why the Star Sirius is censored on google sky?

any1 have noticed the sirius star censorship?
what is the reason of censoring it?

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bluesbaby5050: I was not aware of this.........

How did you find out? Did you look it up and you saw this yourself? Do you have a link to this?

UN.i1-PHI: ridiculous google sky, its still there

damn anyone could do a better job and atleast airbrush it or something, but this is just rude-iculous!

just like obama's birth certificate first realeased on the white house .gov, they're so clumsy and dont even care & do it especially and laugh at you when they do such a bad job (bad at doing bad...) and how they can get away with it and ignore & deny any important relating questions...

(his birth certificate had still all kind of layers wich you can toggle on and off using adobe illustrater or even by opening the document with a notepad/teksteditor and randomly changing 'layer filters' from "true" to false to toggle parts off and you see how the content is all cut/paste composed in different layers wich are still there!!!)
PROOF!!! Obama Birth Certificate Fraud

bluesbaby5050: I've seen pictures, Sirius ly...........

Of Sirius, but why cut them out now? What are they afraid we will see?

bluesbaby5050: Maybe because there is a war.....

Right now on the planet Sirius B, and they do not want us to see the show? This is also a slave planet too. The Fractions are at war now. They are very active.

HebrianDaniel: maybe the goverments do not

maybe the goverments do not want us to contact with sirius people.
maybe the goverments afraid of them and they believe they will make earth people go rebelious
on all goverments so they try to hide everything about them

bluesbaby5050: We don't need outside influence ............

If we want to do something when ever we Feel Like doing it! This is a fact! People here in the USA just do it anyways! This is the way we have Always been. This will Never change! This is what makes us who we are! We are FREEDOM LOVERS! All we have to do is USE OUR HEADS/MINDS! HAHAHAHA! I speak for the people in general, and NOT for our Military Leaders, because they are just Pawns to be USED!

bluesbaby5050: It's also way too LATE............!

For that because, we Already have contact with them! HAHAHAHA! They STILL CAN NOT Stop our minds with all the Toxicins they put in our Food, Air, and Waters! WE WERE MADE GREAT, AND POWERFUL, because we can always ADAPT! This is what we have Already Done! And We HUMANS have Lord ENKI to THANK FOR THIS! HAHAHAHAHA! We Humans are SURVIVORS! I myself have had 5 children, and all of them are Great at what they do! No DEFECTS OF ANY KINDS! I have lived 60 years now,and I am still strong as a horse,and as smart as a whip! Which means REALLY QUICK IN THE BODY,AND THE MIND! I have been drinking the water,and eating the foods,and breathing the air all my life, and I am still in great health. My family have lived well into old age on both sides until they were in their late 90's! I have 13 grand children too,and some are already in their early teens years, and they are all healthy too! They also KNOW what this game is too! So you see, the toxins have had no short, or long term affects on us, and this is the same for Many of our people in my country. So you see, They (The enemy) did NOT WIN! WE ARE ALERT TO THE BULL SHIT THE SHADOW GOVERMENTS ARE PULLING ON US PEOPLE AROUND THIS PLANET! WE KNOW WHO IS AT THE TOP TOO, AND WHO HAS BEEN PULLING THE STRINGS! Our Earth Allies Know too, and they are surrounding our solar system in huge numbers! There are huge amamarders of Fleets and Giant powerful cloaked motherships all around us, just waiting for them to pull some Crap! They are way bigger, and Powerful then the enemies that are hiding, and they/we KNOW WHERE they are hiding at! They will NOT get Away UN-noticed! FREEDOM WILL REIGN ON EVERY SECTION OF THIS PLANET IN THE END! NOTHING CAN STOP US! THEY ARE OUT- NUMBERED, AND THEY ALL KNOW THIS FACT! They FEAR US HUMANS, and have for thousands of years now! We also KNOW this too, and they have a right to Fear us humans! They thought they have OUT-SMARTED US HUMANS,THEY ARE VERY WRONG! FREEDOM REIGNS FOREVER ON THIS PLANET EARTH, AND THIS IS OUR CALLING, AND WE WILL FULL FILL THIS MISSION! We WILL REACH FOR THE STARS, AND THE GALAXIES, because this is who we are, and this is what we CAN DO!

Tarheel: Censoring a Star. You have GOT to be kidding me-What a JOKE!

It's obvious-They FEAR us !

Edi/Anu77 said, "When people fear the govt, govt wins but when The Govt FEARS the people, mHumanity WINS!"

We WON !

Annunaki77: Sirius has a long Legacy to Earth

The Governments have Sold themselves out to the Reptilians and this New World Order will fail.
You family has heard your Prayers so the Universe demands change for all Life , Free Will , Passion and Destiny.
Not Mass Murder or Genocide of a Beautiful Species like Humanity.


The Powers of Heaven can Crush any Enemy Draco, No one can dare challenge King Anu.
King Anu , oh King Anu , Father of the Heavens , if this New World Order tries to Hurt Adamu, please Destroy this New World Disorder.

The Message has been sent to Mighty King Anu.

