience with what I may have seen or are there forces out there manipulating what I'm seeing. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can be reached in the Chicago area at 7735075660 Thanks and God Bless any info. you can share. Jo

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Terran resistance: -

probably just aliens, welcome to the real world, I would say as a guestimate that roughly 1 in 60 people is an extraterrestrial or not from the surface if you get my drift. If you start looking for them you will notice them alot more because your drawing them into your reality, this is called manifestation. If you are generally scared then dont draw them in by thinking or looking for them, but generally they are pretty harmless and are nothing to worry about. all you can do is learn to get on with your life knowing that no one will believe you except a few crack pots on the internet.

colleges and universities are chock a block with aliens in my opinion because these are places that they can have the biggest impact by subtly helping terran civilisation grow while also 'trying' not to be detected.

Tarheel: Manifest NOT shapeshifters.

Shapeshift-ING would designate that they probably are NOT Friendly's. Dont manifest any trouble. Say "The Prayer" and ask that anything with negative intent leave immediately or face The Wrath of EnKi. Negative entities wont want to face EnKi.

I wouldnt post a telephone number on any site, Juscila. Just saying.

bluesbaby5050: @ Tarheel...........

You should have given the whole prayer, not just tell him there is one. The Prayer- Beads will not do any good for protection from them either. The ending of the prayer is Closed with the saying of -AMEN", and this also gives away Your/The power to the Dark Side. Say-->" In the name of the Holy Spirit", and then say, Thank You. NOT AMEN. WHOSE MEN? Do You SEE NOW? RELIGONS ARE A FARCE, to Divide, and Separate, and then Conquer the people. This has always been the Darksides Goal. They are also used to create wars,and destroy the lives of the people. They FEED OFF These ENERGIES ALL the Time.

Terran resistance: well

you dont need to pray all you have to do is say I do not intend to see nasty aliens who want to eat me for dinner and bobs your uncle.

intend being the command word.

but since hes religious the reptillians can have him

Tarheel: If TR knew 1/2 what he thought he knew, he'd be brilliant BUT...

...TR isnt even keen and I (Tarheel) am NOT religious. I am a son of EnKi, so I am of The EnKi Religion if that's what TR(Einstein NOT) means, but I doubt he's able to comprehend that seeing as TR's a mental midget. I think EnKi slighted him on purpose.

Oh, and btw if I was a FreeMason as TR said before, I'd admit it and EVERYONE who knows me knows that.

As that story I have stated before goes, I did actually get an application from a local chapter (about 10 yrs ago). What I was told was..."whenever a new applicant gets an application to join, the application rests in lodge for 30 days (this is a truth, my bro told me so). After 30 days, they start to do their investigation of you. I got the application but didnt get a warm,fuzzy feeling about the local lodge so I never submitted it. I did tell my brother I didnt care for the local lodge and he asked to me to apply to his lodge(about 60 miles away from where I reside) and guaranteed me acceptance. I never did anything else with it. At a later date, I learned The Truth about the Top Tier FMs, and I now denounce them. The Low Tier FMs are good people but they have NO EARTHLY idea what happens at The Top. I know. I forgot more about Freemasonry than TR will ever know. TRs unaware and incapable of doing a littl;e thing called research. TR wants to "look at the pretty pictures and invent some symbolism." (sigh)

I do however agree with the INTEND word being used in The Prayer. In my post to Juscila, I actually was sending Juscila looking for The Prayer to EnKi but I guess Juscila doesnt need to look. In caase you havent seen it yet...

Ok, Juscila, THIS is The Prayer I was given..."With intent and by The Order of The Ancients, I command all negative entities and all negative energies to leave me and my property immediately or face The Wrath of The Creator, Lord EnKi." The Prayer worked for me when I was targeted and occasionally I use it now, when I deem it appropriate.

TR needs The Prayer more than almost anyone DAILY. Again, if ANYONE wants to know ANYTHING about me, simply ask and it shall be revealed. NO secrets here.

