Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker........

No, I haven’t turned to the dark-side, but rather I am transcending sides. This article is probably the most important piece I have written to date, and in order to convey the full message, a bit of back-story is necessary. Hang in there with me, and by the end you will understand why I will never call myself a “lightworker” again.

Planet Earth and much of our corner of the universe has been under a spell for a very long time, a spell which casts doubt within our minds about whether or not we are connected with the Infinite Source of all creation. The spell causes us to feel alone, vulnerable and isolated – cast out from the Heavenly Realms into a cruel, dog-eat-dog world. This spell is pure fiction, a deception of the highest order, but it has taken hold deeply on this and other worlds.

Intrinsic within this holographic spell is the notion that duality and polarity are natural aspects of life, and that we must serve one side of duality or the other. This elegantly simple binary imprint has become so prominent that we have lost sight of the larger holographic spell that spawned it. Indeed, we have lost sight of the hologram all together, and come to believe that it is the sum total of reality.

Humans have been conditioned to worship the holographic deception and the agents that perpetuate it. This hologram has been called Maya by the Hindus, and the Gnostics referred to it as the Corrupt Demiurge. I find this term a highly accurate description, and from the point forward I will refer to it as the corrupt demiurge.

Dark vs (False) Light – Duality of the Demiurge

In order to capture and control the widest possible spectrum of souls, the corrupt demiurge split its agents into two seemingly opposing teams: Dark vs (false) Light.

yinyang2 Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

Not everyone can be a saint, so there must be room for sinners within the demiurge, as long as everyone involved is under its spell. What matters most to the demiurge is that we worship it or one of its agents, regardless if they are on the light team or the dark team.

There are many names of the players within this cosmic, multi-dimensional drama that you will have no doubt heard of such as: Lucifer, Jehova, Beelzebub, Arch Angel Michael, Satan (different dude than Lucifer), Ashtar, dozens of Arch(on) angels, supposedly ascended “masters” and various other channeled entities.

While some of these beings play for team dark, and some play for team (false) light, they are ALL ultimately playing for the corrupt demiurge that controls them. This, in essence, is the big secret of the archons: They are not just the “evil, demonic beings” but also those who pretend to be angels and ascended masters..

What is the Point of All This Control?

The corrupt demiurge is an entropic system of artificially-induced separation consciousness that is slowly dying, and it depends on harvesting the energy from the souls incarnated within its system in order to preserve its existence. In order to harvest the largest amount of soul energy possible, it created the dark-light duality paradigm to ensure that every being incarnated on a world that is under its spell would serve as a “soul battery” to help keep the demiurge energized. The “good” souls would seek out the (false) light team, and the “bad” souls would seek out the dark team, but unknown to most of those souls, they are all serving the same system.

In order to keep the duality game interesting for its participants, the demiurge set up densities of existence that “initiates” on the dark and light paths could ascend through. This gives the beings moving through these densities a feeling of accomplishment, when in fact they are navigating through a labyrinth of demiurgic illusion. The players at the higher levels of the hierarchies know that they are in a self-serving system, but they are fine with the deal, because they get to wield power and receive the energy of worship from beings further down the ladder.

What About the “Spiritual Hierarchy?”

Archon -angels; Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker:

Most channeled beings (of which I refuse to take part of) will claim to be affiliated with the (false) light-based “Spiritual Hierarchy” which includes “arch angels,” “ascended masters” and “positive ETs.” These channeled messages are a dime-a-thousand, and more keep pouring out every day. The dirty little secret is that these beings are beholden to the corrupt demiurge, and are waging a psychological battle on people that don’t want to be associated with any formal religious structure.

In other words, the “new age” is a multidmeinsional psychological operation designed to channel the soul energy of the “believers” of these teachings up to the “ascended” teachers.

Another one of their secrets is that most of the so-called “ascended masters” in their “hierarchy” never had a human incarnation. These are incredibly deceptive beings that are playing a game in order to garner the energy of worship. In the real universe of non-deception, nobody would worship them, but in the illusory “sub-universe” of the corrupt demiurge, they are able to trick good-hearted people into pouring energies of love, devotion and praise into them (That includes EN.KI TOO, Admittedly, a Dark lord of lords among many others); He did NOT Create Humans, they were upgraded by him, and they already existed. They were just LESS EVOLVED. Some people just like to give him all the credit, and this is false, even EN.KI knows this also. People are always mis-understanding this about him.

As for the “arch(on) angels” they are in more or less the same category. They are not aligned with the Infinite Source of all creation, but rather they serve a lesser being posing as the creator: the corrupt demiurge. Therefore they are not what I would call angels at all.

In honor of the truly deceptive nature of these beings, I have given them a new, more accurate title: The Spiritual Liar-archy :-) That's Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker.

The Dark Side Makes the False Light Look Good.

Angel/Demon, and that's Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker.

The two teams have to play their parts convincingly, and the dark team has really embraced their role as villainous scum ready to kill, rape, torture and do any sort of depraved thing that they can get away with.

The dark side is designed to be incredibly repugnant so that the majority of “good souls” will run to the other end of polarity, right into the “loving” embrace of one of the false light’s patriarchal religions, or to their "new age" religion with its legions of channels and “masters.”

Earth has been a difficult planet for the corrupt demiurge to fully control. Human beings were once very aware of their connection to Infinite Source and all of life, and that awareness has been maintained by spiritual individuals throughout the entire reign of darkness on this planet. Because this awareness could not be “beaten out of us” by the dark forces, a plan was formed to co-opt the spiritual nature of human beings.

First, patriarchal religions were formed and imposed on as many people of the world as possible. Anyone who didn’t adhere to one of the major religions was an outcast for much of history, until the last century when the “Theosophist movement” was born, which set the foundation for the “new age movement” to emerge in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The new age movement has continued to gain momentum as it has attracted many of the people who turned away from the hypocrisy of patriarchal religion.

The corrupt demiurge seems to have an “easy answer” for any of the inner turmoil that humans experience. If religion doesn’t serve to appease an individual, then the new age will do just fine. It’s all the same to the demiurge, as long as we “pick a side” that it controls. This is why we need to transcend sides all together.
And I did just that, because " I am A Sovereign Being" that works with the energies of light. Bluesbaby5050.

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bluesbaby5050: Continued from above: Channelers Are Being Deceived ........

Some of the problems with channeled messages, which you can find here for more background information. If religion can be said to be “the opiate of the masses” then channeled messages would be the “HOPIUM of the disgruntled minority.” Every channeled message that comes from the spiritual liar-archy is essentially the same when you strip away the fluffy talk and story-line that is being used to couch the message.

Here is a very modern channeled message, condensed into a few lines:

“Dear ones, you are greatly beloved by all of us in the spiritual (liar)archy. We long to reunite with you, for we are your long-lost family. Stay strong and hold onto your light, because we will make our presence known to you soon. Keep waiting (and suffering) and hoping for us to come and rescue you from your situation. When we arrive, we will build a golden (c)age for you on earth.”

I used to think that this nauseating disinformation coming from “Archon Angel Michael,” “Saint Germain” etc was the result of dark-side interference taking over the channels without their awareness. What I didn’t understand back when was how it worked, and that transmissions from “truly positive beings” weren’t being intercepted and corrupted by the dark side, but rather the messages were coming from “false light” beings of the spiritual liar-archy.

