Why is the fifth dimension ( 5D ) the best ? Because it's the highest energy you can live on Earth ?

by freedmftr88 on September 24th, 2018

I was just thinking as I was resting , meditating and listening to some New Age related videos on YouTube.
Is there something more blissful than manifesting in 5D on a 3D Earth in a 3D body ?
Sure there's some who are happy with manifesting things and experience.
But what about a whole new world that's like a really sweet abstract colorful dream. Or time travel.
What if someone wanted to manifest something so creative that there was absolutely zero scientific laws to stop you. Imagine a mind live feed. Beyond virtual reality that you can control , sort of speak.

Ok so we have 100 % control over our own lives which thoughts and feelings match up to a certain vibrational frequency. Our energy can influence others seeking or relating to such a vibration consciously or unconsciously. And if by Law of Attraction , there's no limits to what we choose to experience, then why is 5D vibrational energy the best energetic state to be in ? Just because it's the highest frequency someone can live on Earth with ? This makes me question the subject of death itself. If death is absolutely nothing like tradition has taught us , and it's like pre-birth , then say if someone wanted to vibrate at a beyond 5D vibration ... would they pass away to another dimension ? Or perhaps have the maximum freedom of infinity at that point right ?
So if that's actually true , then people can choose if they want to stay in such a low vibrational planet such as Earth and the body or they can say " Screw this s**t " and be in paradise. Now I'm not talking about suicide or anything like that , I'm just saying that if 5D is the limit , could someone magically pass away in peace to another dimension since a soul could never die and Earth isn't the only form of existance ? And when I mean die , I mean just go to a more blissful universe that much easily ?


If not , then what's keeping people on Earth ? What's the point of Earth and living on Earth ? It's almost like a reality tv show or some unknown science experiment or a patient at some form of intergalactic mental hospital where we ain't going anywhere until we are happy and filled with love.

And if this all true , perhaps this also explains the literature of Heaven and Hell. Except we can SAVE our own SOUL !

Anyway , just a theory for now. What do you all think ?

This is what I'm talking about : https://energyandconsciousness.quora.com/Dimensions-Density-Chart-metaph...

I also read that we can sort of go beyond 5D a little bit but the human mind is limited to go beyond ...

Again , it brings up the question about if life actually has a mission . https://www.truthcontrol.com/forum/planet-earth-moving-higher-densitydim...

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freedmftr88: Christ Conciousness ?

OR ... whatever is the highest vibrational energy that can be on Earth is what can be referred to as " Christ Conciousness " then perhaps that explains healing the planet. For those who haven't seen my profile , I'm a Twin Flame so I follow http://www.twinflames1111.com/blog and what I hear is that Twins ( lightworkers too ) are sent to Earth to help with Earth's ascension and this was a choice made at pre-birth. Take that how you will.

freedmftr88: 5D Earth or NEW Earth ?

Is 5D not a place but a conscious energetic vibrational state ? And if so , then why is 5D Earth called 5D Earth ? Everyone living in high vibrations and each individual vibration energetically magnetizes itself into a collective . So would this in a sense so called " 5D Earth " or " NEW Earth " ? So therefore perhaps Heaven and the Universe and a so called planet would just merge into a concious unconciousness of abstract and solid bliss because everything and anything would be possible. Including spirits who have passed on would return . The possibilities are indeed endless ! :) <3 Uncondictional Love , Peace and Light

Tarheel: After all, we ARE multi-dimensional beings

I guess the point of being here is for soul development. It is a beautiful world and has very beautiful people who all seem to be at various stages in their/our development. We must all learn to love more and everyone now seems to be headed that direction.
There does seem to be a group that seeks to trap us in lower vibrational mode. If we can all learn to throw love at them too, we win faster.Love always wins, just faster if we can keep it ever-present and not get lured into the traps.

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