why illuminati hate jewish people so much?

illuminati used a lot of propaganda to blame the jewish that they control the world and they money

they funded hitler who made them killed 6millions jewish

even today many medias that controlled by illuminati spill alot of hate against israel

even the UN hate israel they side with terrorist organizations.

why we are being hated so much from them more than any nation?

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Quinton: They hate all people equally,

They hate all people equally, they just use the Jews as a cover because many of the bloodlines of the Illuminati are Jewish. So they use the Jewish persecution as a cover to rally praise and good sentiment around the Jews. 99% of the stuff we hear about Jews is bullshit anyway. One of the most manipulated parts of history is Jewish history. So they don't hate Jews, they just use them the same way they use any other group of people to their advantage.

Tim Lovell: exavtly they will use any

exavtly they will use any convienient group for their purpouse

HebrianDaniel: ic


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