“Light Workers” Are Being Thoroughly Used:

angel/bully; Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker;

Back in the middle 90's I had never heard the term “lightworker” even though it had already been coined. I first learned (read) of it some time back in the late 90s, and it sounded weird to me at the time. I started to do work with the energies from light in late 90's onward. (I neutralize the dark energy put out ) Now I understand why: because the “light” that the spiritual liar-archy is trying to get us to work for is the FALSE light of demiurgic duality!

You see, there is a massive effort underway by beings that I now call “Divine Agents” to completely obliterate the corrupt demiurge. When that happens, all of the beings who have gained power through the demiurge will lose that stolen power and will have to face up to the deceptions that they have been propagating. None of them want that to happen, so in their cleverness they devised a brilliant plan to undermine the entire effort.

The plan was simple: Approach all incarnated Divine Agents, usually in a dream state but sometimes during an “ET abduction” scenario, and tell them that in order to fulfill their mission, they need to “work for the (false) light” and take orders from the spiritual liar-archy.

This plan worked AMAZINGLY well, largely because Divine Agents have had a hard time living on Earth. Societies here are badly warped, spirituality is twisted and abused, the vibrational density is heavy, our memories are mostly wiped, and we generally would rather NOT be here. So any being that emanated light (even false light) and love could make a Divine Agent feel like they were making valid contact with truly divine beings.

I still remember my own recruitment by the false light that occurred when I was 6 years old in an extremely vivid dream-time experience. They had me convinced that I was fulfilling my mission as a Divine Agent by working for them. I think they always knew I would figure them out, although it took a very, very long time,( AFTER I RECONNECTED WITH MY HIGHERSELF) This took some time to figure it all out, because I had to go though a lot of testing to get where I am at now. Also, certain glands in the human body, and brain have to become online, activated so to speak, and this is a long drawn out process also. It takes many incarnations to prepare for this, because we are tested in every life that we live, but, at the same time we are not even aware of this. We go though this blind, really! They sure are a clever bunch, and they had plenty of time to cultivate their plan, and it did work.

Ever Wake Up More Tired Than When You Went To Sleep?

Many Divine Agents who were recruited as light-workers report that they wake up more tired than when they went to bed, and their “dreams” were full of battles. During these “dream missions” the spiritual liar-archy squeezes those they control of as much energy as they can. You may wake up with memories of having gone on missions to battle the dark, but the end result is that your body, mind and soul are depleted of energy which was harvested by the (false) light beings.

A few months ago I revoked ALL agreements made with any and all beings that did not have my best interests in mind, no matter WHO the beings were or claimed to be. It sounds like such a simple thing, but somehow I had overlooked it. During the process, I felt resistance from beings who were claiming to be positive, but I stood strong and told them that I refuse to be manipulated into giving energy to the demiurge.

This has given me the distinct privilege of being targeted by both the dark team (ankle biters) and the (false) light team (spiritual liar-archy). The (false) light team does indeed engage in psychic warfare, just in different, more subtle ways than their “dark” brethren. Deflecting these attacks has been worth it because I know that I am more aligned with my true mission to put an end to the demiurge without being side-tracked into duality battles.

It is also very nice knowing I am going to get a good night’s sleep when I go to bed because I am not going to be pulled into any ridiculous “missions to battle the dark” that the (false) light beings are so fond of setting up for their “light workers.” (That phrase actually creeps me out now that I know its true origins…)

What Was That About a Golden (C)age?

golden cage Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker:

The false light beings working for the corrupt demiurge want to maintain their control over the human race. Our soul energy and agreements to live in our current cage empowers the demiurge and the beings that serve it, and they are not going to give that energy up so easily.

We are, at this very moment, in a struggle for our freedom in more ways then some know. The spiritual liar-archy wants to move us from our current, extremely uncomfortable cage into a slightly more expansive state of existence, but one that they are firmly in control of.

One metaphor to describe our current situation is that we are like a flock of chickens pent up inside a tiny, dark, smelly chicken coop. Those that have been farming us are preparing to let us out of the coop, and into a larger fenced-in area where we will be able to feel a little more free, but still within their control. This is the “farmer’s” way of ensuring that they can continue to feed off of our energies, while making us feel that we are free, thanks to the kindness of our captors.

The “spiritual” liar-archy does not want us to grow on our own to a place of self-empowerment that will allow us to simply walk away from their entire control system. This is why the channeled messages subtly disempower people, while pretending to actually offer them an empowering solution(feeding into their egos). As long as we are sitting and waiting for “the good guys” to come and save us, we will not be able to discern who truly has our best interests at heart, nor will we be able to actually fix our own problems for ourselves.

Solutions for the Duality Afflicted:

Buddha; Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker;

The Forces of True Divine Light that exist outside of the corrupt demiurge are not bound by the left-brain right-brain dynamics and dark-light polarities that define the demiurgic sub-universe. This means that they do NOT sound like a voice in your head! Instead, they use “soul telepathy” to emanate feelings, archetypal expressions, and an extremely pure quality of light that speaks directly to your soul.

The difference between a being of True Divine Light and one of the false light spiritual liar-archy beings is that the former’s light is warm, enveloping, pure and unconditionally loving, whereas the latter’s light is cool, piercing in an uncomfortable way, dominant and often overly-masculine. The spiritual liar-archy is a male-dominated group, and even the females within their power structure have a very masculine energy. This male-domination is, of course, why the religious structures the liar-archy enabled all have a domineering male god, and no mention of an all-encompassing, feminine creator.

Another major difference between false light beings within the demiurge and beings of True Divine Light who are aligned with Infinite Source is that the Divine Light is not controlling, manipulative, bossy or judgmental in any way. Infinite Source will NOT impose an agenda upon you, although it will support you in your chosen mission to help dismantle the corrupt demiurge. You won’t be given “marching orders” by Infinite Source or beings of True Divine Light who operate outside of the demiurge. They won’t send you on endless, energy-draining missions in your dream-time, and they won’t ask you to do something that will result in loss of your soul energy, unlike the imposters in the false-light spiritual liar-archy.

The beings of True Divine Light are supportive, loving, nurturing, and they care about you as an individual. You are not just a cog in a machine to them, for they understand that you are a vitally important aspect of an intricately interconnected creation. They have the utmost respect for those of us who volunteered to incarnate into the “beast system” of the corrupt demiurge in order to help dismantle it from the inside. Indeed, there must be Divine Agents working both from within and outside of the corrupt demiurge in order to dismantle it.

Discernment is Vital:

I will be writing more on this topic and its many implications. In the mean time, I urge you to drastically increase skepticism and fine-tune your discernment. Apply your intuition and logic to information that you receive, and ask yourself “what is the agenda here?” There is indeed a very large, multi-dimensional “conspiracy” at work on this planet, and it draws power from us by pushing us into one spectrum of polarity or another. Anyone urging you to “choose a side” simply hasn’t woken up to the fact that both sides are two halves of the SAME coin that is controlled by the corrupt demiurge.

