This will be very frightening but it must be told to save humanity!

by edisonik on October 4th, 2010

The Bottomline is Plan2000 is real, the Bankers, Governments and the Evil Cabals what to reduce the populations in the billions and they will achieve this through the Carbon Taxes, through Vaccinations, through Codex Alimentarious, through the Erosion of Civil Liberties, through Fear, through New Legislation designed to make you go broke.

The Orderly extermination of the Human Race, humanity will wake up but when this happens it will be Anarchy and I won't blame humanity for defending themselves.
- Do not trust Government!
- Do not trust the Media!
- Do not trust the Vaccines!
- Do not trust Codex Alimentarious
It is getting very scarey out there, knowledge is power better learn as much as you can because it is Conspiracy Fact!.

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