Winter, 2015-16: the Cabal's Last Stand, and the Victory of the Star Seed's Peaceful 'Velvet Revolution'

Winter, 2015-16: the Cabal's Last Stand, and the Victory of the Star Seed's Peaceful 'Velvet Revolution.' [click image to enlarge] Star Seeds and aware Star Kids are acting in ways which promote our society’s changing into a reformed and transformed one. That Star Seed Revolution will sweep through global society like the Hippie Revolution of the 60's did, only much more so.
The dark-energy global control group, the Cabal, fear and resist such change. But their end is coming.
The dynamic tension between those of the light and those of the dark side will escalate over several more years into late 2014. The Cabal will not go down without a fight. That end-game fight occurs at various places on the globe.
The Cabal will increasingly become scared, angry, and desperate, with their backs to the wall. By latter 2015, the Cabal’s campaign of escalating resistance to Star Seeds' and other lightworkers’ efforts to improve our world will have reached a peak, with them using even more their Cabal-developed terrorist assets to create disruption through 'terrorist-like' violence, desperately trying to slow down the Star Seed Revolution.
The Cabal dirty war against increasingly-organized Star Seeds and other lightworkers will not be like conventional past wars. Although the Cabal will directly use terroristic violence sometimes, they will more often sneakily manipulate susceptible people in positions of power and influence into creating conditions of chaos, destruction, and intimidation that the Cabal see as more favorable to their survival as the global power group. The Cabal and their proxies may only occasionally use police and military force, but mostly they will rely on using intimidation, bullying, hostile negative attack-propaganda, and global disruptions to keep things stirred up and prolong a status-quo where they are on top. By Winter, 2015-16, enough Star Seeds and near-adult Star Kids will have answered the call to join together into a band of light-warriors using psychic tools (among others) to resist and defeat the Cabal trying desperately to stop the Star Seeds’ worldwide societal make-over. Star Seeds and older Star Kids will increasingly be forming themselves into lightworker brigades, have conducted training, and have gotten down to business.
The Star Seeds/lightworkers will rely heavily on psychic skills and tools to counter Cabal attacks, and to confuse and subdue their Cabal opponents, who can then be rounded up and taken out of circulation by honest police and security forces. The Star Seeds and lightworkers will resist and defeat the Cabal using largely non-violent (psychic) means whenever possible.
Their battle cry won't be, but could have been, "Use the Force, Luke."
By conducting a primarily non-violent protest/rebellion/people's revolution, Star Seeds will demonstrate a "new" paradigm of how to change oppressive elements in society without bloodshed. All Star Seed/lightworker resistance will be done in accordance with the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos.
Will any Star Kids and Star Seeds die in this conflict? By using psychic skills of precognition, intuition, reading others' energy fields, remote viewing, telekinesis, future-viewing, etc., Star Seeds and Star Kids can keep themselves out of harm's way. Thus comparatively very few Star Seeds and Star Kids will die in the conflict.
One of the challenges will be for Star Seeds to develop ways to distinguish lightworkers from Cabal infiltrators trying to sneak over to the Lightworker Side and pretend to be "fellow lightworkers". Star Seeds have the abilities to detect such deceit. And need to be alert to do so.
By latter 2016 the Cabal will have lost. Their global power empire will be in ruins.
Star Seeds and other lightworkers will then be free to largely complete the positive reformation and transformation of Human society without the Cabal resistance which has held things back for so long.
Prepare now and get active for what you will do to help over the next several years to release Earth from Cabal control, to rebuild a renewed society, and thus allow Humankind to flourish.