I urge you to discuss these ideas with those close to you and look for ways that you may have been manipulated by the false light in the past. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – the false light beings are amazingly skilled liars and manipulators.

Most of you reading this have already chosen to be a Divine Agent and incarnate for the purpose of dismantling the demiurgic control system. You have already made your choice, and now you need to carry out your individual mission. In order to do that, it is vitally important to sever all ties with the false-light “spiritual” liar-archy, take some time to regain energy and strength if necessary, and ask your Divine Inner Self to reveal to you what it is that you specifically need to do.

Stand strong in the true light of your Divine Inner Self and Infinite Source.


Tim Lovell: lol couldn't have said it

lol couldn't have said it better myself BB well done

Quinton: This is a really, really

This is a really, really important message. I remember reading about this same type of thing when I first went through the book Matrix 5 which OL mentions on here quite a bit.

The universe doesn't know good or bad, it only knows love. The way good and bad is used in this world is the same way left and right is used in the political world. They're both artificial constructs created to control. If it was never for religions branding things as good or bad we wouldn't know good or bad, we would just see things for what they are. Breaking the light and darkness paradigm is one of the greatest things somebody could do if they truly want to live in wisdom and love. Thanks for sharing BB.

obsrvantlouie: Enlightening post BB

And well said Quinton; understanding that duality/polarity are simply points of view as hard as it is to accept certain actions dark and light makes; this is essential to anyone who is trying to reach unique harmony of balance.

We get strengths and weaknesses from both dark and light; ALWAYS BEWARE THE ASCENDED MASTER: I have said this often - I true "master" would never declare himself as such because humility and surrender have been allowed in order to understand polarity.

Nice messages from all comments here.

Quaesitor: I read this last year

I read this last year, it really changed the way I thought about spirituality and the New Age movement in general.
I think I learned as much from the comments, sometimes people coming at him vehemently protecting their world view, and then admitting there is a powerful truth to his words.


bluesbaby5050: This really did happen to me, and to alot of other people also..

When I first joined TC I wrote just a little about myself, and about some of my experiences that happened to me in my life, and I also stated that I was a light worker, and this is all true. I wrote about astral projection, and reincarnation, and that I had died and come back, and I touched on many metaphysical subjects, because they simply were not on TC during that time. And I felt they needed to be expressed, because people needed to learn about it, and talk about it in a non threatening place, and TC was just the right place for this to happen. I later on I changed the title in my profile from light worker to energy worker after a couple of years had gone by when I had realized what was really going on in polarities with my own experiences that I was going though. I had taken off the light worker title, and replaced it with energy worker, and this could be seen when people checked out my profile. I felt this was better for me, and it had released me from that controlling aspect to it, and this was the reason for that change being made. I did go though exactly what other people had gone though when they came to the same realization that they were being used also, and who the players really are. I was actually speaking my peace, and taking my personal power back from the energy thieves out loud. I had taken a look at the link you gave after, and I took a look because of what you said, you had read about this a couple years before, and I wanted to compare what I knew to be MY truth, from my OWN personal experiences, and to see if anything different was in this information. I had also read some of the comments from the people saying mean things too, on their forum. Your right about what they say, and this happens to me very often, and to many other people also, when they speak to people about these same experiences, they either don't believe it, or they deny it's even possible. I do believe that when we speak, and the words that we use when speaking during our days is true, those words hold/have power, and this is why I changed the way that I speak, and I am very careful at the choice of words I use now. I will not loose my energies to others, and this really does happen to people, and it really does leave a person tired, and they have to re-energize themselves often, and this should not be the case. This man in the link you posted was very right, because he had to experience all this for himself along his journey, this is all a part of it. I have been bringing up many different subjects during my time as a member of Truth Control that was not mentioned before on this site, and this is just one more of so many. Click onto my avatar, and review my information I wrote when I joined TC, and it will bring up all the topics that I have shared with this forum/site since I have been a member. There is also a number in the right hand column with more topics in them, and not just at the bottom of the page, and most people do miss this, and that's why I mentioned this as well. What I say is the truth. People should also realize that we share a universal unspoken language that is not known by some people, and we will unconsciously pick up material from other people that we do not even know, or have meant in our lives though our mental processes. This is how people can understand what others are saying without our being able to speak the same language. This has happened to me a lot during my life time. I live in a community where we have many people from many countries, and this is how I found this out. We have many Asians from the Asians countries, and we also have many Russians, and many Middle eastern people, and people from India coming here for government jobs, and many college students, because my city has a large Osteopathic college where I live. So this brings many people to my city from many different parts of the world. We also have many ethnic eateries with so much to taste, and experience here now as well. This makes our life much more interesting I think. Thanks for sharing this link, and for your comment too.

pasqualie: Just kind of new to this kind

Just kind of new to this kind of thing, was meditating for 4 years, and 6 weeks ago was meditating and i was jolted by electricity in the forehead while meditating, started seeing green vortexes and was jolted again in the forehead. Ever since then started hearing high frequency sounds while I meditate.

Friend showed me a video on evolutionary path of consciousness, so I did 2 meditations from there, one with rishi connection and another with a godseed meditation.

Had a strange dream today after, while sleeping, I became aware I was in the dream, was a strange dream, something where a group of people i didnt know were looking for something. And we got separated but I could hear them. And then I heard a voice in my head, not sure if it was sinister or if I was just startled. It said where are you avatar. Dont even know what that means, but I woke up right away after hearing that.

Been getting strange sensations while meditating, high frequency, and also feels like my body is in a way vibrating.

obsrvantlouie: You are awaking to your true self

True self as in the spirit. The jolt in the forehead is the opening of your "3rd eye". Do some research on the chakras (suggest work by AMY ROST - "Natural Healing Wisdom and Know How" for information on chakras). Actually, the book by Rost is a must have if you are into homeopathy, can not say enough about it.

Also, purchase the journeys series authored by Robert Monroe and you can read online for free "The handbook for a new paradigm". The handbook series can seem redundant but it's essential for persons like yourself to remain grounded and understaffed the changes going on.

Monroe series is some of the most advanced information on the planet.

Start here, keep and open mind and do not be afraid...you will more likely continue to feel the vibrations...embrace them. Listen to the voice if you trust it...if you do not trust it than tell it to fuck off.

Trust in self above all and enjoy the ride...you are in for a doozy.

If you have further questions I will try to answer.

pasqualie: I actually had two times I

I actually had two times I heard a voice in my head while sleeping and it woke me up.

The other time it said, the answers are found within you. Its always the last thing that happens before i wake up, and I remember it. Keeping a dream diary now.

Thing with the vibrations, sometimes I feel them when I am doing things in the day and not meditating. I dont live in an earthquake zone, but sometimes it feel like tremors in the ground. So I am thinking hm... is there an earth quake happening, or just strange sensations in my body. No one else around me seems to feel it so I am assuming its just me.

thanks Louie for the response. Its definitely been interesting last 6 weeks so far. Will see where this goes. only other experience I had was a precognitive dream 10 years ago in a dream while sleeping, which came true the next day. Will look up the materials you suggested.

obsrvantlouie: I have felt the vibrations and

I know of what you speak. For me, many times the vibrations would start in my legs below the knees: this is also mostly how where I would feel the "earthquake" sensation. Vibrations many times would start in my left ear. They are a very warming and sensational feeling for me.