HebrianDaniel: kanesh as sirian what you

kanesh as sirian what you can tell about the Alliance betweens the Sirians from Sirius to Terrans from Earth hows going our diplomatics ? i hope we are not in trouble or something

bluesbaby5050: H/D Your people are being protected......

Do not worry Daniel,as your people in your country are being protected by your FOREFATHERS FROM OFF WORLD! Your in GOOD hands!

Annunaki77: There will be no War HerbrianDaniel

You do not have to take my Word for it.
Enlil can't always get his way, King Anu always has final say.
Never lose hope Beautiful HerbrianDaniel.
Love and Harmony.

HebrianDaniel: i dont think i really trust

i dont think i really trust king anu. he even dont let us to terraform mars.
you said he will kill anyone who will try to terraform it

Tarheel: HD-Anu77's telling you that "Things are subject to change"....

...and I believe he is saying that "Things HAVE changed".
I'm sure he would verify this for you.

Annunaki77: Things have changed

Minds have Opened to new Opportunities that will benefit the Majority and not the Minority.

Tarheel: Can you expand upon that, Anu77?

I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Please tell us.

bluesbaby5050: What Annu77 is saying to you here is ...........

The OLD ways of thinking, Lower Vibrations of thought patterns, The Mind- Set, has changed on other worlds. They have come to realize that times are changing at a rapid pace, and that they have to change too, (on the INSIDES) or become NON-Existent. Everything is being UP-GRADED to a HIGHER Level of Vibrational Change. The lower levels CAN'T remain in the Higher levels=dimentions. They will not survive.Thoughts of low levels=vibrations, and the people creating those low level thoughts is what is spoken of here. This is why it is IMportant that people DO their Clearing. There is material out there that explains this CLEARING. THIS INVOLVES THE MIND,INNER SELF,AND YOUR BAGGAGE,AND YOUR ATITUDES. All this is iNvolved in this PROCESSING in order to move into the higher dimentions.Without doing this, you will have a hard time of it. And this will hold you back. So this is where CHANGE is NEEDED. On ALL Levels.

bluesbaby5050: There are many things happening BEHIND the sences.......

Many changes have taken place by the ground crews of the light,and because of our off world Allies, that are TOO complicated to explain in this forum. IF they were explained in this forum, the dark side would KNOW, and the good changes could be Prevented from happening. Sometimes it is best NOT to give away our secrets, and tactics. This would Not be wise!

Annunaki77: ADAMU


Olivia Newton John Magic (lyrics)

bluesbaby5050: It's hard for Some people to believe.............

They do not have Much faith in what you say, or they would not have any doubts at all! In order for things ( events) to happen, You Must first Believe in order to Make it happen. Believe with ALL your heart, not just with your mind. All good things come from your hearts. Without the heart, you have Just the mind, and this is where so many people make mistakes. This is why there are wars, and strife. Many cultures have fallen because they lacked feelings of the heart, and ruled from the head alone. Technologies withOUT heart will ALWAYS FAIL! This is what Annu77 is always talking about H/D. I hope this helps you understand better.

HebrianDaniel: cant you speak rationale for

cant you speak rationale for one moment? we always hear youre belief and things and everything be good and you always repeating youreself.
what is youre point?
you sound like religious person.
to be honest...


When you see things around you not going right, do not complain about it.
If you see System Injustices , don't just stand there and Complain about it.
Take action and make a difference with your lives, you must prove yourselves worthy.
You think life is Free?. your Lives aren't Free, you must fight for your Freedom, everyday.

Join me, become RENEGADES, become REJECTS, become Nobodies, become Truly Free.

So if you see Injustices with System Transparencies and Accountabilities, RAISE ALITTLE HELL, my Brothers and Sisters.
The Annunaki are watching you with the Gift given to you all, the Gift of Life which you are all a part of.

Trooper-Raise a Little Hell (With Lyrics)


Tarheel: The Pen is mightier than The Sword ! For all of you.....

I believe I shall engage in my anti-govt rhetoric AND remain a Renegade too, as always.
I havent heard that song in 25 years ! BUT, I THINK I can 1-up you on that song Anu77 !

This song is for ALL Hell-Raisers ! It's called "ZZ Top - Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers "

bluesbaby5050: People really have more power then they think......