More with Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth.......
A psychic friend recently shared her remote viewing of a near-future San Francisco disaster. I did a psychic energy reading of the friend's remote-viewing, corroborating it as true, and developed additional details.
In this remote-viewing, the time frame is Oct. 27, 2016.
San Francisco would at that time be shaken by an enormous and highly-destructive Great Quake.
This Great Quake would have a magnitude of 9.6, (twice as strong as the previous record-holder, the 9.5 Great Chilean Quake of 1960).
Japan's March, 2011 Tohoku Quake was 9.0. The difference is not trivial. A 9.6 quake is six times as big as that 9.0 quake.
[Earthquake magnitude scales are logarithmic, based on 10. Each tenth represents another order of magnitude.]
Many buildings in the San Francisco Bay Area would fail in a 9.6 quake.
For example, San Francisco Airport was built to withstand only an 8.0 quake. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge was retrofitted to withstand only an 8.5 quake. A 9.6 Quake will be 11 times as strong as an 8.5. Thus the SF-Oakland Bay Bridge would fail. The Golden Gate Bridge is currently being retrofitted to withstand only an 8.3 quake. So it doesn't stand a chance against the coming 9.6 Mega-Quake, 13 times as strong as an 8.3! My remote viewer friend saw the Golden Gate Bridge twist, come apart, and fall into the ocean. Unfortunately that is exactly what woud happen.
The large Tsunami generated by the March, 2011 9.0 Tohoku Quake off the shore of Honshu, Japan was highly destructive.
The 10/27/16 San Francisco 9.6 Great Quake's epicenter would be located half-way between San Francisco and its off-shore Farralon Islands, i.e. 13 miles west of SF under the Pacific ocean floor. The super-tsunami would be caused by the large earth movement/quake on the ocean floor of the Farallon Trench. Thus the Great Tsunami's starting point there would be twice as close to San Francisco as the Tohoku Quake epicenter was to Honshu, and the SF Great Quake would occur in ocean depth six times as shallow (360 feet/110 m), as that of the Tohoku Quake, (2100 feet/640 m). And the SF Great Quake would be six times as strong as the Tohoku Quake was.
Thus, combining these three factors, it is estimated that the Tsunami generated by the 2016 Quake would be considerably taller and stronger than the Tohoku Tsunami was. (The Tohoku Tsunami reached wave heights of roughly 50 feet (15 m) at shoreline, and 100 feet in several places.) The Tsunami launched by the 2016 San Francisco Great Quake may reach heights in excess of 100 feet (30 m) or more in some places.
My psychic friend future-viewed one portion of that giant Tsunami wave coming in towards the Golden Gate from the Pacific. The Tsunami was higher than where she was remote-viewing, meaning it would be reaching a height of 300+ feet (91 m) elevation in some places. That Tsunami would have risen upon slamming against the Pacific cliffs of San Francisco's Presidio, surging up over those cliffs and cresting in height, and rolling across the Presidio tablelands eastward into the portions of northern San Francisco facing San Francisco Bay.
Other portions of that rolling Tsunami would also continue surging through the Golden Gate, and fan out across San Francisco Bay, swamping bayfront communities, and spreading into San Pablo Bay and Suisun Bay to the north, and lower San Francisco Bay to the south.
If the northern surge is powerful enough, it could back up the flow of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers into Suisun Bay and collapse the fragile earthen levees of the Delta's islands, thereby destroying the through-Delta conveyance system of fresh water from Northern California to Southern California. Result: severe prolonged water rationing in the Los Angeles/Southern California area, and crop failures in California's Central Valley due to reduced supplies of water.
If the south-bay surge of the tsunami is strong enough, it could inundate the Bay Area's two major airports (at sea level), San Francisco International (SFO) and Oakland International, and destroy what the 9.6 Earthquake had not already destroyed. A climate study shows that a sea level rise of just 3 feet (1 meter) would put much of SFO Airport underwater. This Tsunami would bring a rise in water level many times that.
So, we on the U.S. West Coast and Pacific Rim have until 2016 to prepare for the really Big One.
And those who live near but outside the San Francisco Bay Area should prepare at that time for a mass exodus of Bay Area refugees leaving their ruined city. They cannot flee to San Jose because San Jose may well experience damage and partial inundation, since portions of that city are near or below sea level. If the Tsunami surge is strong enough, Stockton on the Sacramento River Delta (elev. 0'-11 feet/(0-3 m) may be damaged enough to be quite limited in helping refugees. Slightly higher but smaller Lodi may offer some refuge. Many SF refugees will chose Sacramento, but which at an elevation of 25 feet (7.6 m) may have its government buildings flooded by the backing up of the Sacramento River, and therefore have plenty of problems of its own to deal with.
Emergency volunteers in the Sierra Foothills are making disaster plans to shelter refugees fleeing any San Francisco Bay Area quake.
These Times of Transition will require that we all adopt the mentality of readiness to lend a helping hand.
Spread the word. No one in the affected area should be left unwarned.
However, there is also indication that _IF_ Star Seeds and other lightworkers mobilize society to heal the damage done to Gaia/Mother Earth, and most especially: remove and neutralize the atomic waste dumped in the Farralon Trench [which would be the Mega-Quake's epicenter], it will be possible for Gaia to be satisfied with improved human treatment of her enough that Gaia will not need to release tectonic forces of such magnitude. Gaia is alive and conscious? Yes.
Thus the principal thing to note is that the mega-earthquake/tsunami is _conditional_. It will or will not happen depending on whether enough Humans get serious about environmental remediation, and particularly about cleaning up all the radioactive waste that was dumped in the Farallon Islands Trench west of San Francisco years ago.
If people do not, that Trench is precisely where Mother Earth/Gaia will cause the Great Quake & Tsunami to originate from, The Farallon Trench is only a few miles offshore of the San Francisco area.
Let's get busy creating improved environmental consciousness. And demand that the government clean up the Farallon Nuclear Dump now! The future is what we [you!] make it. -
Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

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bluesbaby5050: The 11:11 Universal and Spiritual Laws of the Cosmos

The 11:11 Universal and Spiritual Laws of the Cosmos will be used to defeat the cabal, and it's minions. We/they will change the tide without using violence, and weapons but by using their Physic powers for the betterment of mankind, and for planet Earth. They are as follows:
The 11:11 Universal and Spiritual Laws of the Cosmos

Universal Law of Free Will

Spiritual Law of Freedom of Man

Universal Law of Change

Spiritual Law of Growth of Man

Universal Law of Movement and Balance

Spiritual Law of Strength, Health and Happiness

Universal Law of Innocence, Truth and Family

Spiritual Law of Protection of Family

Universal Law of Symmetry

Spiritual Law of Equality

Universal Law of Life

Spiritual Law of Choice
Universal Law of Light, Sound and Vibration

Spiritual Law of Intuition

Universal Law of Judgment

Spiritual Law of Karma

Universal Law of Nature

Spiritual Law of Protection of Man

Universal Law of Love

Spiritual Law of Healing

Universal Law of Perception

Spiritual Law of Future Sight


It may be noted that these Universal and Spiritual Laws, accepted and revered by all member civilizations of the Star Nations, are not couched in the “Thou shalt/not...” language of Human civil and religious laws. Rather, these Universal and Spiritual Laws may be seen as universally-valid, self-evident principles, grounded in natural law and the fundamentals of consciousness, and in every intelligent lifeform’s connection to Source.
The symbols of these 11:11 Laws were found etched into the structure of the starcraft that crashed at Roswell in 1947.
I gave my photo of those symbols to Ihanktowan Dakota (Sioux) Chief Golden Eagle/Standing Elk. He took them into sacred lodge, asked guidance from the Tunkasilas, (Dakota word for the “Grandfathers”, spiritual guides from the stars), and learned that the symbols stood for the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws that all Star Nations cultures accept as their common metaphysical/spiritual foundation.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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