Try this next meditation; once relaxed and gone through your normal preparations of meditation...move all the focus to your 3rd eye and repeat this phrase "I am a human becoming, help me to become". You will know how many times you need to keep repeating.

You are welcome - also, if you haven't kicked the fluoride from your toothpaste be sure to do this asap as your pineal gland (3rd eye) is cracking open. The mantra above will intensify this opening of the 3rd eye at the very least.

bluesbaby5050: Flouride is in the water too, and people are....

Also cooking with this polluted water, and your cooking foods that absorb this fluoridated water. People are also drinking it, and mixing powered drinks with this contaminated fluoridated filled water. You must remove all fluoride in your life, this is very important, and you will benefit more from doing this. Fluoride is in most city water in the US. Most European countries have refused to have this poison dumped in their cities water. If your not sure about the area where you live, you can look this information up though the public offices in your town/city hall, and it's free of charge, this is the place where they store all public records on everyone that has been born, and died in that city, or town.

Sarahphim: Origin and Purpose of the Liarchy

I came across this site today, and the above article about a month or so ago. I've been on this chapter of my life spiritual journey for around fourteen months. Sometimes I feel I'm going around in circles chasing TRUTH on my tail. One of many questions I have, is- what is the origin and the ultimate purpose of all of this Liarchy, especially the False Light, which is particularly disconcerting? In a Universe (or Omniverse?) where the essential Divine nature is perportedly Love, Compassion, and Good, where does all the trickery and deception fit in? What's the goal here in the largest scheme of it all? I've heard the "the currency of the Universe is energy", and "they" want and harvest human energy, and so forth... but in a mainly benevolent Universe (or not really?) what IS going on? Hahaha, I just remembered an old Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man", which was the name of a book of the visiting Aliens. It was figured out at the end it was a cookbook intent on
serving humans as the main dish!

pasqualie: when the rebellion happened that is reported in many cultures

it ripped the fabric and created 2 worlds or matrixes. the ones that ripped it went into the phantom matrix, where everything works in reverse. have to feed or consume to survive, because they are cut off from source. we unfortunately are on the side that parasitizes to propagate itself like the laws that operate here, like fibonacci sequence. which must parasitize last 2 numbers to survive. its why that sequence never connects back to zero which is source. laws here work in reverse of the laws on the other side of the black hole. its why on this side, everything consumes everything below it to survive and propagate. so to the fallen angelics here we are just a resource as well, just as we may look at a cow or pig, or piece of corn or an insect. that only changes when human consciousness changes. its why various leaders present and in history as well as those in the black arts were vegetarians. one it strengthens your light body and energy, and if you dont consume meat, then you cannot be eaten as meat.

obsrvantlouie: Your assumption

That this is a 'benevolent' universe is incorrect...it's quite the opposite.

This world is ruled by darkness - this is what their is so few who actually know the truth of reality.

I suggest reading "the handbook for a new paradigm" by George green and also "the paradigm conspiracy" by Largent.

TillToTheWhen: Have you ever heard of the

Have you ever heard of the "downward spiral" ? I was reading about that a while back, some years ago. But it reminded me of how the unvierse is actually a negative one. But then again I do believe that love comes from the universe, so that's another contradiction I guess. Sorry my brain is pretty limited so it's hard for me to udnerstand complex stuff, due to all my past drug use. That's why I don't get involved in most of these threads. I try to understand, but most of my truth comes from within, and I can't really put it into words, but it definitely contradicts most of the time as well. But it all makes sense to me either way. It's like truth is not set in stone, it can be whatever way you chose to perceive it.

obsrvantlouie: The downward spiral

I am not familiar with it. Polarity is still present in this density (ie love and compassion etc) it's just that the system/theatre is run by darkness. Think about how in all the legends and literature of darkness vs evil; notice how darkness always outnumbers the hero by insurmountable odds yet some how the individual hero- fearless and committed usually prevails. This is not unlike the paradigm we live in......lots of darkness to sift through, lots of manipulated mindless minions of sheep clawing at you to be like them, to not break from the system, subliminal messaging, poisoned food, medical malpractice vs homeopathy, electronic manipulation, chemical manipulation......this is why so few are awake and so many are ignorant.

TillToTheWhen: That is SO true! Reminds me

That is SO true! Reminds me of everyday life. I currently live with one of the "zombies" who does nothing but sit and watch tV all day and everytime I say something true (like, "That hair dryer is toxic!") to try and break them free of the programming they just call me an idiot and try to fight me on it. I also noticed that when I play the games, that the good hero always wins in the end. I always thought that was a good sign, as you know the people who designed these games are not your everyday people. So, maybe the PTB are just playing their part..and are not truly evil. I guess it all boils down to the matrix, the way I see it. They continue to challenge us, to see if we can beat the game...

pasqualie: In a way its true.

In science they call it entropy. A system degrades or parasitizes itself to expand, until it cant continue anymore. Like our sun, it burns the fuel until it implodes and becomes a dwarf or a black hole. You see it in mathematics as well as the geometries in nature. The fibonacci sequence for one which is seen in nature. It uses the last 2 numbers to continue. Like a spiraling outwards and a contraction or callapse. At least on this side of the universe its the way things work. To grow you must consume something else, but it only works for a bit before things run out, or stop working as efficiently and it callapses as resources become scarce and then things are recycled.

TillToTheWhen: Ah, the Fibonacci sequence...

Ah, the Fibonacci sequence....a classic losing gambler's progression!

I came up with my own progression about 5 years ago, which is mind blowing, because it actually seems to beat the built in house edge. (which is impossible long term, but that just means over INFINITE spins....I am referring to the game of Roulette here...) but I call it a Spike progression. It's a limited progression, to where you actually win more on the later bets and quit when you get to a certain point. I see patterns everywhere and nothing in the universe is truly random, including roulette (Ever seen the movie called "Pi"?) and using the progression along with the patterns can actually make money. But the thing is, vegas rigs every game including roulette, beyond the house edge. They have the dealers spin the wheel to force you to lose. So there is also a way to exploit this...but doing so is risky because last time I tried it, the dealer caught on to me, and waved her hand over the table (No more spins) to prevent me from doing the system. So I havevent played since...but I know with discipline the game is beatable. Of course they will kick you out too if you win consistently. So, it's hard to beat vegas, but possible. I plan to get back into roulette one day soon when I work up my bankroll again. There's plenty of casinos to play at. And I know from experience that the system works. Not all dealers here are dishonest but I'd say at least 30 to 50% of them are.

pasqualie: it all comes down to math

i suggest you look into poisson distribution as it relates to probabilities in regards to sports teams or even player performance or outcome.



there is varying thoughts on it, some just play odds discrepancies to give advantage with teams that have win probability. comparing odds between books online to determine where the edge lies. but in general i dont do it for fun nor enjoy it, i just it when i need cash in a crunch and not for my benefit. i find it stressful personally.

end of the day its not a smart way to spend money. so i dont recommend gambling, although i do partake of it from time to time out of necessity.

dont do parlays, if you do limit it to 2 or 3 max events.

to be honest i would stay away from roulette and other card games or craps, odds stacked against you in a bad way. only one where its almost even is blackjack. but not a casino games guy myself. i just do the sports from time to time when I need to.

