Why hasn't there been a 100% New World Order World Domination already ? Are they Stalling or is the confusion itself POWER ?

by freedmftr88 on September 17th, 2018

I'm just curious, if there's a reason why The New World Order didn't make a 100% World Domination take over move , you know like a George Orwell 1984 sort of political movement already. There's some countries that are totalitarian and some that are ( so called ) free countries. If they were going to use socialism , capitalism and so called " legal free country rights " to brainwash people to obey authoritarian hierarchy and such , didn't they already do it ? It's almost like a Good vs Evil , Heaven vs Hell duality sort of thing. It's like you want to face God and the Devil and shout " Well , what's taking ya ? "
Energy wise it's like a 50/50 . 5D Earth or NWO Hell Dystopia.
Most people look and fight outside of themselves so as cynical as this sounds , in theory looking at the obvious world around us , it looks like an easy move or like a manipulating tease.
Maybe the NWO's power is unconscious confusion over World Domination.
Maybe this sounds sort of vague but just a thought.
It's not even like how a Wild Cat would bat around the mouse before fully attacking and eating it's prey.
It's almost like narcissistic supply in a way , so perhaps THAT's their POWER of CONTROL OF OTHERS instead of one step closer to full complete World Domination ?
I don't know.
Since the masses are so easily accepting of authoritative hierarchy , as well as how Government can use imperialism at any given time to control anyone easily with " FEAR " , it makes me curious about the NWO stalling . OR are they stalling ?

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bluesbaby5050: NWO?

They already tried very hard, but they CAN'T seem to make it stick. That's because humanity has already gone past that timeline. Time.....It's just an illusion, because time does not exists. It's fluid energy, and its always moving and changing, because emotions are always on the move. And the energy movements are positively making positive adjustments from humans hearts, and this is always on the move. Unconditional love is the KEY ...... that's the POWER. Love creates positive outcomes. Not Hate, and not Greed.

freedmftr88: True :)

David Hawkins even proved that love is a stronger vibrational energy than hate and fear. :)

bluesbaby5050: NWO?

I have my own proof that LOVE is the Key. On a lite note, we really never needed David Hawking's confirmations, or his analytical examples., as proof. A higher consciousness is already aware of this.

Danielle Gaymans: Symbols

Recently I decifered an ancestral sword and medal... Very very interesting... Knights Templar, Illuminati and Freemason... I still have symbols yet to decifer. Can you help me...

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