TR might know Richard, but TR DOESN'T KNOW DICK !

Yer pal,

juscila: THE PRAYER

I frequently say a rosary, if time allows, but more like the Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be , but the responses don't help me to expose them as a cockroach in the light God's day and know how to combat their evil ways and which is the "Prayer"? joe

Terran resistance: I can see why

I can see why they have a hostile approach to you... send in the kraken!

Tarheel: Do whatever prayer Edisonik or Anu77 says and you'll be fine.

If ya follow TR or his cronies, you're eFFed. TR lives in Reptilian Central.

I got The Prayer I fwd to you from Edi & Anu77.

Terran resistance: oh lol

no one is following anyone and i very much doubt that wales is reptillian central, and I very much doubt that every single reptillian is bad thats just human prejudice, though it would be much easier to lump them all in together, but sometimes we have to choose between what is right and what is easy.

and I doubt that edi and anu would be of much help seeing as they always talking in parables.

edisonik: JUSCILA

Remove your Fear, believe in your Divine Self, stand in your truth, and Pray for a Better Planet and Peace and Harmony for Humanity.
Use your heart. You heart must be used, the Light will Burn the Darkness that follows you.

Eldertree: TC why do you bring every

TC why do you bring every topic back to Enki. Enki doesnt hate shapeshifters anymore than he doesn't hate the next person for someone to hate on. Not all shapeshifters are evil or even reptilian for that matter. I think people seriously need to get their heads scanned and think before they even speak on such matters because it's becoming so ridiculous at this point. It's like a episode of final fantasy on this forum sometimes.

Tarheel: AST (Aristotle NOT), EnKi is The Creator God.

Apparently Aya Sin Terror cannot read. What I said verbatim was.."Say "The Prayer" and ask that anything with negative intent leave immediately or face The Wrath of EnKi. Negative entities wont want to face EnKi."

You ASsT, dont need to be telling ANYONE about EnKi. You're grouped with TR in that -You wanna know and You THINK you know, but ya dont know what you think you know.

"Cerca Trova", ASst. "Seek and Ye shall find", ASsT. I do admire your passion but I would interject a little more curiosity and desire to find The SacredTruth, and be a little more subdued, DUDE. Ba-Da-Bing !

Eldertree: Lol, if only you knew who you

Lol, if only you knew who you were talking too...

juscila: tongue

If only I knew who I was talking to? Aya Shin Tara, this being a shot in the dark I was hoping to connect with sympathetic humans, your response tells me I'd better go hide in a cave. But honestly since my wife's passing and she knew my concern about other entities, I was horrified with the thought that they (reptoids or whatever entities they are) may have caused her death through a rare desease. Hence I wecome death as it will put me with the girl I love but not without a fight!

Eldertree: My reply was TC, not you.

My reply was TC, not you. Please read before you attack someone!

bluesbaby5050: With this Answer to Tarheel, Now I'm CURIOUS..........

Why don't You tell us Who You Really are AST, instead of playing a Guessing Game with us? Who are WE Really talking to anyways AST? Since YOU BROUGHT THIS FORWARD Into the LIGHT HERE ,For ALL of US to See. Share this with us.

Tarheel: Who ASsT is !

ASsT is an over-zealous know-it-all prick with low self-esteem and an identity crisis. Anybody who likes listening to himself talk that much has a screw loose.

ASt, NEVER think you will berate me without a rebuttal.

Seriously, do you know anyone else who's afraid to say who they really are? Point exemplified.

Terran resistance: and

tarheel why are you always name dropping enki all the time it makes you sound ridiculous you know, like we are in some B rated tv series like stargate-1

Annunaki77: Terran your B Rated TV Series is Real

Sci-Fi is Real. Tarheel is not Riddiculous.

Tarheel: The Answer TR is- Because I'm smarter than you.

Do you need any MORE symbolism from me to show it? You wouldnt interpret it properly any way.

