Will Heaven on Earth Ever Be Established?

by Quinton on March 30th, 2011

I think about this question a lot and I think there are a lot of ways to take it.

We see that there is an awakening currently happening with many people and that the consciousness of many individuals is rising. This leads one to believe that people are finally starting to wake up and we may one day model a society such that the vast majority of individuals will lead a life of freedom, harmony and unity with their fellow man and universe.

However, there are still many things that make me wonder if this really is possible.

For instance, where are the spirits that are being incarnated on this planet coming from? Isn't a planet a reflection of the spirits on it, much as a corporation is a reflection of the employees? So insofar as the evolution of a planet is concerned, it would seem as though the overall evolution of a planet will happen only as long as we are keeping a continuity with spirits.

If we have spirits from a lower plane incarnating into bodies on this planet it seems like we will always face the same problems and fall into the same traps. Conversely, if we have spirits similar to those of Jesus or Plato it seems as though we may finally reach a time of heaven on earth.

But, are we getting these types of spirits? And once people reach this level of wisdom do they continue to incarnate here or do they only choose to incarnate sparingly as a teacher? Is it not the purpose of this earth to be a teacher for spirits at a certain level looking for a tune-up of certain qualities?

Is the thought of a universal utopia similar to that of what we hear about the Andromedans or Pleiadians somewhat of a dissolution as to the true purpose of this planet? Is this planet meant to be evolved with various spirits into a higher level of awareness, or is it simply meant to be the teacher to spirits at a certain level? And once these spirits learn their earthly lessons they move onto another planet or plane of existence?

I have been thinking about this type of question for a while now and I would welcome everyone's thoughts as to what they think. I am not sure on how to take this, but I do think one thing: As long as we have spirits of a lesser awareness to that of characters such as Jesus it would seem as though we will never reach a level of heaven on earth.

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kwamerica: Yes Heaven on Earth is coming real fast.

Hello Mr. Quinton, worry no more brother for the state of real utopia is very real.

It is finally going to happen as every inch the Planet Earth revolve is to get to that stage.

The state of Utopia is "Truth" detonating like a nuclear Bomb on the Planet.

However Truth is When we all (Humans) come to the common consciousness of "Why we are here".

Most people believe there is a Universal Force that made all. But as to Why this Universal Force made all these things, they do not understand.

Understanding this Universal Force as we live on Planet Earth brings Heaven on Planet Earth.

There is a Secret which is going to detonate and is going to make the knowledge of God be abundant as water covers the sea (Isaiah 11:9).

This knowledge of God (secret) is what Humans are going to use to Apprehend the Evil One.

When the Evil One is arrested and put into chains, the resultant effect is Heaven (all Good) on Planet Earth (once upon a time half Good and half Evil).

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edisonik: The Soul System on Eredu ( Earth )

Oh Quinton I am back here again, Looks like my friend Kanesh has been working overtime on this Forum.
Do not worry too much Quinton, there are relms that puzzle us and this drives us Crazy but let me scramble your Brain abit since you are calling for Greater Wisdom.
Many Souls are Incarnating here on Earth. This planet has a certain amount of Earthly Souls on this Planet, the Cycle is about 1.5 Billion, the rest of the New Souls coming in are from other Star Systems and other ET Races. Many people living here that feel out of place are in fact Alien Soul Matrixes that have come here because Creation called them fourth.

Some of these Matrixes cannot handle the Vibration on this Planet and usually die early, the Strong Soul Matrixes that can handle Earths Vibration usually stick around longer.
The World wll change for the better because the Illuminati are scared shitless of these Realities.
They are loosing the battle for their Wet Dream of Death and Destruction.
The Galactic Federation has given them some time to Quit and return all powers back to humanity, i they don't they will be Invaded.

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