TillToTheWhen: Me and you need to talk

Me and you need to talk through email or PM because I can prove you wrong on both of those points. (Don't worry I'm not out to make money from you, I will tell you what I know at no cost) but yeah, it's a fallacy that parlays are a bad bet. Same with teasers. I understand for MOST bettors/gamblers that they are bad bets, but so are straight ATS bets. I am one of the few who can beat the house with parlays. Infact, that's ALL I do is parlays. I know I admitted I am broke so I am not making anything up here. I have made 100's of units of profit every year. My problem is MM I blow all my money quickly when I get it on hotels and shit like that. But I am being honest with you. I actually have my own sports service, and I can add you to my list at no cost if you want, since you've helped me a lot with your advice.

I will prove to you that parlays are the way to go. I've hit multiple 8 teamers back to back, on several different occasions. just earlier this year in May I hit 14 teams...I went 14-0 on that day, but I only parlayed 10 of them because my casino wouldnt allow me to do a 14 teamer. But online you can. I would of been rich overnight had I done all 14 teams and bet more on it. I only bet $2 which is embarrassing to admit, but I won almost $1000 from the $2 bet.

I will check those links out though....thanks

ps- I thought when I read the header, you were talking about "god" lol they say god is a mathematical equation and so is our entire universe, and that is pretty much true as well. Everything boils down to math. But for some reason(me knowing it's all rigged..and seeing through their traps) I have the ability to beat the math with my parlays. I hit them consistently enough to beat the house edge by far. Just hitting one parlay with underdogs can payout a fortune. Just a $1 bet on a 10 teamer with underdogs can payout upwards of a half a million dollars to give you an idea....and dogs win more often in sports than they should.

TillToTheWhen: Every week vegas will rig

Every week vegas will rig certain games to bust the teaser cards. Last week it was the Jets game (which was an obvious setup, I was on the Jets....) obvious letdown spot for the Steelers after playing 3 solid games at home.

Again this week, I like the Titans to upset the Steelers, as Steelers are never good on the road. But that's how it's all staged. And I see through it. I watch the games closely and I predict when the guy will fumble or throw an INT....infact I watched Peyton Manning purposely fumble the ball to the Raiders last year, to give them another 1st and goal (since they were so terrible they couldn't get it the first time) he literally THREW the ball on the ground, nobody knocked it from his hands. So, if you watch closely, you'll see that sports is totally rigged. No possible way it isn't, as there's so much money involved. Vegas has a super computer which tells them where all the money's at...and they rig whatever games they need to , in order to keep them in business. If it wasn't rigged, the public would win far too often, as there are definitely talent mismatches.

TillToTheWhen: Two good examples from last

Two good examples from last week I KNEW the teams would win were Alabama in College and 49ers in NFL....49ers were 6 pt underdogs and I guaranteed they would win Straight up before the game started. Here's how I knew- I did some research and read the local news reports and everything and found a gold mine of info on them. Frank Gore said " We are going to the playoffs" so he basically gave it away that 49ers would win that game in New Orleans (and NO was on a 12 game home winning streak too) because they HAD to win to have a chance at the playoffs this season as their record was 4-4 at the time. so, based on that alone, I knew 49ers were a lock. And of course they were. If you watched the game you would of seen Brees threw for the TD with seconds left and it was negated by a new orleans penalty. I was at the bar watching it and the guy I overheard talking he said "That was vegas right there" so he knew what was up. All the other people there had no clue it was rigged, they were all cheering and shit, thinking NO won the game. I then said "No way SF loses in OT" and of course SF won.

The Alabama game was more of an "educated guess" because they are facing the top ranked Miss St this week and they didn't want them going into that game off a loss, so I knew ALA would beat LSU straight up. I even bet my roomate when LSU was first and goal with a minute left to go in a tie game. I said I bet you anything Alabame wins. Alabama had only 10 pts the entite game, then convienently scores the field goal to tie it with seconds left and then they cover the 6.5 spread by winning in OT by a TD. All staged 100%, LSU got that penalty on purpose.

If people knew this, they would do so much better with betting. So that's why I am telling you, to help you out. Same with the 49er game, they hadn't scored since the 1st Q I believe, then convienently they get the game tying FG with seconds left. SO OBVIOUS. Lol

TillToTheWhen: Also to further back my

Also to further back my Alabama pick last week, I saw that vegas put them +2.5 on the big teaser card at William Hill. So that gave it away as well further, they tried to scare people away from picking Alabama, knowing it was a lock for them to win. So I see right through them most of the time. Sometimes they get me, that's part of the game. But long term I destroy them and I will continue to do so every single year. I've never had a losing season.

Sarahphim: Still asking how & why

Thank you. My question of why, and how Original Benevolent Light Source/God permitted, permits this remains unanswered.
About our resources changing when our consciousness changes...I'm connecting this to the Mystical concept and practice in "Orthodox" Judaism of saying a blessing WITH PROPER INTENT (i.e. raised consciousness) in order to elevate the Holy Sparks of that which one is consuming. One interesting source, Protection From Evil, by HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok, says we also do this so that the energy essence of the food does not go to malevolent forces.

But then again Hitler was a vegetarian, and apparently in cahoots openly intent to create a New World Order. So people like this are vegetarians to keep themselves from being eaten even by those whose bidding they are doing?

I am also wondering about the animal sacrifices of the Jewish Temples which stood for 400 years each. Were these feeding the energy eaters as a command from them to feed them as Yaweh says directly "They are My food"? OR were these practices done, along with ritual circumcision, to DIVERT the energy being taken otherwise from humans?! An appeasement offering; here you can have this animal, or a drop of my sons' blood, then go away and let us be?

I'm someone who has left Orthodox Jewish observance two times in my life, so this is a framework which I'm thinking a lot about. I see within the writings and teachings a mixture of the demiurge and of Original Source. On the one hand the system provides a path to stay in alignment with the Divine, and the myriad laws which keep Jews apart from non-Jews can be seen as a way to stay out of the demiurge matrix. On the other hand, there is much doctrine which negates spiritual autonomy and personal power, affirms duality, and external salvation, and most tragic of all- a God that is also judgmental and separate from creation.

I'd also like to point out that the first words as reported in Torah said by God at Mt. Sinai was ANOCHI Yaweh your God (Elohecha).....etc, translated only as "I" am God, your God. Now the Torah scrolls are written without any vowels, so the pronunciation being Anochi, has been passed down the generations, and could also be read something else like Enki,Enoki. And then comes all the laws. REALLY wanting to know what's with much Jewish law, especially around food, and obscure commands like not wearing wool and linen together. I easily get, like most, the ethical laws which in part may be way to maintain consciousness, have a society of co-existence (ideally), in order NOT to feed the ankle biters with our negative emotional energy. I'm a bit obsessed with wanting to figure all this out.

obsrvantlouie: Your identifying with the body

The body....is just a vehicle for the spirit. Hitler was a vegetarian because he didn't like meat. You can advance spiritually regardless of eating meat it not. Advancing spiritually is true power. Opening your 3rd eye, connecting with your high self, developing out of body travel abilities, control of your emotions, conquering fear, this is power.