Go petty quarrel with ASsT, TR. He/she's more your inferior mentality. You cant hang with me, as you so routinely prove.

Terran resistance: oooo

Looks like the old man is off is rocker again. How would you know I wasnt interpreting it right, you said it yourself your not a freemason so what the fuck would you know about symbols? If I talk about symbols, you moan, if I talk about aliens, you moan. All you do is moan like an old fart behind a keyboard that pretends to know stuff and doesnt present anything new to the table, all you do is regurgitate stuff that annunaki and edi have said.

Why dont you say a few hail enkis a few more times and have a nap on your rocking chair.

bluesbaby5050: Your So Intertaining!

I am LMAO right now at your remarks! Hail ENKI- WOW! ENKI WAS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING A NAZI! That's an Insult for sure! Why don't you guys call it Quit's?

Tarheel: TRs all tangled up in his underwear now! Chill pill/pint time TR

SElf-medicate, wont you? Giorgio would NOT approve.

You really thought you'd shoot across my bow without a rebuttal? REALLY? You and ASsT are so alike. Brothers? Sisters?

I just sent you a tribute, duh... oh ! I sent out an Olive Branch last week AGAIN, which you and ASsT failed to accept. Okay, here's another...be pals, just dont attack my beliefs if ya dontawanta yours attacked. Deal or No Deal?

You're a much easier target and you get so twisted up in your skivvies.

Tarheel: To answer ASTs, question.....

...with a question...because Im apreciative, or because Im more aware than you?
Take your pick. Just never think you'll berate me without a response.

Now, if you'll stop the attacks before you get your feelings hurt, and remember what Edi says.."We're(humanity) all in this together."

Dont forget we are actually on the same side as it pertains to Humanity. Make your Peace, the both of you AST and TR.

From Marlon Brando,THE Man-Here's a inspirational quote for you..

"But I'm a superstitious man, and if some unlucky accident should befall him, if he should get shot in the head by a police officer, or if he should hang himself in his jail cell, or if he's struck by a bolt of lightning, then I'm going to blame some of the people in this room. And that I do not forgive. But that aside, let me say that I swear, on the souls of my grandchildren, that I will not be the one who will break the peace we have made here today."

If we make it, I wont be the breaker of The Peace. 1/2 way, I am waiting.

Eldertree: You speak like a true

You speak like a true Enlilite.....

I think you should come out of the closet ;)

juscila: Again thanks, but my first

Again thanks, but my first question was never answered. Does anyone know the shape of a reptillian's tongue because if Isaw that in my girlfriends mouth then I feel she may not be human, she may be a reptoid and I don't want to have a Reptillian GF. Please does can anyone tell me if any non human entity doesn't have shaped like us humans and is it roundish, tubular with sort of a suction cup end on it ?

juscila: Again thanks, but my first

Again thanks, but my first question was never answered. Does anyone know the shape of a reptillian's tongue because if Isaw that in my girlfriends mouth then I feel she may not be human, she may be a reptoid and I don't want to have a Reptillian GF. Please does can anyone tell me if any non human entity doesn't have shaped like us humans and is it roundish, tubular with sort of a suction cup end on it ?

bluesbaby5050: You need to break off this relationship fast Sir!

That IS NOT NORMAL! No real human has a tongue like this! Humans have a long Flatish rounded at the end tongue at the end! No suckion either! Look in any medical book,and it shows you EXACTLY HOW A HUMAN TONGUE LOOKS LIKE.

Tarheel: BB-you're cracking me up !

My stomach hurts from laughing at your reply to Juscila!!! No offense intended whatsoever to you or Juscila.

I do think Juscila seriously wants direction.

juscila: Thanks for the interest and

Thanks for the interest and maybe I didn't explain my concern correctly. I agree as to shape of the tongue that we humans have, but I was trying to find someone who has knowledge of the physical properties,makeup and structure of these creatures' tongues so that I might know better how to interract or avoid them. But thanks again Jo

Terran resistance: just go and ask them

or hurl insults at them in your mind and see if they react to you, thats what I do, works all the time XD

juscila: Thanks , I thought of

Thanks , I thought of something along those lines, your approach may be better!

bluesbaby5050: Have you ever seen Lizards, and their tongues?