There is no harm when you speak out about something you see during your days in your life. When you see someone doing another person an injustice, don't be afraid to stand up for that person. If they need help, then help them. If they are hungrey, then feed them. If they are cold,and their clothes are worn out, then give them some clean Free clothing. If someone needs a ride to get food, or medicine, offer to get it for them, or offer them a ride. There are many ways to offer your help. These are all injustices to your fellow man, and woman, and child. There are many more, and these are just a few examples. All it takes is just one person to make a difference in someones life. When you do this for FREE, and don't take payment, this comes from the heart,and this makes a better world to live in. I am a nobody, I do this all the time, and not with just my family. I have done people's laundry,and given away food,and clothes,and money,tucked inside the clothing. I have offered rides to food pantries,to the doctors etc.I save empty clean cans,and bottles,and I set them out next to my porch,with a sign saying Free on the sign.They go very fast! It is not much, as I am not rich. I was always like this. I was brought up poor,and know what it is like to be cold,and hungry. They did Not have food stamps,or food pantries when I was growing up. Sometimes we went to bed without eating.They didn't have hot lunchs at the schools either in my day. My teacher used to make an extra sandwich,and give me an apple for lunch,and this is what I had for the WHOLE day to eat. My mother brought up 5 children alone,and had to work to keep a roof over our heads. 65cent an hour wage was not much in those days. 5cents a loaf of bread,and it was divided between 5 hungry children, it does not go far! Only butter on it. Toasted on top of an old oil,and gas stove in the kitchen. This was our only source of heat for a 7 room apartment. All our clothes were second hand me downs. Plenty of patches too. Cardboard in our shoes when they could not go to the cobbler,because of no money back then. The times were very ,very different back then. To have a 13 inch TV was really something back then too. One channel only,and in black,and white. A metal coat -hanger was the rabbit ears. Then you had to add foil to it, and sometimes hold it to see it. This is how I used to watch Star Trek in 1968.I was 15 then.We got the TV off the city dump! That was the ONLY TV we ever had when I was growing up. It lasted till I was 18! Great timing. I was old enough to get a job, and my own apartment after high school. Times were tough then. So I really do remember what being poor is like. I am greatful for my health,and my children. These are what matters most to me. Peace be with you all.

Craig737: Why Sirius is blocked

I think TPTB are trying to hide "anomalies" from the public. Maybe they are trying to hide giant spaceships, wars etc. I read Sirius is blocked out because the government is trying to hide portals and interdimensional activity in the Sirius star system. Interesting that Sirius has been known to change color throuhout history. Magnetic force and gravitational pull from Sirius B may have vibratory effects on Sirius star system causing dimensional shifts, time distortion etc. Sirius B is known as a spiritual and magical star. The Sirius star system might be a divine part of the universe. Sirius is known as the Dog/God star. It is home to the Sirian empire/kingdom of God/Dog.

bluesbaby5050: The Interdimentional Beings of Light are Guarding ALL....

The Portals. and star gates, because the goverments have NO control over these Interdimentional portals,and star gates.The portals,and star gates are being guarded on BOTH sides so that no one,or nothing can leave ,or inter into our dimentions. There is conflict thought out the Sirius Star systems. Many changes are taking place on many levels there,just like it is all over this universe.This is the reason for the blockings you see.They DO NOT want the people of Earth to realize that we are NOT ALONE ! It's much too late for that now. People are now awake all over this planet.Some alot more then others, but they ARE AWAKE NOW.And this is GOOD.

chrisn86: Just A Dream..

This is the first time I am using this, and I know we all have an opinion or statement to make and I came across a few great ones. I am just looking for some info. This is the first time I am looking these kind of things up. I recently had a dream involving a blue sun and what seemed to be earth but different, it lead me to this forum and of course one other. Before I go any further, I know that dreams are usually composed of things we see and experience throughout the day consciously and unconsciously. I am taking this to account and this is why I cant explain this particular dream.

In the dream.. on that planet, which I though was earth, there were people just like us. They were in some type of conflict. I exchanged some words with a few of them before I passed out, in the dream. I had that very tired feeling, the one you get when you feel you are stuck between a dream and waking up. I remember being taken away from the planet and when I looked up I was in open space I saw a few ships , what we would call UFO´s. One in particular caught my attention, a triangular shaped yellow ship that seemed to be very distant. It opened what seemed to be a worm hole which wasn't normal. The wormhole seemed more like a kaleidoscope but without the vibrant colors. it was more like a few black holes trying to merge into one. The ship disappeared through the wormhole. after that I passed an amazing Blue Sun (which is why I decided to look up Sirius on Google Sky). It was a lighter blue, but it looked exactly like our sun.

I then passed out again and woke up in front of a door that closed. The stone was huge but the door was small. I also looked that up and what I found surprised me. I found a door called the door Amaru Muru in Puno, Peru.. which is funny because when I asked where I was, someone told me Puno. I didnt know it even existed. I of course woke up, and had to look everything up. The dream was way to vivid and I still remember most of the details. Its a little off topic, but if you guys find more info about why this is blocked, that would be awesome.

And yea, they did a terrible job., it looks as if someone just put it in MS Paint and paintbrushed it. You would think they would have a good graphic designer, hat just goes to show you.. that they probably do want us to know something is up.. just in moderation.

Crackdown: Re: Just a Dream?

I doubt that it was "just a dream", probably these were some of your past life memories! What if you were extraterrestrial, and maybe even visited the Earth in a physical form before incarnating there...

Tarheel: Siriusly

The Star that shines @ Harvest Time is back. It appeared in early August in the dawn hours, and can now be seen in late pm, getting earlier daily.

Fortunately, we don't need Google Earth and it's facade now, although their zoom clarity would come in handy. I didn't realize they were still blocking Sirius.

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