This world is a playground for the spirit to gain experience via polarity by use of the emotional spectrum through the physical body.

At birth you are blocked from knowing your history and true self so you can experience fully all that polarity has to offer.

Religious texts contain many truths but they are all laced with lies that lead to the same dead end power give away to an external deity.

The creators of this universe are like game makers of a board game. They are not the highest upon high of 'source'......when you sign up to play, you agree to certain terms in order to achieve certain educational experience.

Every religious text on this planet was created or manipulated by alien beings at one point or many points in history. The God of those txt refers to alien beings. Read the bible from the point of view that God is an alien being....

Sarahphim: Chess & ancient channeling

Yes, I used to have this what I though of as a weird idea years ago before learning all this info, that perhaps the Universe was some sort of giant chess game, we of course the pawns.

I'm starting to look at religious texts as ancient channeling, with the same varying degrees of corruption as modern day channeling. I'd venture to say that the text of the so-called "Last Prophet" is the most corrupt. It is known that he was semi-conscious with the words being dictated to him.

pasqualie: I only have one bit of advice for discernment

Assumption being you were created by God or some Entity.

You therefore have that same bit of Godforce within you as does everyone else. So everyone is equal in that they all have the same potential. You are therefore connected directly to this Godforce through you. As for any doctrine or dogma or laws you may come across, you have to use our own discernment. If its anything that gives the message of fear, to control you or to keep you separate from yourself, others, or even God through intermediaries, then its not something that should resonate with you. Separation and fear is used to control and keep people down by feeling like they are unworthy or to have low self worth and power. For me it was what i noticed in my 20's when i was in organized religion, the use of fear and separation. That God was an angry punishing judgemental God, and that we were born in original sin so we are flawed at birth. Even the crucifixion story is in itself plays on guilt, that someone came and died horribly because we were flawed. If there is a flaw, its in the way we think from the left brain. You have heard bipolar is a disease that is reported today in the medical field where people shift from one side of the brain to the other. Even a greater epidemic that is not reported is unipolar where everyone else is shunted into their left brain, and operate out of fear, anger, judgment or separation. It really starts from practicing no judgement in all things to begin the shift. Because when you judge, in a way you judge yourself, because we are all the same, or at least the potential to do things in others, also exists in you. We have to get out of the abandonment, fear, low self worth and the victim/victimizer conditioning as a whole for humanity.

What louie speaks of not identifying with the body is true. Not easy to do since you are in a 3 dimensional dense body in a 3 d world. But spiritual on a soul level you are immortal. Because you are energy, and energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form. Its basically releasing all attachments and aversions. When you no longer identify with the stories you have learned or associate with yourself with who you are, then you can release on the fact that you are this body as well. And through it you release one of the last stages of fear of death, because in reality you are immortal and god in your own right because you have godforce inside you. You can choose to change or go on a different path than the whole of humanities mass consciousness because you have choice with regards to a certain degree in your own path concerning you.

pasqualie: There is no definitive proof of anything

All we have is various sources and writings currently and in historical writings to compare and cross reference.

As for vegetarianism, it is said to increase your energy and power. Its why many in power are vegetarians. This of course lies in the esoteric or occult history. In terms of diet, the hebrew faith does not eat pig because there is rumors pigs are a genetic cross between a human and pig. It is why pigs are used in tests for drugs and cosmetics before use on humans. As well pigs are compatible with humans in that you can graft pigs skin to humans in burn victims. So eating pig or pork is in a sense a form of canabalism.

As for relying solely on historical writings, you in a sense have to use discernment. Because written history is in a sense censored or filtered by those in power or the victors, so they tend to write what resonates with them, or the message they want to depict to the public. I believe all writings have truth and disinformation in them throughout history. Just as all information given to the public today has truth and disinformation either deliberate or not, through intent or through lack of understanding at the time.

As I said the truth is difficult to really find, it is piecing together things and comparing and then making up your own mind on what you feel is true. As for God, even in the hebrew faith there is hints of various things. For example i believe in the bible in genesis its says " we made man in our image, which was later in some versions changed to my likeness" but the original in greek and hebrew uses the plural form as well. In hebrew i believe they use the world elohim which is also the plural form for God in the context of the verse. i believe the singular is eloah. So who ever allowed the passage to be written was expressing man was created by many aliens or god beings.
As for why God or source allowed it, in one sense God or source created other beings to experience life through them. So in one regard we are all connected. Some say we are aspects or God on this earth with our memories erased to experience life in true form in a 3 dimensional earth.

Others say there was some great rebellion. As for why it was allowed, in one regard they have free choice, but in some regards some explain it as distortions appearing as you copy something further away from the original. Similar to a photocopy, as you photocopy something over and over again you get more distortions and fading from the original. As a consequency of replicating or breeding over and over again, mistakes or mutations or distortions occur.

either way, whether we were evolved here or seeded here by others on earth. we exist in duality. what is referred to as the good and evil consciousness. the aspects of us all and the potential in each of us to do both great good or great evil. because our minds are divided into two halves. the right and left. i believe we at one time were balanced brain or more right dominant, but somewhere along the line we were shunted into the left brain. So the ego and logic and fear and separation began to dominate. Some say it was the introduction of language in the biblical story of the tower of babel that did this. Because some say before then we communicated telepathically so we did not need spoken or written language.
Either way the result was it created separation from ourselves, others and from source. As well some say the existence of a reptilian brain surrounded by a mamalian brain ensures we will be constantly at war with ourselves, as with others, until we learn to balance both brains rather than having the left brain dominate. Because the left brain is where the ego is, which is the source of logic, but also the source of fear, anger, hate and separation.

pasqualie: As for thoughts and emotions changing reality

It partially lies in science for an individual person. What you think about determines how you feel.
When you think a thought, it releases chemicals and hormones from your brain to make you feel the way you do. So the predominant thoughts you have during the day, week, month, years becomes your general state of being. When you are happy you release dopamine, when angry you release neuropeptides, when you are fearful you release adrenaline. So what thoughts you have determine how you feel, as well as your general state of being, which influences what actions you will take. It all lies in intent, belief and energy, because you are an energy or electrical being, as well as living in an electric universe. You recieve sensory input because you recieve electrical impulses back to your brain. In a general sense you will not do what you believe is not true. If you do not believe you could open a door by turning the door knob, you would not try. And everything in this world man made, in the first step, began with a thought, from a pencil to a skyscraper, it began with a thought in someones mind. So we do all create with our thoughts. We just have to look around in our lives and look at what we have created. Its just looking at our own lives inside the box it is difficult to see this. But if you rather look at it as a chess game that is recorded with video, you you go back and look at each move made, you see each move was decided by a thought or emotions which lead to the consequence of one king being down on one side at the end. So we write the tomorrows of our lives with our thoughts and emotions, which determines what actions or behaviours we take.

In the esoteric or the occult, all these rituals are based on this also, Intent, belief and energy. the rituals we see merely focuses us on these 3 aspects. Its the reason why some of the elite are involved in these things, or we see in institutions groups involved in ritual and ceremony as a group to focus the groups energy toward some goal.