Frogs, and Snakes, and Cold- blooded animal's Tongues? Well, None of them have Human looking tongues. All I can say is, you need to be very aware of who ,and what your with, because you can't always tell from the looks inside a persons mouth. They shapeshift, and that is the only time you can see this. There really is no way a person can know for sure.

juscila: Thanks for the insight and

Thanks for the insight and while I recommend being vigilant it's by happenstance that these events have occured. Because of a couple hundred hours of sorting through peoples experiences that I've become aware of these possibilities

Terran resistance: -

I think a guy named bellophron on this forum has had some "contact" with ets from procyon, but he doesnt come on much also I think BB has aswell I think she mentioned to us at some point (not procyon though), I also have had some 'experience' myself:

If you are really interested in all this stuff, then I would research contactee alex collier because there is no better than him for information for whats really going on in the world.

juscila: Yes Alex Collier has probably

Yes Alex Collier has probably been in the trenches with them so to speak and is very familiar with the subject.

juscila: Would you care to share as I

Would you care to share as I also have had other related experiences with witnessing UFO's and other non human events

Terran resistance: well mine

well mine are more 'human'-related experiences if you get my drift, and are not at all that interesting anyway.

juscila: I think I understand . That

I think I understand . That's one of the problems with this form of communication is that certain meanings aren't conveyed as well as if we spoke directly

Terran resistance: yeah dont mind tarheel

hes just annoyed that I know his secret that hes a freemason XD

but yeah, I actually think the written word is far more productive than the spoken word, but thats just me. For example theres more time to read inbetween the lines when its written.

its more easier to see what isnt written than what is.

Tarheel: TR's attempting to divert attention away from the fact that.....

.....he's an ass-clown who's hung up on symbolism and he hasnt been laid this millenia. Notice his self-corrections (daily) from every symbolic interpretation he ever made. TR thuinks he's gonna be Giorgio Tsoukalus when he grows up (see his original avatar), but TR just hasnt been able to swing that History Channel deal yet. Wonder why? (psst-it's all his MIS-interpretations of meaningless symbolism....I mean, when he cant even understand what the middle finger being flipped at him means , it's a pretty good bet he only understands the symbolism on the end of his arm- Rosey and her 4 sisters.)

I'm not a FM, I never have been and I never will be BUT I would tell anyone IF I were. My brother IS, and he's one of the Low Tier FMs who has no idea what's goin on at The Top, and actually he's in denial about it.

Phaminator: I would go for

What Terran Resistance suggested. Although I wouldn't use my mind to create an insult to wait for the reaction but I'd prefer thinking of dirty things just to make the entire situation very awkward; I for one am an awkward person.

Terran resistance: or even better

or even better pharminator, you could always sing the most ludicrous song imaginable like badger badger mushroom or justin bieber to make them squirm.

Phaminator: Nawww dude...

Just Rick Roll their brains off.

ZAZA: shape shifters

Shape shifters are their to help poeple see i.e , faith healers, and palm readers spiritulists see them, one person a know had one following him it took certain shapes as in birds but maily a big headed owl and it turned out to be a indian witch doctor trying to tell him ware to put his hands to heal the person who was ill and to this day made a full recovery. so shape shifters are their for the good not the bad maybe trying to tell you some thing look closer into it you will be surprised at the outcome.

bluesbaby5050: As we Already stated, NOT ALL SHAPESHIFTERS ARE OF THE

Reptilian kind, and there are others also,and for different reasons/ purposes that they can ,and will appear.

ZAZA: we are not alone


terranjuice1and7: wat kind of contact? fist to

wat kind of contact? fist to their face? or more kind like a handshake or hug?

bluesbaby5050: Take your Pick!

Take Your Pick!

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