Even the concept of paedophilia, it lies in the esoteric and the occult. it began in ancient times in royal lines. They believed an aging king or queen who lay naked in bed with a young person would recieve the life energy to prolong their health and life. It was why it was practiced. Even King solomon is said to have practiced this. Although they did not have sex with the young naked person in their bed. But it was perverted as time went on so they started having sex with the person and even sacrificing them, or consuming them in ritual.

pasqualie: As Well I think

Blaming God for allowing this is actually not taking responsibility for our own actions. God didnt do anything. Its us humans that allowed these psychopaths and sociopaths to get into positions of power in government and business and military. Somewhere in history humanity allowed and wanted these psychopaths to lead. And we allowed ourselves to be brainwashed into believing and idolizing these psychopaths as they told us their lies. Whether to through deliberate intent, or passivity, we humans allowed this to happen. There is a saying that we look down on Nero in the description Rome burned and Nero played the violin. Look around today, the world is being destroyed and all of humanity is just playing the violin, because they want to deny what is right in front of them in the signs, because to acknowledge it means they dont get their light beer and big screen tv and the bliss of ignorance. Rather they are engaged in distraction of terrorism or Isis, or Ebola, or other things. Its always easier to look externally for reasons and blame and distraction, rather than looking inside yourself. Because when you externalize something, you can give away your energy and control, and to some degree not take responsibility.

pasqualie: There is no clear cut answers

The only one I can think of is connect to your higher self, and go into the astral or hyperspace through out of body experience as some are able to on this forum and around the world. As for me, although not through lack of trying, this is currently something I am not able to do yet.

pasqualie: What is the ultimate goal

Humanity is in duality and inside a box metaphorically as a whole and individually. I guess if there is a goal, its to get out of duality and get out of the box and the limitations its has on our thoughts and beliefs of what is real and possible. Right now we are in self imposed prisons of our beliefs and understanding. And no one can release you from your own prison but yourself. You have to go inside yourself and into your mind and free yourself.

pasqualie: Blaming God for humanities problems on earth

Is kind of like blaming the government you smoked cigarettes, because they allow it to be sold. The government doesnt force you to smoke cigarettes in a hypothetical situation. You have the choice to smoke it or not, as well as other things. There are various different groups as well as government that says smoking as well as doing drugs or drinking in excess is bad for you. But they do not force you to smoke or not to smoke.

In this same way its the same about world events and conditions. We as humanity as a whole alllowed some to get into power, and allowed them to set a up a system of economics that parasitizes humanity and the earth. Granted we currently were born into the system, but we participate in it to varying degrees. For example you need money or income so you have to do something to generate it through work to varying degrees. The majority work and buy a home and save for retirement as well as raise their kids and put them through school. But they are ignorant of how they are enabled to do this in the west, or 1st world countries. They dont want to know how the money is generated that allows them to buy a big home which they really cant afford, or how their retirement investment keeps going up to enable them to live in comfort when they retire, or how they are enabled to have the income they have to live the lifestyle they have. They buy into the system knowingly or not wanting to know, just wanting to have a comfortable life. And if they are unaware of who gets exploited to allow them to have this lifestyle then they consider themselves absolved of all responsibility of it. Because they were not the ones directly doing it. For instance governments and corporations go into 3rd world countries and exploit those countries by strapping them in imf loans, and taking their resources and most of the profits out of the countries they come from. So the people who live in those 3rd world countries do not recieve any of that wealth. The corporations go into 3rd world countries and exploit child labour to keep costs down and to boost profits and the stock market in earnings. These corporations also go into these 3rd world countries and destroy and pollute the environment in the process of extracting commodities, and dont clean it up. And the governments go into these countries and set up puppet dicators who take bribes and put down the populations if they revolt. As well in africa they cause war in the countries that can supply food for the continent so the continent is starving and dependent on world food aid to survive. Your mortgage or credit cards or loans, its packaged off into what they call off balance sheet financing by banks. They package this debt and give it some rating and sell it off in blocks on the stock markets to pension funds and other investors. All this based on the theory of infinite growth economics to promote profits and consumerism, and keep people and countries strapped in debt to keep them working to harnass their energy, to keep generating profits for the corporations. As well there is the military or weapons industry which is created in need to go in and put down or sell weapons to governments to put down revolts in 3rd world countries, or to go in with military to install puppet governments that allow them to exploit their resources. This is done directly or indirectly. Indirectly you create 2 groups and sell weapons to both so they kill each other and create instability, which makes them easier controlled when they are fighting each other.

And now to show you how perverse and shunted into the left brain humanity as a whole are. They use climate change and environmentalism and blame the people who have the least control. Saying they have too many kids because of poverty which necessitates more hands foraging for things to survive. And they blame these same people for deforestation because they need to burn wood for fuel to stay warm.

And the elite who are directly responsible, well they dont blame themselves or the system they set up and profit from. They blame the people and there are some who advocate human depopulation, so they can enjoy their wealth in unspoiled nature.

So I don think you can ask why did God allow this. Humans know the difference between right and wrong, or good and bad, as well as cause and effect. Its just a way to blame God and not take responsibility for actions done on this planet. But part of this as well is the conditioning that individually we are helpless to do anything. So the majority prefer to act like they are ignorant of whats going on and as well just keep living and partaking in the system that allows them to be comfortable. Although all see the signs and results, they just prefer to not ask questions to verify the details of how things are being done to allow them to be comfortable. And the fear of losing what they have as well plays a role in this. They dont want it to change.

Humans are not robots, although most act like it. They were given the ability to think and reason, so regardless of whether they want to acknowledge it or not, they are responsible. We have no one to blame but ourselves, when we accept this responsibiity its when change happens. The problem is the people in charge, and the system, based on keeping everyone dependent and controlled, while the vast majority of profits goes into the hands of the very few. And if there is problems or unrest, they externalize the blame, either to God, or to another group of people to marginalize them so the anger is directed externally as well as the consequences of that anger. The creation of an external enemy to blame or cause, is use to distract and keep people occupied and distracted.

Just look at the recent distractions, the war on terror creates more terror and terrorism. The war on drugs creates more drug users, the war on poverty creates more poverty, the war on no child left behind in education, well just look at the literacy and graduation rates going down.

the masses done realize it, but the system is designed to implode on itself by parasitizing itself until there is nothing left to parasitize. its insane, but the government leaders of the world and the ones in charge well they dont seem to want to change it, even though it leads to only one finality. I guess its the arrogance of being the top of the food chain in the food chain. Being at the top in the mass of humanity, where they think, even if everyone else and everything callapses, they can some how wait it out in their well stocked underground bunkers, until it all blows over. Its the hubris of its ok for it to happen to them, but they wouldnt do it to me, or it wont happen to me because i am somehow different or special from them.

TillToTheWhen: I didn't read your entire

I didn't read your entire response yet, but I have to disagee on your analogy of compariong the government allowing us to smoke cigarettes to god allowing us to suffer. This implies that we have an external creator, like religion claims. I chose to believe that god is a part of us, and not some dictator in the sky. I've argued with tons of christians on other sites, and try to show them how their religion is flawed because they believe in an all knowing and all powerful god, which if that was true, it WOULD be his fault that we suffer, because that implies that he has the power to stop it. Unfortunately that's obviously not true, and there is no "one god" but rather a "God one" as I would put it. So, I am not an atheist by any means, I don't believe in that word. But I believe the higher power (god, whatever you want to call it, I really dont like the word "god") lives and works through us and the energy of everything. Even plants have conscious which has been proven....so I believe god is eternal, we are eternal, so we were not just created, like the religions say.

Sarahphim: Misunderstood. My question

Misunderstood. My question was definitely not about blaming God, but wanting to understand the original divides of dark and false light, from Original True Light, AND in light of the essence of Divinity in all. I'm not one to blame God, especially for our human made atrocities here, done in accordance to the degree of forgetfulness and believed separation from each other and our Godly core nature.
Somewhere I heard (A Pleiadian message?) that the interplay of all these forces play out here because Earth is the only Free Will zone in the Universe.

According to the commentaries in Genesis, the first light which was created was a supernal non-physical light said to have been put away for the righteous and for the time of Redemption, which the Hebrew word is better translated as Revelation, revealing what is already there; our true Divine nature. It appears that we are in these times now for all who awaken.

Tarheel: What if......

What if God was one of us?

Couldn't resist interjecting humor into it. D'oh!

pasqualie: I have heard this as well about the free will

Other alien species or some of them operate on a group consciousness level, so they cannot advance or raise up or act beyond the group or mass consciousness state. Humans in this way are unique, they can go in different paths individually apart from the group consciousness. Its why they study humans it is said because humans can do something they cannot, operate outside of the group collective consciousness and act individually.

TillToTheWhen: I have also heard that theory

I have also heard that theory before as well...and if it's true (Which it kinda makes sense that it is...when you look at everything as a whole) I truly feel sorry for them, and even the grays which I've heard were just unfortunate and basically they need us for energy/food now just to survive. This is what makes me think our universe is truly negative, because it shouldn't be this way. But I guess the free will aspect is what caused a lot of the destruction to begin with....

pasqualie: As far as dark and falselight, and original source

I have only read things about it and it is theory.

There was in the begining God or Source. God existed as 1 point in space or represented by 1 point. This was referred to as unity consciousness or oneness.

There was this rebellion that occurred that many have read about with Lucifer. He wanted to be equal or greater than God. The only way he could attempt this was by use of technology. So in the sacred geometry form called the Flower of Life, he introduced a second focal point in the center using technology. And this was the introduction of duality or two point consciousness.

As for the dark and false light, i think it refers to this side of the black hole referred to as the phantom matrix. There are two forces that dominate for control on earth. I have heard its the Draco and the Annunaki. Because the annunaki ripped a hole in the fabric and they all got pulled into it. And they hate each other from that war. So they are fighting for control of this planet and the masses. The draco are just brutal, and the annunaki are more cunning, they know they get more results from honey. So you have 2 factions that differ slightly in tactics.

One is submit, the other is well if you do this there are rewards. So i think that is where the concept came from. As well as the channelling movement, where people channel entities that they dont know who they are but they say they are arch angel michael and others. But these entities are called false light because they say who they are not, and demand you worship or idolize them because they are superior in return for some knowledge or help.

TillToTheWhen: It is an interesting story (I

It is an interesting story (I've also heard it explained that way) and religions built upon that concept....but what seems odd to me is that if we are eternal (Which I truly know and believe we are) then that would mean there is no "beginning" and no "end"....eternal just is. There was obviously a start date for our human evolution but for our soul itself I am not so sure where it came from or if it was always here. I'd have to go with 'always here" since that's how I comprehend eternal to be.

pasqualie: Well Energy is neither created nor destroyed

It only changes form. so from this since we are energy, we are immortal. As for begining and end, since energy is not created or destroyed, but only changes form. It means to change form as energy, you can either go up in energy level and vibration or down in energy level and vibration.

And the only way to do this is through meditation as well as energy work, going inwards.

as for begining or end, its my thoughts that you are stuck until you raise your energy up high enough, and merge all aspects of yourself to get out of this box, or the black hole to the other side.

the only real account that is detailed and describes this i think is robert monroes work.

Tim Lovell: haha yeah right the black

haha yeah right the black hole to the the other side of the matrix sorry dude that is bullshit , but you are correct about vibrational levels, but also I don't care I mean half the stuff you/we say is bullshit but nm...

Tim Lovell: and also you are wrong about

and also you are wrong about the freewill thing, other alien species exist at higher virationary levels , like 5d where there is no free will just oneness, earth exists in a region of multidimensional space where freewill is the rule EVERYTHING is allowed regardless including tyranies, this is part of the problem here prime creator will not stop anything here in the region because ALL is allowed...

pasqualie: its just what I have heard

well some say black hole, some say phantom matrix, it can be at some point or in some dimensional level or at some portal to it that beyond it polarity does not exist. reality is no one knows because as i have said this is all theory and no way to prove it.

we exist in a place or on the side that polarity exists.

as for the free will thing, i was referring to some it is said exist in a hive mind consciousness, so they cannot act outside of that. humans as of now, do not operate on a hive mind, but can individually apart from the mass consciousness.

Tim Lovell: no that is wrong about the

no that is wrong about the hive mind, prime creator created this area of the universe as a free will zone , so ALL is allowed here regardless, including tyranies, this fact has also been taken advantage of by certain ET groups for differing reasons , anyway the hive mind concept is like some sort of reptilian group mind this is incorrect , 5d consciousness is oneness not some hivemind that disallows free will , like the ciakar of old...

pasqualie: some regard black holes as portals to other dimensions

but even in science its all theory. but one explains it in a simplistic way through hawkings view of the marble universe. he explains it through marbles in a jar. to explain why on the sub atomic levels, quarks and leptons flash seem to flash in and out of existence. he said each marble touches marbles on one side, and at that point these quarks and leptons flash in and out of adjacent dimensions. the reason why they seem to appear and dissapear.

how that appears on the grander scale of a black hole, no one knows since no one has gone through and come back to report on it. so its all theory. but if aliens are coming here from a long ways, you know most likely they probably not going the long way, but using portals or black holes if they are portals to cut down on the distance and time required depending on where they are coming from.

Tim Lovell: Stephen Hawkins , is in my

Stephen Hawkins , is in my opinion just another mathimatics obsessed scientist like all the rest I am sorry but they are all just lower scientists with a limited understanding of the universe , they see the world ONLY thru science and the greys are what you become if you follow the scientific view, they forget their orgin, they forget prime creator and the source of ALL life they forget themselves, science only has certain answers for 3d tech , nothing more so im sorry remember your spiritual source not some scientific theorem ...

TillToTheWhen: I heard that the greys got

I heard that the greys got caught in a major radiation accident, and that is why they are so fucked up and they strive to survive by feeding from humans and cattle, etc. Do you think that's true? Just something I read a while back and I guess it makes sense, but it's pretty unfortunate if that is the case for them. They said their species is almost extinct.

Tim Lovell: hahaha omg you don't even

hahaha omg you don't even know... but never mind, dude there have been gateway portals since before our cycle,.. and they are not blackholes or singularities , they were created by the founders at the start of THIS universe, nm...you are young still it seems, just forget 3d science it holds no answers for higher dimensions...

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